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Nov 2013: Visiting the Freud Museum

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So the other day, I found myself on a loose end and decided to go see the Freud Museum. I’ve seen the notices for this for many many moons and its just near Finchley road….anyway, reach Finchley Road and pass Karnac Books.

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Ok, sounds good…

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No heels? (ok ok, so what’s the problem, eh? )

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And here we are.

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In front of the museum, I noted this little plaque..

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a typical suburban house…

 photo 16-IMG_4130_zpscqxzl7rj.jpg

With the two Freuds emblazoned on a blue plaque

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A blue painted entrance door.

 photo 18-IMG_4136_zps7iwuacxh.jpg 

that room would have been lovely, eh?

 photo 19-IMG_4139_zpsnmhb8v7w.jpg

little alcoves for car parking

 photo 20-IMG_4145_zpsqw2nlivj.jpg 

a young lady enters before me

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Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take photos…so sneaked some in using my iphone :)

Ground floor had a giant study and a shop and a dining room along with a kitchen. The study is full of wonderful books on a variety of subjects, objects of art, paintings, and the lot

 photo 08-IMG_0495_zpskknzlbrk.jpg

here is his desk

 photo 10-IMG_0493_zpsc6srwvmr.jpg

and the famous couch where he would ask his patients to lie down. What’s with the thing on the left? 

and after visiting some more of the rooms, I left, lovely place, it was a good museum, showing his life in Europe, how he came over, where he lived and slept. fascinating. I want my study to be like this.

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stark trees…

 photo 26-IMG_4163_zpsoxcbodsk.jpg  photo 27-IMG_4166_zpsnxxjjeor.jpg

the location around the museum is very genteel…

 photo 28-IMG_4169_zpszmcft24c.jpg


 photo 30-IMG_4175_zpsfj727sys.jpg

Little House A? 

 photo 31-IMG_4178_zpsjknm63do.jpg 

now there’s a nice bike

 photo 32-IMG_4181_zps96k1bh6i.jpg  photo 33-IMG_4184_zpsabstkfe1.jpg photo 35-IMG_4190_zpscjf3eajj.jpg photo 36-IMG_4193_zpsmwrgilpd.jpg photo 39-IMG_4202_zpsqltdiffh.jpg

more lovely views of houses

 photo 42-IMG_4211_zpsniln6rlq.jpg

Hmmm, never heard of him

 photo 43-IMG_4214_zpsvlwxdqk5.jpg  photo 45-IMG_4220_zpsobyws8fa.jpg photo 44-IMG_4217_zpsgg9s4h2f.jpg

that’s a nice balcony

 photo 46-IMG_4223_zps5w97vixo.jpg  photo 49-IMG_4235_zpsl8nlw1gi.jpg photo 48-IMG_4229_zpsbg3r2tpo.jpg photo 50-IMG_4238_zpsfayxx7tl.jpg photo 51-IMG_4242_zpsc1tjxl74.jpg

house under repair

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And then I head down to finchley road…

its a very nice little museum, comes highly recommended. If nothing else, go see his study :)

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