Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dec 2013: Doe a Deer and Fairy Doors

 photo 87-IMG_1004_zpswncjjlgn.jpg

on a walk…now isn't this lovely?

 photo 02-IMG_7948_zps8m5duudv.jpg

walking down this lovely path

 photo 03-IMG_7951_zpstnopzxcr.jpg

observing these mushrooms

 photo 05-IMG_7957_zpswwvlqqqk.jpg

somebody put this little set of benches

 photo 07-IMG_7963_zps8kso3j36.jpg

moving deeper into the woods

 photo 08-IMG_7966_zpsijljbv1b.jpg

I pass a graveyard

 photo 09-IMG_7969_zpsadk0sgkx.jpg

trees have fallen over


 photo 10-IMG_7972_zpsglm6hmnw.jpg

moss growing wild

 photo 11-IMG_7975_zps19qssssv.jpg

bug hotel :)

 photo 13-IMG_7981_zpsgqpiu3m6.jpg

now that’s a lovely set of mason’s faces.

 photo 14-IMG_7984_zps4k6fpg4f.jpg

passing the gate

 photo 18-IMG_8000_zpsvklpc1da.jpg

more into the path

 photo 19-IMG_1009_zpsumxdygo5.jpg

cctv? for what?

 photo 20-IMG_8002_zpsrmqzl8a1.jpg  photo 21-IMG_8005_zpspx6yk5ca.jpg

see? lovely lovely woods right in the middle of the city

 photo 22-IMG_8008_zps0my5jvcv.jpg photo 23-IMG_8011_zpsjnqq7mtk.jpg  photo 24-IMG_8014_zpsbrvary8e.jpg  photo 25-IMG_8017_zps2gcyv89w.jpg


 photo 29-IMG_8029_zpsa7pgjgpy.jpg photo 32-IMG_8038_zpsxe7jnknr.jpg

old wood and mushrooms.

 photo 34-IMG_8044_zpspgyshc1g.jpg  photo 37-IMG_8056_zps7bpw7qez.jpg

moving deeper

 photo 38-IMG_8059_zpsxexpn1ev.jpg

a crow…

 photo 39-IMG_8062_zpsq0x028iu.jpg

more lovely trees

 photo 41-IMG_8065_zpshkgry6qh.jpg  photo 42-IMG_8071_zpssqcftwlt.jpg  photo 43-IMG_8074_zps1jx15mjq.jpg  photo 44-IMG_8077_zpssyfp7nnu.jpg  photo 45-IMG_8079_zps8vuajgvp.jpg  photo 46-IMG_8082_zps64ggrskv.jpg  photo 47-IMG_8085_zpsscccg1ow.jpg  photo 48-IMG_8089_zpsqzzkl3qe.jpg  photo 49-IMG_8092_zps5g4afbb6.jpg  photo 50-IMG_8095_zps45leyk9r.jpg  photo 51-IMG_8098_zpsjadttkgt.jpg

some cute looking deer.

 photo 52-IMG_8103_zpscusardpl.jpg  photo 53-IMG_8107_zpslhscijiz.jpg

this tree is dead…but very interesting

 photo 55-IMG_8115_zpshkmmafm2.jpg

the colours are just spectacular

 photo 56-IMG_8119_zpsxypjevne.jpg

moss covered dead trees

 photo 58-IMG_8125_zpstkmgfczq.jpg


 photo 59-IMG_8127_zpsjx3coq1k.jpg

I move ahead

 photo 60-IMG_8131_zpsuofx38lq.jpg 

fairy tree


 photo 63-IMG_8140_zpss6kvccle.jpg

passing Bentley priory  photo 67-IMG_8152_zpsqfp3xvip.jpg

Im now nearing the end

 photo 69-IMG_8158_zpszrvoqy6a.jpg

the golden colours are just lovely

 photo 70-IMG_8161_zps4afwapfo.jpg  photo 73-IMG_8170_zps0sigtokj.jpg

the main Bentley Priory building

  photo 74-IMG_8173_zps70awmyqn.jpg  photo 75-IMG_8176_zps7ogtj6le.jpg

its starting to get dark

 photo 76-IMG_8179_zpseacfs4kc.jpg

just blows my mind, to see woods like this so deep inside the city

 photo 83-IMG_8199_zpssqmuf85h.jpg

cross the road and start heading back to the car

 photo 84-IMG_8203_zpsqbargd3w.jpg  photo 85-IMG_8206_zpsn3zjua7s.jpg  photo 86-IMG_8209_zps7ojuipxo.jpg

and I finish my walk

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