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Dec 2012: The Gateway of India and Roasted Corn on the Cob :)

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So I was going to meet some friends of mine for dinner so decided to do a quick photo walk, and what better to do than to check out the Gateway of India 

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A surprisingly large number of boats were moored just outside..ferries by the look of it.

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And some personal boats as well..but why here? this isnt a marina, very unsafe, no? This is where the gunmen in the Pakistani terrorist attack of 2008 came ashore…the security was seriously lax.

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I queue up behind a long line..

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the usual detritus..

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on a side channel, these boats were moored

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A mango tree on the dockside

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And a patient crow on the top

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I think I am going to skip going down to the water.

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A statue of Swami Vivekananda

 photo 12-IMG_0986_zps5e71ab6c.jpg  photo 13-IMG_0989_zps192c2f24.jpg

And Shivaji

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And an awesome marble non functioning fountain. Really good work..

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More of the crows..

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I move inside.

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As the note says. Its a fascinating mixture of Roman Triumphal Arches, Mughal Architecture with elements of Hindu Iconography. More interestingly, lol, while the Emperor visited in 1911, they didn't actually get to see this, the gateway was completed in 1924. heh. Typical Indian sense of timing even back then.

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Another crow on top of the ornamental lamps.

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so while the domes are like Mughal in nature….

 photo 24-IMG_1032_zps1707c09c.jpg


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the decorations wouldnt look out of place in a Hindu temple with the lotus flowers and the supports.

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windows are Mughal

 photo 28-IMG_1044_zpsa4f6f43d.jpg 

and so are the arches.

 photo 29-IMG_1047_zps1fd01202.jpg 

the perforated screens came from Gwalior…that area has come up with some excellent stone work..

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the dome was a bit of a let down, i expected more work done on it but it was boring

 photo 31-IMG_1052_zpsdee545e1.jpg

the setting sun illuminates some of the structural supports

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 photo 33-IMG_1062_zpscfb14c30.jpg

the perforated screens

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looking back at the Taj Palace

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the gates are quite imposing

 photo 38-IMG_1077_zpsfe35fdee.jpg 

While its not that highly carved, what is carved is very nice

 photo 39-IMG_1080_zps65e7d641.jpg 

the local stone turns golden in the sunset light

 photo 40-IMG_1083_zps80fd13d1.jpg 

Could do with a bit of a wash…

 photo 44-IMG_1098_zpsd21d7170.jpg

Nice photo 42-IMG_1088_zps00e40781.jpg

A commuter boat heading off..

 photo 45-IMG_1100_zpsfa01bef4.jpg

Hmmmm, got a cheap offer on paint? 

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On the other side of the gateway and I can see through it..

 photo 48-IMG_1110_zpsec93e998.jpg


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more decorations..

 photo 50-IMG_1118_zpsf99b534b.jpg 

another view through the arches

 photo 51-IMG_1142_zps9f808c5e.jpg

looking straight at the gateway

 photo 52-IMG_1175_zpsfe62961a.jpg

with crows wheeling around the top dome

 photo 53-IMG_1189_zps0c99067b.jpg

Shivaji looking imperial


 photo 56-IMG_6453_zps97173755.jpg 

enough already, now for some excellent coal roasted corn on the cob with lemon, salt, pepper and chilly powder on it. Just perfect…

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