Thursday, September 25, 2014

April 2013: A date at the V&A with Diya

So Diya and I went on a date to the V&A Museum.

 photo 01-IMG_8074_zpsb50b952f.jpg 

we are at North Harrow station, ready to rock :)

 photo 03-IMG_8077_zpsa2b9961f.jpg 

At Green Park…there’s a long corridor

 photo 04-IMG_8080_zps383da0db.jpg 

We reached South Ken and then settled down for a nice lunch at the creperie

 photo 05-IMG_8081_zpsbc83270b.jpg 

Diya got something to do with Cinnamon and I got something disgustingly unhealthy

 photo 06-IMG_8083_zps24db25ed.jpg 

that damn thing is bigger than her head!..

 photo 07-IMG_8085_zps56f37626.jpg 

We went to see the Tudors…Diya is reading about Horrible Histories and Tudors occur prominently…

 photo 08-IMG_8087_zps0295c572.jpg 

That’s a nice book…it goes on the to be ordered pile

 photo 09-IMG_8089_zpsa008e713.jpg 

then totally tired out, we went for a bit of a tea sitting out in the courtyard

 photo 10-IMG_8091_zps541c4e56.jpg 

lovely day…

 photo 11-IMG_8093_zpsbcf98089.jpg


 photo 12-IMG_8095_zps03841d01.jpg 

Diya is totally puzzled with this bookshelf

 photo 13-IMG_8096_zps33659c14.jpg 

And this pile!

 photo 14-IMG_8098_zpse64e5284.jpg

two happy campers went back and spotted this sign…awwwww…

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