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Dec 2012: Looking up at a giant Buddha

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So I am at the bottom of the stairs looking up at the Giant Buddha.

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All those stairs! I suspect I will need to light some incense to ask Buddha to help me climb those stairs, lol

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the views are extraordinary

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up to the next level. thank god I had my camera with me and i could use the excuse of taking photographs to catch my breath

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there’s the great man

 photo 173-IMG_3869_zps0cf7dde7.jpg  photo 174-IMG_3872_zpsb9824900.jpg

There are these celestial beings arranged around her, offering gifts to Him

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the structure is in 3 tiers, the top tier which you cannot access is the statue itself. Reminds me of the Sanchi structure.

 photo 177-IMG_3881_zps1417f57d.jpg  photo 178-IMG_3884_zps63acc0b4.jpg

The views are extraordinary

 photo 179-IMG_3887_zps38970984.jpg 

The view from the back

 photo 180-IMG_3894_zpse197c184.jpg photo 182-IMG_3899_zps025bb402.jpg

View of the celestial being…beautiful.

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 photo 189-IMG_3921_zps20e91daf.jpg  photo 190-IMG_3924_zps1291fb4a.jpg

So coins are thrown, lol

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That’s where I climbed up from…the place on the right hand side is the monastery.

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I pop into one of the exhibition halls at the base. These are little memorial plaques for the loved ones with offerings in front of the plaques. Very neat and civilised indeed.

 photo 207-IMG_3975_zpsac284ae6.jpg

Most of them had little photographs of the person.

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Next time, I will climb up there…

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 photo 219-IMG_4011_zpsce181b66.jpg

And a crow, perched to try to see something of interest to eat? I am heading down…

 photo 229-IMG_4041_zpsb8b54888.jpg 

And then peer up…wow..

 photo 231-IMG_4047_zps1206754d.jpg

I move towards the monastery, this chap looks like Garfield, I am

 photo 232-IMG_4053_zps0c68e2d7.jpg

An incense burner

 photo 233-IMG_4056_zpsa060c51f.jpg

Whoa, what’s that?? a giant incense stick?

 photo 234-IMG_4059_zps150a44c0.jpg

Another incense burner

 photo 237-IMG_4068_zpseba5803a.jpg 

I swear, I have never seen incense sticks this big or thick, can you see the one in front? looks like a bloody missile rather than an incense stick?!!!

 photo 241-IMG_4080_zps2c8d5912.jpg

Heading into the monastery proper via this lovely moon door

 photo 242-IMG_4083_zpse870e734.jpg  photo 243-IMG_4086_zpsad3bc0c9.jpg photo 244-IMG_4089_zps3f9b7dfc.jpg photo 245-IMG_4092_zpse2c5b048.jpg photo 247-IMG_4098_zps9b5eb543.jpg photo 249-IMG_4104_zpsac45e754.jpg

Some fierce looking chaps guarding the door. And some beautifully decorated ceilings…

 photo 251-IMG_4110_zps3748c57d.jpg

The main building.

 photo 253-IMG_4116_zps4c786f9d.jpg 

The pillars were highly carved, more about this later

 photo 254-IMG_4119_zps006fffe0.jpg 

See? beautiful work..

 photo 255-IMG_4122_zps639ed803.jpg

More Buddha statues inside the main prayer hall

 photo 260-IMG_4137_zpscea630f7.jpg

And the lotus flower

 photo 261-IMG_4140_zps90a62b8d.jpg

And a foo dog

 photo 262-IMG_4146_zps9478ba79.jpg  photo 263-IMG_4149_zpsfb8ddca3.jpg

Some lovely carvings on the front panel..

 photo 267-IMG_4160_zpsb1711f66.jpg

That is one serious bell…but not to be touched..

 photo 279-IMG_4197_zpsc0dd6b28.jpg 

Beautiful lanterns as well…

 photo 280-IMG_4200_zpsd6e30c3a.jpg

Looks like a delegation is in town…I thought I had stumbled into a Shaolin Temple Movie set or something..

 photo 285-IMG_4214_zps2c0906cb.jpg 

this tree has what?

 photo 286-IMG_4218_zps2d18304a.jpg

Quite curious…

 photo 287-IMG_4221_zps61a9f581.jpg

So the carvings, this granite like stone columns and facade is being carved all over the building, here are some of the most beautiful and eye catching structures.

 photo 288-IMG_4224_zps703e962e.jpg

There is another building coming up in the rear…this should be beautiful as well,  photo 298-IMG_4254_zps7f8eeb5a.jpg check out the roof! looks amazing.

 photo 289-IMG_4227_zps5e44897a.jpg

Very neat work..

 photo 293-IMG_4238_zps59ce5444.jpg

A spiral incense stick..

 photo 297-IMG_4251_zps8da5047c.jpg  photo 299-IMG_4257_zps835a0c7a.jpg photo 300-IMG_4260_zpsf140bcd9.jpg Beautiful stonework, if you ask me, lovely lovely stuff

 photo 302-IMG_4266_zps077fea02.jpg

 photo 303-IMG_4269_zps2fea6a2e.jpg

I stood there looking at the incense ash pit and was just wondering how many emotions, prayers and feelings have gone up to the heavens with the incense sticks? What about the ash?

 photo 304-IMG_4272_zps2ab96ec5.jpg

But but but Buddha died eating pork!

 photo 305-IMG_4275_zpse70ea87d.jpg 

A beautiful tree…its already cracked the base…

 photo 306-IMG_4278_zps4a45f435.jpg

Seasongings sounds so much better :)

 photo 307-IMG_4281_zps40675344.jpg

I had couple of those lovely buns, yummy! :)

 photo 309-IMG_4296_zps3836fc37.jpg

The roof of the restaurant with ceramic tiles..

 photo 310-IMG_4299_zps6fcad34c.jpg

oh! hello? why are you looking so grumpy eh?

 photo 311-IMG_4302_zps6041ea87.jpg

The giant Buddha looms over the monastery

 photo 312-IMG_4305_zps961780ed.jpg

More pilgrims

 photo 313-IMG_4308_zps8d52fee2.jpg

I come to the gate…

 photo 317-IMG_4320_zps23c4a18f.jpg

What’s this?

 photo 318-IMG_4323_zps99fdf777.jpg

ah! so they are looking for donations..quite an interesting rate list..All efforts will return to me by causal Law.

I turn and then head up to climb the smaller mountain..

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