Tuesday, September 30, 2014

May 2013: Off on our bikes

 photo 02-IMG_5818_zps6fd0358f.jpg

Making sure we are all fixed

 photo 01-IMG_5817_zps43b571b0.jpg


 photo 03-IMG_5819_zps8961f880.jpg

come on, come on

 photo 04-IMG_5820_zpsd2f6d736.jpg

ready to rock…

 photo 05-IMG_5821_zps982a50e2.jpg

out in the park

 photo 06-IMG_5822_zpsfff9bda0.jpg

she just keeps on going all over the place

 photo 07-IMG_5823_zps2eefff6e.jpg 

taking a break…

 photo 08-IMG_5824_zps9f71f922.jpg

beautiful tree…

 photo 09-IMG_5825_zpse6c31561.jpg 

yes, I know, lovely flowers, no?

 photo 10-IMG_5826_zpse054a749.jpg

lovely pink flowers..

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