Tuesday, October 14, 2014

May 2013: Pootling around Hong Kong in the night

After a lovely time in India, i went off to HK

 photo 01-IMG_8682_zps614dd7a3.jpg 

passing this extraordinary smoking room

 photo 03-IMG_8690_zps9205ca9e.jpg

watching the HK apartments sandwiched between the sky and earth

 photo 04-IMG_8692_zpsd7d22f16.jpg 

Bushandi having fun.

 photo 07-IMG_8696_zpsef391e4e.jpg  photo 08-IMG_8698_zps5c89eabb.jpg

huge artworks

 photo 09-IMG_1393_zps645915c0.jpg

working late at night

 photo 10-IMG_8710_zps3e9c5367.jpg 

the teddy bear building

 photo 11-IMG_8711_zps62db516b.jpg 

and the clouds come rolling in

 photo 12-IMG_8714_zps79e5d6fd.jpg 

Yes, I think that’s right.

 photo 13-IMG_1399_zpsc9fb7c4d.jpg  photo 14-IMG_1401_zps5a7200f1.jpg

So I am at the last night in HK and I went for a little photo walk, the lens gets all clouded

 photo 15-IMG_1406_zpsfdc128d3.jpg 

glowering and lowering clouds

 photo 17-IMG_1411_zps4fbf728e.jpg photo 18-IMG_1414_zpsf52ad67c.jpg


 photo 20-IMG_1420_zpsb8cde7f2.jpg

and posters

 photo 21-IMG_1426_zps390364cd.jpg 

pavements on mirrors

 photo 22-IMG_8717_zps78a6455c.jpg 

underground trains

 photo 23-IMG_1429_zps749d0217.jpg  photo 24-IMG_1431_zpsd163d297.jpg photo 25-IMG_1435_zps5d96caf9.jpg photo 26-IMG_1444_zps0dda137d.jpg photo 27-IMG_1447_zps5081bdde.jpg photo 28-IMG_1450_zps00d6806b.jpg

 photo 29-IMG_1453_zps90d2ec58.jpg photo 31-IMG_1465_zpse8da5cd9.jpg photo 30-IMG_1462_zps8e2af213.jpg photo 32-IMG_1468_zps30c7c8a6.jpg photo 39-IMG_1492_zps2fcd25ac.jpg photo 38-IMG_1489_zps474b92b1.jpg photo 33-IMG_1474_zpsfbd83155.jpg

  photo 40-IMG_1495_zps4cf556a3.jpg

more buildings

 photo 41-IMG_1497_zpsb125f1f3.jpg photo 42-IMG_1501_zps408e8452.jpg  photo 43-IMG_1504_zpsee153e5a.jpg photo 44-IMG_1507_zps036bdd15.jpg photo 45-IMG_1510_zps3df52592.jpg photo 47-IMG_1516_zpsc124fcb3.jpg photo 48-IMG_1519_zps7294c7d5.jpg

 photo 54-IMG_1537_zps7630cac5.jpg photo 56-IMG_1543_zps6c817da7.jpg photo 57-IMG_1546_zps17b07402.jpg photo 55-IMG_1540_zps690b1f4b.jpg photo 60-IMG_1555_zpsac34ef7a.jpg  photo 61-IMG_1558_zps98cfa91c.jpg photo 62-IMG_1561_zps0ab47c2d.jpg 

warm government building

 photo 49-IMG_1522_zpsdfa1dac9.jpg 

I just love this building

 photo 50-IMG_1525_zpsd8e55e3f.jpg 

here’s the office

 photo 51-IMG_1528_zpsfec61b17.jpg  photo 52-IMG_1531_zpsaba24054.jpg

very strange light show..

 photo 58-IMG_1549_zpsedb868be.jpg

amazing architecture

 photo 63-IMG_1564_zpsb40fa059.jpg 

old newer newest

 photo 69-IMG_1579_zpsca46c502.jpg


 photo 71-IMG_1585_zps9e2e7544.jpg

now you see it, now you dont

 photo 72-IMG_1588_zps01f3a20b.jpg photo 74-IMG_1594_zpsac00e6ce.jpg  photo 75-IMG_1598_zps657fd04a.jpg


 photo 76-IMG_1603_zps62237f73.jpg


 photo 77-IMG_1606_zpsd29af742.jpg  photo 78-IMG_1609_zpsd540476d.jpg

the koala bear building at night

 photo 67-IMG_8729_zpsea66f889.jpg

near our office in Mongkok

 photo 81-IMG_8725_zpsf7959955.jpg 

i always have a chuckle, that a country will stop importation of milk powder

 photo 82-IMG_8727_zps64e339db.jpg 


 photo 83-IMG_8737_zpseddbd6bf.jpg

and bloody mist comes up :)

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