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June 2013: One of the tiny Egyptian Museums in London

so went off to see the Petrie Museum. It has long been on my bucket list but never really managed to get to it till today

 photo 003-IMG_0161_zps871bd8ff.jpg

most awesome look…

 photo 005-IMG_0167_zps20c3fe49.jpg  photo 008-IMG_0176_zpsb07599ab.jpg

And the chapel house next to UCL.

  photo 011-IMG_0185_zpsd0f91fe3.jpg 

this was strange, what is it?

 photo 014-IMG_0194_zps241a6456.jpg

Ah! ha!

 photo 015-IMG_0197_zpsd87842f7.jpg

why? what’s wrong with the window?

 photo 016-IMG_0200_zpsacc01689.jpg  photo 017-IMG_0203_zps8a9a0589.jpg photo 018-IMG_0205_zpsaeb95222.jpg

I walk up couple of flights of stairs which have these lovely quotes.

  photo 019-IMG_0209_zpsf2202423.jpg

its a tiny museum, hardly 2 long rooms.

 photo 020-IMG_0212_zps0914463f.jpg  photo 021-IMG_0215_zps6dc61146.jpg

some old fashioned display cabinets

  photo 022-IMG_0219_zps8820b435.jpg photo 024-IMG_0224_zps75cf3e0e.jpg

and some old photographs

  photo 026-IMG_0230_zps541ce028.jpg

Amelia R Edwards, the founder of the museum

  photo 028-IMG_0236_zps2cab2d96.jpg 

and then they have these rather sad display cases. as you can see, several shelves aren't lighted. its not clear…

 photo 031-IMG_0244_zps79843ef4.jpg

but you can still see these lovely red pigments on this carpenter who looks like is building a chair.

 photo 033-IMG_0251_zps6bb44a6b.jpg 

a sarcophagus or some kind of a shrine being carried? 

 photo 036-IMG_0259_zpsbefd2185.jpg 

nice beard :) this is Horus in Shedti

 photo 038-IMG_0266_zpscff88c4d.jpg

more lovely pigmentation, how wonderfully jewel-like it would be to see it in its full glory.

 photo 039-IMG_0269_zpsc7b36f0e.jpg 

this was another amazing stele…very detailed work on plaster. 

 photo 042-IMG_0277_zps64a5fc85.jpg  photo 043-IMG_0281_zps89b46a10.jpg photo 044-IMG_0283_zps565eaa1b.jpg

couple of lovely statuette’s

 photo 047-IMG_0293_zps1dbafaa7.jpg photo 048-IMG_0296_zps30564ca1.jpg

this is a lovely limestone tombstone.

 photo 049-IMG_0299_zps3f215bc1.jpg 

this is a most exquisite carving. look at the face and expression.

 photo 052-IMG_0307_zps0144cc22.jpg 

I move down the passageway

 photo 053-IMG_0313_zpsc33cd0ce.jpg  photo 054-IMG_0316_zps83a73467.jpg photo 055-IMG_0319_zps53b58aa8.jpg photo 056-IMG_0323_zps3c578f7a.jpg

now we go into the statues…here are some more lovely examples.

 photo 058-IMG_0328_zpsdda0d034.jpg  photo 061-IMG_0338_zps00dbcbf7.jpg photo 059-IMG_0332_zps4136c85d.jpg

i was a bit sad, such lovely pieces of work and they have been displayed so sadly.

 photo 064-IMG_0347_zps404b7861.jpg  photo 066-IMG_0353_zps84a8d581.jpg photo 065-IMG_0350_zpsa99d3d54.jpg

what a lovely piece.

 photo 067-IMG_0356_zps22870fdc.jpg

hello…..this is Senusret I running and worshipping Min. God of fertility and potency.

 photo 072-IMG_0370_zps1e6bc512.jpg 

a lovely and amazing shirt.

 photo 073-IMG_0374_zpse4eddf1e.jpg  photo 074-IMG_0376_zpsf5275808.jpg

stone tools from pre-historic Egypt.

 photo 077-IMG_0382_zpse880f7dd.jpg  photo 078-IMG_0386_zpsa8657a90.jpg

some more tomb items, including a lovely pair of slippers.

 photo 081-IMG_0393_zps3612a739.jpg  photo 082-IMG_0394_zps5944fa9e.jpg photo 083-IMG_0397_zps5376f718.jpg photo 084-IMG_0401_zps421589f5.jpg photo 085-IMG_0403_zps2d082aa2.jpg photo 086-IMG_0406_zpscf71f5c3.jpg

these are coffin covers, these were amazing pieces, truly extraordinary.

  photo 090-IMG_0419_zpsf608b861.jpg  photo 091-IMG_0422_zpscaaefdf7.jpg

person in a pot…

 photo 097-IMG_0434_zps199bad8f.jpg 

a smile? one of the very rare Egyptology figurines which has a smile

 photo 099-IMG_0441_zps2cceb5d1.jpg

beautiful carving, eh?

 photo 100-IMG_0442_zps53947942.jpg 

a child?

 photo 101-IMG_0446_zps525d3503.jpg  photo 107-IMG_0464_zpsa61ba910.jpg

a sarcophagus.

 photo 103-IMG_0451_zps69e1a133.jpg  photo 105-IMG_0458_zps5715545b.jpg photo 104-IMG_0455_zps3e8fccd3.jpg photo 106-IMG_0461_zps5fb0a46a.jpg 

a beautiful lovely statue

 photo 109-IMG_0470_zps9dcd1885.jpg  photo 110-IMG_0473_zps59ad0ccc.jpg

see what i mean? such a lovely lovely piece but displayed so horribly. bah.

 photo 111-IMG_0476_zps9a036673.jpg  photo 112-IMG_0479_zpsfc7d59a7.jpg photo 116-IMG_0490_zps8390838c.jpg

an exquisite portrayal of history of the world’s great empires…

 photo 119-IMG_0500_zps5ce99a5a.jpg

a lovely amazing document.

 photo 120-IMG_0503_zpsffd5ac82.jpg

and a wig! :)

 photo 122-IMG_0509_zpse67264a1.jpg 


 photo 124-IMG_0517_zpsf6f169a9.jpg

monkey statues. 

i move into the other room

 photo 130-IMG_0536_zps55f5d19c.jpg  photo 133-IMG_0545_zpsc6ae3f22.jpg

a display case full of ushabti’s and other grave goods.

  photo 138-IMG_0557_zps20d289e4.jpg  photo 140-IMG_0562_zps2f6d7c49.jpg

Lovely lovely wonderful dresses.

 photo 142-IMG_0570_zps13b4003e.jpg 

rows of pottery, not that interesting for me, although that might be blasphemy for pottery lovers.

 photo 154-IMG_0604_zps6281be47.jpg photo 156-IMG_0610_zps4b75e855.jpg photo 157-IMG_0613_zps444533bf.jpg photo 155-IMG_0607_zps15df7288.jpg  photo 158-IMG_0616_zps01ed219c.jpg photo 159-IMG_0619_zps43325ce8.jpg photo 160-IMG_0622_zps9f74e4a6.jpg  photo 161-IMG_0625_zps13022f13.jpg

some wonderful examples of ink pots, ink stick grinders…lovely lovely. its a bit sad that this doesn't happen any more. maybe in 500 years, we will have keyboards like this?

 photo 164-IMG_0634_zpsf7a335d9.jpg

this was a very interesting pottery soul house. A house for souls?

 photo 174-IMG_0658_zps5d098a5f.jpg

this was a brilliant necklace, can you imagine wearing this?

 photo 188-IMG_0701_zps413a4266.jpg

another interesting and brilliant pottery shard..

 photo 189-IMG_0704_zps3e110d35.jpg 

another lovely smooth cute sinuous vase. 

 photo 218-IMG_0791_zps0651e1d9.jpg

great balls of fire


i move out and then take a gander at the best and most wonderful bookshop in London. this is waterstones

 photo 219-IMG_0793_zps5d9815d1.jpg  photo 220-IMG_0797_zps87025c17.jpg photo 222-IMG_0803_zps33ca6b1c.jpg photo 221-IMG_0799_zpsd0f934fa.jpg

this Gothic building is just brilliant. I pop into the building and pootle around.

 photo 224-IMG_0809_zps32797e9d.jpg 

there is a science of kissing. which i failed..maybe i should buy this book. maybe can i buy 20 copies of this.

 photo 225-IMG_0812_zps0fca52b6.jpg  photo 226-IMG_9106_zps990c7398.jpg

can i buy all these? please?

 photo 227-IMG_9108_zps48c92d78.jpg 

can i go there? please?

 photo 228-IMG_9110_zps946cce05.jpg 

oooo more lovely books.

 photo 230-IMG_9125_zpsbe181f62.jpg

this is my favourite place in London, its a tiny nook in the corner of the 1st floor next to the rare and antiquarian section, so this is brilliant. the aroma is lovely

 photo 232-IMG_9126_zps05d5dd29.jpg

my new babies which i bought

 photo 234-IMG_0824_zps805399b1.jpg  photo 235-IMG_0830_zpsbd28af73.jpg

rows and rows. i leave with a heavy heart and heavier bag of books.

 photo 238-IMG_9127_zpsc93e7104.jpg  photo 239-IMG_9121_zps89082cf3.jpg


hmmmm, maybe i should join? 

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