Wednesday, October 15, 2014

June 2013: Berries and Rack of Lamb

 photo 01-IMG_8442_zps23a07a9b.jpg 

spicy chicken?

 photo 02-IMG_8444_zpsf1355e0d.jpg 

this is my breakfast omelette

 photo 03-IMG_8463_zps2c1f58fc.jpg 

i just love falafel

 photo 04-IMG_8468_zpsea9077f9.jpg 

I am sorry but I love crunchy nut

 photo 05-IMG_8812_zpse0f24eca.jpg  photo 06-IMG_8816_zps6529e37d.jpg photo 08-IMG_8820_zps680985b0.jpg

making biscotti, bit thick eh?

 photo 07-IMG_8819_zps5c90f404.jpg

a wagamamma recipe :)

 photo 09-IMG_8829_zps45e06ac2.jpg 

spaghetti bolognaise?

 photo 10-IMG_8834_zps4330d3df.jpg 


 photo 11-IMG_8836_zpsa336f92e.jpg 

got this for my team :)

 photo 12-IMG_8930_zps84b1d503.jpg 

chicken with olives

 photo 13-IMG_8932_zps64afda82.jpg 

chocolate cake with cashew nuts and oranges, god what a mess I have made

 photo 14-IMG_8936_zpsf8b92ba8.jpg  photo 15-IMG_8940_zps6fe56bd9.jpg

rack of lamb :)

 photo 16-IMG_8950_zps115474f8.jpg 

delicious peppers

 photo 17-IMG_8954_zps0ad7c1e0.jpg 

this is an excellent book.

 photo 18-IMG_8967_zpsaf7bb1f1.jpg

now I have forgotten what this was for… photo 20-IMG_8971_zpsa89621a2.jpg 

prawn and chicken noodles

 photo 21-IMG_9005_zpsb7f8ffe0.jpg  photo 22-IMG_9011_zps460f6687.jpg

at a dinner party, these were the desserts that were served, yummy.

 photo 23-IMG_9028_zpsabbdd62d.jpg  photo 24-IMG_9033_zps69b3a48e.jpg


 photo 25-IMG_9057_zps0f7d64a9.jpg

home grown strawberries

 photo 26-IMG_9075_zpsa9f8c982.jpg  photo 27-IMG_9077_zps477e9ff1.jpg

now these are legs which I would love to get my teeth into.

 photo 28-IMG_9094_zps9e68bd9a.jpg


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