Thursday, May 02, 2013

Nov 2012: Meeting Angels at Chapultepec

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After wandering around in the park, I emerged out of it to see this wonderful set of statues

 photo 02-IMG_2025_zps89d8c778.jpg

these are made by Jorge Marin, a contemporary Mexican artist.

 photo 03-IMG_2029_zps50d654a1.jpg

he works in bronze

 photo 04-IMG_2032_zpsbe130c39.jpg 

so here’s a row of fascinating statues, nothing much to say about them but observe..

 photo 05-IMG_2034_zps013e20ca.jpg 


 photo 06-IMG_2037_zpsd1f197a2.jpg 


 photo 07-IMG_2041_zps263741f9.jpg 


 photo 08-IMG_2043_zps123c8283.jpg 


 photo 09-IMG_2048_zpsfa1fe3d5.jpg 

remember, this is in bronze!

 photo 10-IMG_2050_zps863ab427.jpg 


 photo 11-IMG_2053_zps9bacc2bc.jpg 

and the detail is wonderful

 photo 12-IMG_2057_zps3df3c049.jpg 


 photo 13-IMG_2060_zps3d8def9c.jpg 

 photo 15-IMG_2064_zpsca9b7009.jpg 


 photo 16-IMG_2067_zps77ba915a.jpg


 photo 17-IMG_2071_zpsfd756a10.jpg


 photo 18-IMG_2073_zps14840317.jpg 


 photo 19-IMG_2076_zpsbf093b78.jpg


this one spoke to me


 photo 21-IMG_2082_zpsbbae4209.jpg 


 photo 22-IMG_2086_zps0ee6cbc6.jpg


 photo 23-IMG_2089_zps686b9724.jpg 


 photo 24-IMG_2092_zps5a5828d5.jpg 

and this one, just see the expressions…

 photo 25-IMG_2095_zps02a4432f.jpg 


 photo 26-IMG_2097_zps6d634b02.jpg


 photo 27-IMG_2101_zpsa87ce880.jpg


 photo 28-IMG_2104_zps2f06f984.jpg 


 photo 29-IMG_2107_zpsaa24f102.jpg


 photo 30-IMG_2109_zps6486f303.jpg


 photo 31-IMG_2112_zpscc5019d0.jpg

Here’s the artist…too bad I cannot read Spanish, dammit, but wonderful work he does..

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