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May 2013: Where the ancient artists practised their rock art?



So I dragged off Ma and Baba to  see Bhimbhetka. its a group of rock shelters with the most amazing rock paintings dating back 30000 years in the Paleolithic Age. For those who want to diet like that, come and live here..

 photo 001-IMG_0480_zps121f97ea.jpg

the rock formations are amazing.

 photo 002-IMG_0482_zpsbedf28a7.jpg photo 003-IMG_0485_zps55d8557c.jpg  photo 004-IMG_0489_zps6180c3e1.jpg photo 039-IMG_0593_zpsb62c480d.jpg photo 006-IMG_0495_zpsb34b9038.jpg photo 010-IMG_0507_zps281efa2b.jpg

the antics of the monkeys is so cute.

 photo 008-IMG_0501_zpsf8a043e7.jpg

 photo 012-IMG_0513_zps70142a51.jpg

We first moved into the little temple…Bhim…

 photo 013-IMG_0516_zpscc4beeae.jpg 

an interesting rock keyhole.

  photo 015-IMG_0522_zpsa496a52b.jpg 

here are the aged P’s

 photo 017-IMG_0528_zps98991e95.jpg

trees growing out of the stone

 photo 018-IMG_0531_zps1d332010.jpg  photo 021-IMG_0540_zps2f3b7e82.jpg

and the little temple appears.

 photo 024-IMG_0549_zps093dd10b.jpg photo 026-IMG_0555_zpse133c5ca.jpg

 photo 027-IMG_0558_zps56f6cb02.jpg

 photo 028-IMG_0561_zps23deed87.jpg


 photo 029-IMG_0564_zps5de8caa2.jpg

thank god for zoom

  photo 032-IMG_0573_zpsb92498b0.jpg photo 034-IMG_0579_zps83396405.jpg 

another temple

 photo 035-IMG_0582_zps318eb428.jpg  photo 036-IMG_0584_zpsf2a1efa3.jpg

the birds and the bees…

 photo 042-IMG_0603_zps01b3787a.jpg photo 044-IMG_0609_zps751f36e9.jpg 

we head back and now Baba seems to have collected a guide.

 photo 050-IMG_0627_zps8a22fb94.jpg 

hmmm, this tree looks like its been through the wars.

 photo 051-IMG_0630_zps81c04a0c.jpg 

huge outcrops appear

 photo 052-IMG_0633_zps1558f1d6.jpg photo 053-IMG_0636_zps448a68f6.jpg  photo 055-IMG_0642_zps54a7eaf5.jpg photo 056-IMG_0645_zps347689ed.jpg photo 057-IMG_0648_zps4e0cc55e.jpg  photo 058-IMG_0651_zpse9430cb2.jpg photo 059-IMG_0654_zps3568c706.jpg

so here is the first rock shelter, pretty long and large caves. they have some models of the old Palaeolithic ancestors up there.

 photo 060-IMG_0657_zpsc0df0fe6.jpg  photo 069-IMG_0684_zpsb71c7088.jpg photo 068-IMG_0681_zpsac50fefe.jpg photo 070-IMG_0687_zps285d5087.jpg photo 067-IMG_0678_zpsd86935e8.jpg

And I see the first paintings…amazing stuff. this is the first cave

 photo 064-IMG_0669_zpscbfdb222.jpg 

followed by a giant bee hive

 photo 072-IMG_0693_zpsa629f729.jpg 

there is some significance to these cupules, they were apparently meant to anchor something like a roof. 

 photo 077-IMG_0708_zps3c2e5f8c.jpg

then we left Baba here to rest and relax while the guide and Ma and I went off to see the other pieces.

 photo 078-IMG_0711_zpsb8278118.jpg

petrified wood?

 photo 079-IMG_0714_zps6b4d5a20.jpg  photo 081-IMG_0720_zpsa39be58f.jpg photo 080-IMG_0716_zpse00d3b51.jpg

lovely rock formations.

 photo 082-IMG_0723_zpsd671093c.jpg  photo 087-IMG_0738_zps8536af9f.jpg 

trees growing out of the rock.

and then we see the beautiful work

 photo 093-IMG_0756_zps23b3227e.jpg  photo 095-IMG_0762_zps05b72811.jpg photo 097-IMG_0768_zps04cd2dd6.jpg photo 098-IMG_0771_zpsc5d451c6.jpg photo 099-IMG_0774_zps10155606.jpg photo 100-IMG_0777_zps558b9986.jpg photo 101-IMG_0780_zps1dbcb000.jpg photo 102-IMG_0783_zpsa0ea392c.jpg photo 096-IMG_0765_zpsf9b3f747.jpg

amazing collection, the Zoo rock.

 photo 104-IMG_0789_zps67e20a36.jpg

can you imagine a little family sheltering here? 

 photo 111-IMG_0810_zpsc35b4ec1.jpg

turtle rock

 photo 116-IMG_0825_zps9af7859a.jpg

we reach another rock painting set

 photo 117-IMG_0828_zps52b611c3.jpg photo 119-IMG_0833_zpsf9392841.jpg photo 120-IMG_0835_zpsb6138798.jpg photo 121-IMG_0837_zpsbe50a63d.jpg photo 122-IMG_0840_zps40c78c88.jpg photo 123-IMG_0843_zps3de77578.jpg photo 124-IMG_0846_zps957a0535.jpg photo 125-IMG_0849_zps09a33130.jpg photo 127-IMG_0855_zps28779a23.jpg photo 126-IMG_0852_zpse0ce0e4b.jpg photo 118-IMG_0831_zps6cd987b4.jpg

Warriors or hunters on horses. What amazing imagery.

 photo 129-IMG_0861_zps230d9779.jpg photo 131-IMG_0867_zps44c78faa.jpg 

we keep going down. 

 photo 130-IMG_0864_zps9391e71a.jpg

another shelter

 photo 135-IMG_0879_zpsb5b4c240.jpg photo 137-IMG_0885_zps2665de93.jpg photo 138-IMG_0888_zpsef84f18a.jpg photo 139-IMG_0891_zpse9dcec70.jpg photo 140-IMG_0894_zps1dad90ef.jpg photo 136-IMG_0882_zps2bf01626.jpg

Elephants, and other stuff, not very clear, this one is showing its age a bit.  We move on

 photo 144-IMG_0906_zpsfa52c523.jpg  photo 145-IMG_0909_zps93afce09.jpg photo 146-IMG_0912_zpsadfab224.jpg photo 148-IMG_0918_zps87b174f6.jpg photo 147-IMG_0915_zpsed2c2447.jpg photo 149-IMG_0921_zps5b6c061c.jpg

another set of paintings…has been fenced up.  

 photo 157-IMG_0945_zps8a5ffabc.jpg photo 158-IMG_0948_zps112ed129.jpg photo 160-IMG_0954_zps08edeb19.jpg photo 159-IMG_0951_zps29aad4c3.jpg

Another set of paintings. Another hunting scene? 

 photo 165-IMG_0969_zps40dbde82.jpg  photo 166-IMG_0972_zpsb73e564d.jpg photo 167-IMG_0975_zpsf5635ebe.jpg photo 169-IMG_0981_zps3aaadb60.jpg photo 168-IMG_0978_zps3ec5c3ac.jpg photo 171-IMG_0987_zps81b2dbf8.jpg photo 170-IMG_0984_zpsdc5cff0b.jpg photo 172-IMG_0990_zps49b5d8ee.jpg

more animals, hunting, beautiful work.

 photo 175-IMG_0999_zps5b4d9b61.jpg photo 176-IMG_1002_zps9c293d86.jpg

this was made out of yellow ochre paint.

 photo 183-IMG_1022_zps4e7276ef.jpg  photo 184-IMG_1023_zpsc052c91d.jpg

Kissing rocks… moving into another shelter.

 photo 185-IMG_1026_zps4600a4cf.jpg  photo 186-IMG_1029_zps1ebdd78c.jpg

bison? buffalo?

 photo 188-IMG_1035_zpsd02ecd64.jpg  photo 189-IMG_1038_zpsbc115c00.jpg photo 191-IMG_1044_zps5d02807c.jpg photo 190-IMG_1041_zpsa6106647.jpg

a bull?

 photo 207-IMG_1092_zps332eaf7d.jpg photo 209-IMG_1098_zpsf399fa8b.jpg photo 210-IMG_1101_zps0c6f098b.jpg photo 211-IMG_1104_zps6a03426d.jpg photo 212-IMG_1107_zpseab79389.jpg photo 208-IMG_1095_zps9894b3be.jpg

a hunting procession, with spear throwing horsemen…lovely love..

 photo 219-IMG_1128_zps7520eea3.jpg photo 220-IMG_1131_zps63ea4ced.jpg  photo 222-IMG_1137_zpsf1314f3c.jpg photo 224-IMG_1143_zps37250cd9.jpg photo 221-IMG_1134_zps8d885aea.jpg

are they dancing?

 photo 231-IMG_1165_zpsf090348c.jpg 

dinosaur rock?

 photo 235-IMG_1177_zps34fb0cff.jpg 

we head back and the old man is resting and relaxing…I told him he’s coming closer to his ancestors?

 photo 243-IMG_1204_zpsd3f7f18a.jpg

a final look at this lovely wonderful art.

 photo 245-IMG_1210_zpsf86e78ce.jpg photo 246-IMG_1213_zps07ac2bd2.jpg

hello there ancestors.

 photo 259-IMG_1250_zps9496b822.jpg

Baba looking very fetching with Ma’s handbag

 photo 273-IMG_8631_zpsaa1f33fa.jpg

And another species of our ancestors…I loved this place…

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