Wednesday, October 01, 2014

May 2013 Food and Drink

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we have this brilliant place in Canary Wharf which does this Mexican food, really yummy, really bad for my waistline, but yummy.

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Look what Annie Auntie got me, mmmmmmm

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bloody lethal, i tell you

 photo 03-IMG_8487_zpscf580b53.jpg 

salmon with some spicy coating and noodles

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posh birds come from eggs???!!!!

 photo 26-IMG_8501_zps7f2c6a5e.jpg  photo 28-IMG_8506_zps27b12280.jpg  photo 30-IMG_8509_zps0e4e0abc.jpg 

we made walnut bread :)

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picking mint leaves for our BBQ

 photo 29-IMG_8508_zpsdb5174bf.jpg

pork ribs :)

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 photo 19-IMG_8561_zpsa1e0a98b.jpg 

eating with Guria and Pro in Mumbai

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this was delicious

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 photo 22-IMG_8571_zps180ff260.jpg  photo 23-IMG_8574_zps93c2ff48.jpg

I know I shouldnt play with my food, but what the hell…

 photo 18-IMG_8596_zps17338ae8.jpg

having a soothing nimbu pani at my favourite hotel, Oberoi in Mumbai

 photo 17-IMG_8610_zps1329aef1.jpg

this was the bloody saddest meal, manky biscuit and a poxy cup of tea, for 50 rupees. bah

 photo 12-IMG_8617_zpsa2a2fd5e.jpg 

mangoes at home

 photo 13-IMG_8619_zps0f6c5a5b.jpg 

and guavas

 photo 14-IMG_8621_zps0560da7a.jpg 

ma making potol, my favourite vegetable

 photo 16-IMG_8625_zps83553d8d.jpg

the spread we got, 3 types of fish and daal and potol bhaja and and and

 photo 11-IMG_8666_zps6390f0fa.jpg

that’s not a bad meal, eh?

 photo 10-IMG_8700_zps1a085989.jpg 

having a quick bite to eat in HK

 photo 07-IMG_8741_zpsa730f5c3.jpg  photo 08-IMG_8743_zps8cd5dac7.jpg

back in London…mmmmmm

 photo 09-IMG_8745_zps0422e503.jpg 

that is one serious hunka cheese

 photo 05-IMG_8768_zps545c97f1.jpg  photo 06-IMG_8774_zps91c3af1f.jpg

now Ive forgotten what this is but it has sausages in

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