Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dec 2012: When I saw people dancing in the streets


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So I land late at night in Shanghai.

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and by the time I check into the room, its very late, almost midnight.

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So popped out for a bite to eat. That’s where I was staying, the Shangri La.

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so wake up in the morning and before rushing off to work, take a peek outside. there’s the river..Its the Huangpu River, a tributary of the Yangtze River. While it looks ok, Shanghai dumps most of its sewage into this river, only 4% is treated. And yes, it gets all of its drinking water from the river as well. Which makes the water smell and taste a bit funny. Wonder what the homeopaths would say? lol, did you know that by the time you drink Thames water, it would have passed through the digestive tracts of 7 people? :P

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Looking left

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there’s the Bavarian pub where I had a bite to eat.

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hello? dancing on the streets?

 photo 06-IMG_2565_zps2f742138.jpg

hmmm, I guess this isn't dancing but Tai Chi..

 photo 07-IMG_2568_zps2ddc791f.jpg

a barge moving up river

 photo 08-IMG_2571_zpsee175185.jpg

peering across the river.

 photo 10-IMG_2577_zps960137dc.jpg

I wonder what’s that wavy roof thingie?

 photo 11-IMG_2580_zps90a4648e.jpg

that is one extraordinary boat, what on earth is it?

 photo 12-IMG_2583_zps7fce6202.jpg


 photo 13-IMG_6518_zps845a3a06.jpg

Down to the workshop room, I can see the bund

 photo 14-IMG_6519_zps15ed73e2.jpg

Zooming in

 photo 15-IMG_6520_zpsad76c195.jpg 

then we had a bit of a drinkie poo party

 photo 16-IMG_6521_zps92b24eb3.jpg  photo 17-IMG_6522_zps8ef0b130.jpg photo 18-IMG_6523_zps134a662b.jpg  photo 19-IMG_6524_zpsb63c222d.jpg photo 20-IMG_6525_zpsf671afa9.jpg  photo 21-IMG_6526_zpsa7d033dd.jpg photo 22-IMG_6528_zpsce9c0240.jpg

some nice views across the river and on the Pudong side.  photo 23-IMG_6529_zpsf2c597a8.jpg

And then hoofed it back into the hotel..looking up at this extraordinary structure, hard to imagine that there was nothing here on this side of the riverbank just a few years back…extraordinary.

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