Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feb 2013: Walking the High Line

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So last year, I went for a walk and decided to walk the high line

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The High Line, for those who do not know, is an elevated railway..here’s the underside of the railway

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this has been restored and is now a great new addition to the NY bounty of sights

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Walking up

 photo 005-IMG_1068_zps5dd28d77.jpg  photo 006-IMG_1071_zps89f56f93.jpg

I climb up the stairs to see this rather creepy little doll.


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Very strange perspectives

 photo 010-IMG_1083_zpsb7758884.jpg

piers…or rather what’s left of one

 photo 013-IMG_1092_zps081397a4.jpg

One can see the tracks

 photo 015-IMG_1098_zps86490077.jpg

Curious seats

 photo 016-IMG_1101_zps6f6f56a7.jpg

and they are on wheels…

 photo 017-IMG_1104_zpsbe1b4e2c.jpg

people are lying back and enjoying…

 photo 018-IMG_1110_zps1f7c36cd.jpg

dry grasses

 photo 023-IMG_1128_zpsdca8c9ea.jpg 

 photo 019-IMG_1116_zps234d23f2.jpg photo 020-IMG_1119_zpsc131f0f6.jpg

oh! hello…very nice…sky bridges. Why are all sky bridges so beautiful?

 photo 022-IMG_1124_zps75cd3f0e.jpg

Can you see the face?

 photo 025-IMG_1134_zpsdd089c7c.jpg 


 photo 026-IMG_1137_zps935a0dfd.jpg

looking back at the pier…

 photo 027-IMG_1139_zps60aa28ee.jpg

flag flying…

 photo 028-IMG_1143_zpsd81ef16e.jpg

hmmmm, that’s nice…

 photo 029-IMG_1146_zpsff2eef3f.jpg

excellent views over the river.

 photo 030-IMG_1149_zps6d6a9a62.jpg

And then we pass through a small tunnel.

 photo 031-IMG_1152_zps54f13014.jpg 

cool windows

 photo 032-IMG_1155_zps59be8de2.jpg

rails go off and end at the wall..

 photo 033-IMG_1158_zpsd4f91f1a.jpg

another old pier

 photo 034-IMG_1161_zps5d03fef5.jpg 

right angles

 photo 035-IMG_1164_zps83dea169.jpg

pavements fading off into the distance

 photo 036-IMG_1167_zpsbd69fc79.jpg  photo 037-IMG_1170_zps4f13dd23.jpg photo 039-IMG_1176_zps1050188e.jpg photo 038-IMG_1173_zpsec6af15b.jpg

there are these seats on the side. Overseeing the traffic. Curious.

 photo 040-IMG_1179_zpsd24794e3.jpg 

the other view…

 photo 041-IMG_1181_zpsf60b04e1.jpg

Hmmmm, nice billboard.

 photo 044-IMG_1191_zpsdb9d218e.jpg

More grasses

 photo 045-IMG_1194_zps13b546c1.jpg

they look nice

 photo 046-IMG_1197_zps766b597d.jpg 

Stark trees

 photo 049-IMG_1206_zps662eb6fb.jpg 


 photo 050-IMG_1209_zps61e81dc7.jpg 

I just love fire escapes…one doesnt see them usually in London :)

 photo 052-IMG_1215_zps6dd542a7.jpg photo 053-IMG_1218_zps86425cf9.jpg

Serried rows of houses and buildings…

 photo 054-IMG_1220_zpse83226bb.jpg

its cool how they have made these, very nice.

 photo 056-IMG_1226_zpsffac4c2b.jpg

That’s a curious structure. 

 photo 057-IMG_1230_zps7d7f0a7e.jpg

Dried plants

 photo 058-IMG_1233_zps4b1e08d7.jpg

they look exquisite :)

 photo 059-IMG_1236_zps6c58c662.jpg 

Holly berries

 photo 060-IMG_1242_zps83acef0b.jpg

More dried plants

 photo 061-IMG_1245_zps5c480879.jpg

and leaves

 photo 062-IMG_1248_zps63a9482b.jpg

extremely bright red berries

 photo 063-IMG_1251_zpsc5ee2d5f.jpg

There’s a plump bird :)

 photo 066-IMG_1257_zpscbf433c5.jpg

Take a pic

 photo 067-IMG_1260_zps4a150e11.jpg

more grasses

 photo 068-IMG_1263_zps2a731314.jpg 

rows and rails

 photo 069-IMG_1272_zpsfabb9ccd.jpg 

Now there’s a curious wall.

 photo 070-IMG_1274_zps521437c1.jpg

More of the famous NY wooden tanks…

 photo 072-IMG_1281_zps7fa3047a.jpg

Wooden steps

 photo 073-IMG_1284_zps1d35e7dc.jpg 

Old signs.

 photo 074-IMG_1287_zps502f4103.jpg

Huge slabs of buildings.

 photo 075-IMG_1290_zpscf1702d5.jpg 

I think somebody needs a plumb line

 photo 076-IMG_1293_zps96a6db71.jpg

Another little sculpture…

 photo 077-IMG_1296_zps33588c59.jpg

Creepy creepers

 photo 078-IMG_1299_zpsf25986ae.jpg


 photo 081-IMG_1308_zpsa552cd97.jpg

Wooden rails

 photo 080-IMG_1305_zps1583852c.jpg

hello! that’s me :)

 photo 082-IMG_1311_zpsf2fc6750.jpg

the sun breaks through

 photo 083-IMG_1314_zpsaa258edb.jpg

and more grasses.

 photo 085-IMG_1320_zpsfec73fd2.jpg

I like

 photo 086-IMG_1323_zpsfb93a9d1.jpg

nice window decorations

 photo 087-IMG_1326_zps652b1ed8.jpg 

Spiderman alley

 photo 089-IMG_1332_zpsed73f748.jpg 

Stairs and graffiti

 photo 091-IMG_1338_zps7d64af29.jpg 

Nice window

 photo 092-IMG_1341_zps20f0ed32.jpg


 photo 093-IMG_1343_zps81182e17.jpg  photo 094-IMG_1347_zps702b810e.jpg photo 095-IMG_1350_zps4f6d54a4.jpg

Orange views

 photo 096-IMG_1353_zpsf0e8c18f.jpg


 photo 097-IMG_1356_zps6257aeec.jpg


 photo 098-IMG_1359_zpsdd6933f6.jpg


 photo 099-IMG_1362_zps70719cfe.jpg

What do you see?

 photo 100-IMG_1365_zpsfeb52bb0.jpg  photo 103-IMG_1374_zpscbbceb0e.jpg

Plastic caught on trees

 photo 105-IMG_1380_zps5dfbde66.jpg

More High Line views…more construction

 photo 107-IMG_1386_zpscfb02fc5.jpg 


 photo 110-IMG_1395_zpsea4f77cb.jpg


 photo 112-IMG_1401_zps3a947f9b.jpg

I come to the end of the line

 photo 113-IMG_1404_zpsde1d043e.jpg

they are extending the line

 photo 114-IMG_1407_zps0e01ac91.jpg

a view up again

 photo 115-IMG_1410_zps7d461f97.jpg

I leave with regret