Thursday, October 02, 2014

May 2013: Keats Museum

I don't remember why on earth I was trundling around there

 photo 14-IMG_8804_zps9870e5cf.jpg  photo 13-IMG_8803_zpsb060adf3.jpg 

but I passed this…this is the Keats Museum.

 photo 01-IMG_5827_zps8fb5cc48.jpg  photo 02-IMG_5830_zpsaaf55883.jpg  photo 03-IMG_5831_zpsd02722a2.jpg  photo 04-IMG_5832_zpsa3c3aa6f.jpg  photo 05-IMG_5833_zps4e517f85.jpg  photo 06-IMG_5834_zps9a17e54c.jpg  photo 07-IMG_5835_zpsaef36e24.jpg  photo 08-IMG_5837_zps7d2cb6fd.jpg  photo 09-IMG_5838_zpsc4e0be29.jpg  photo 10-IMG_5839_zps9221acee.jpg  photo 11-IMG_5840_zps54640b50.jpg  photo 12-IMG_5841_zps779d0944.jpg

fascinating place. I didn't have time to pop in but one day…it is on my bucket list

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