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May 2013: Walking up Marine Drive

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I am sorry but when it comes to elevators, I like them to be limited. Please just go up and down, no moving sideways or outside. to the floor which I want, no random floors please.

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the view of the room

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And there’s bushandi…

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retired people enjoying the ride?

now for some views outside the hotel room

 photo 008-IMG_0083_zps8b22d242.jpg photo 005-IMG_0074_zps51457fd8.jpg photo 009-IMG_0086_zps1cc5f537.jpg

then i went off to take some photos

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here’s the old homestead

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walking down

 photo 015-IMG_0104_zpsa7604170.jpg

ah! flame of the forest

 photo 019-IMG_0116_zpse804b55e.jpg photo 020-IMG_0119_zps9fe72435.jpg photo 021-IMG_0122_zps7f67956d.jpg photo 022-IMG_0125_zps360f1b2e.jpg  photo 027-IMG_0140_zps09f1041b.jpg  photo 026-IMG_0137_zpsc84a6e52.jpg

get knotted or get fringed

now for some sleeping beauties

 photo 028-IMG_0143_zpsda12cecb.jpg  photo 029-IMG_0146_zps14f560f0.jpg photo 031-IMG_0151_zps8af963a7.jpg photo 030-IMG_0148_zpse8012721.jpg photo 033-IMG_0159_zps0925b867.jpg photo 054-IMG_0227_zpsd547264c.jpg photo 055-IMG_0230_zpsf0bdd5d7.jpg

its not just men

  photo 056-IMG_0233_zps3297db02.jpg

 photo 057-IMG_0236_zpsf0d68ed1.jpg photo 081-IMG_0311_zpsebeb6215.jpg  photo 080-IMG_0308_zpse44dfe34.jpg

but dogs as well

 photo 069-IMG_0275_zps8048bf1a.jpg

 photo 074-IMG_0291_zpse47fbb8c.jpg And more men

 photo 034-IMG_0163_zps11b8cebf.jpg

anti erosion devices


views of the little harbour

 photo 035-IMG_0166_zps5412ae60.jpg


 photo 036-IMG_0170_zps3824cae7.jpg


 photo 037-IMG_0173_zps17df9fd5.jpg


 photo 038-IMG_0176_zpsbc682843.jpg


 photo 039-IMG_0179_zpsa88fc5b7.jpg

whoa hello

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 photo 041-IMG_0185_zpsb23597c3.jpg

more people enjoying themselves

 photo 042-IMG_0187_zpsce194dcf.jpg

with a crow

 photo 043-IMG_0191_zpsd59db50f.jpg photo 044-IMG_0194_zps8859f6f8.jpg photo 045-IMG_0196_zpsc55b7c0f.jpg photo 046-IMG_0199_zpsfffd22f9.jpg photo 047-IMG_0203_zpscba6fab8.jpg photo 048-IMG_0206_zpsb3d54a71.jpg  photo 049-IMG_0209_zpsd2b7bf08.jpg

lovely little boats

 photo 058-IMG_0239_zps4c19c8af.jpg


 photo 059-IMG_0242_zps3158a62b.jpg

I wonder what these are?

 photo 061-IMG_0247_zps475b7970.jpg photo 062-IMG_0250_zpsf7dcf734.jpg

two faces of the city…somebody madly in love, somebody just mad

 photo 063-IMG_0255_zps0fcce17c.jpg  photo 065-IMG_0262_zps0c63a577.jpg

and we can read wherever

 photo 064-IMG_0257_zpsa05b4854.jpg

bird poop covered

 photo 066-IMG_0267_zps033201bd.jpg

still talking

 photo 071-IMG_0281_zps6590ccc2.jpg photo 075-IMG_0293_zps6d8e6362.jpg  photo 076-IMG_0296_zps3683eaba.jpg


 photo 073-IMG_0287_zps9c6ffafb.jpg

the cleanup squad

 photo 096-IMG_0356_zps1977c8cb.jpg  photo 097-IMG_0359_zps22028230.jpg

and their tools

 photo 077-IMG_0299_zps0f6e7b91.jpg

colourful balcony

 photo 078-IMG_0302_zps49555eb6.jpg

4x4? are you sure?

 photo 079-IMG_0305_zps4d9aa62c.jpg

after a long day at work, going back home…

 photo 086-IMG_0326_zps162df66f.jpg photo 082-IMG_0314_zps5824e380.jpg photo 083-IMG_0317_zpsd4b1dd88.jpg photo 084-IMG_0320_zpsbde0de96.jpg

the four stages in life

 photo 088-IMG_0332_zpsdf76971b.jpg

looking up the drive

 photo 090-IMG_0338_zpsa3093a61.jpg

just friends? brother sisters? bf and gf and friend? bf and gf and sister?

 photo 093-IMG_0347_zps060fb694.jpg

youve got to be kidding me…its the crappiest airline in the world

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 photo 099-IMG_0368_zpsa1eb2f26.jpg  photo 100-IMG_0371_zps08c50f89.jpg




















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