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Dec 2012: Climbing the Mountain of Wisdom

 photo 319-IMG_4326_zps9d6b9559.jpg

That mountain looks amazing in the clouds..

 photo 320-IMG_4329_zps59851a81.jpg

And its such a peaceful walkabout

 photo 322-IMG_4335_zps99a7f239.jpg

gosh, so many no’s

 photo 323-IMG_4338_zps27e355a6.jpg

I suppose I should pop down the Wisdom Path, i can do with some

 photo 325-IMG_4344_zpsfcad1376.jpg

What a peaceful view

 photo 333-IMG_4366_zpsdecc9e0a.jpg

A papaya tree

 photo 337-IMG_4378_zps4594c095.jpg

the local wildlife, doesn't look very threatening..

 photo 340-IMG_4387_zps8617be7c.jpg

oh! hello?

 photo 341-IMG_4390_zps8b84c8a5.jpg

How amazing

 photo 342-IMG_4393_zps86919d37.jpg 

The Banyan tree is taking over the building

 photo 343-IMG_4396_zpsccbfcd02.jpg

Like ingesting it

 photo 344-IMG_4399_zpse55fdbb5.jpg 

Amazing view

 photo 345-IMG_4402_zps48e8beaf.jpg

Yes, I think I will be careful of the shaft

 photo 355-IMG_4435_zps7cc993e6.jpg  photo 348-IMG_4411_zps5d6d52c9.jpg photo 349-IMG_4414_zps6acacc28.jpg

Looks beautiful

 photo 354-IMG_4429_zpsd6016b24.jpg 

A flower growing from a trunk…

 photo 357-IMG_4441_zps5bdbfdb1.jpg 

I move into the garden of wisdom. These half tree trunks are inscribed with what presumably are religious or wise sayings..

 photo 358-IMG_4444_zpsec6260a4.jpg  photo 360-IMG_4449_zps9a84b3d1.jpg photo 359-IMG_4447_zps9e17405a.jpg photo 361-IMG_4453_zpsd102ee11.jpg

I wish there was a translation around there…

 photo 362-IMG_4456_zpse898b989.jpg

I climb up, strange soil on the footpath

 photo 368-IMG_4474_zps684433ac.jpg

looking down at the garden of wisdom. And then I made a mistake, I decided to climb up this mountain and then got lost in the scrubs. Still, the views were brilliant, see the photos

 photo 364-IMG_4462_zpsc5022fee.jpg photo 366-IMG_4468_zpseacbc760.jpg photo 367-IMG_4471_zps1965e5e7.jpg 

lovely no?

  photo 371-IMG_4483_zpscbd08b8e.jpg

Here is where I got lost, no path, at all.  

 photo 374-IMG_4492_zps3c43fccd.jpg

I could see the Buddha

 photo 378-IMG_4504_zps6e96c05e.jpg

then i went left

 photo 379-IMG_4507_zps88769050.jpg

And then went down to that tree

And then decided, wait, this isn't good, paused to take a breath. 

  photo 386-IMG_4528_zpsdcb54b3e.jpg

 photo 399-IMG_4567_zpsb4366eec.jpg

and then after these photographs, retraced my steps.

 photo 412-IMG_4606_zps80e85487.jpg


 photo 422-IMG_4636_zps29555e5a.jpg

Climbed down and then up the other side, and looking back at the wisdom garden.

 photo 424-IMG_4642_zps5e94d825.jpg 

Started climbing

 photo 425-IMG_4645_zpsddc20479.jpg

the views were really spectacular

 photo 429-IMG_4657_zps190b32e8.jpg

turned and went to the Lantau Trail

 photo 453-IMG_4729_zps0a9fe940.jpg

The flora was lovely

 photo 454-IMG_4732_zpsacfc3a40.jpg

And it was such a peaceful walk

 photo 455-IMG_4735_zpsa57015a2.jpg

With the Peak looking down at me photo 461-IMG_4753_zps2ce0a9ed.jpg

Tea Tree?

 photo 464-IMG_4765_zps7a38b87b.jpg

Lichen on a rock photo 471-IMG_4786_zpsdb210ff3.jpg  photo 472-IMG_4795_zps95c3ff3a.jpg

Some of these flowers were blooming as well.. :)

 photo 473-IMG_4798_zps6f29729b.jpg 

Walking towards the Buddha

 photo 474-IMG_4801_zps8094b6d4.jpg

 photo 475-IMG_4804_zps2cd44ec1.jpg

I come to the end of the trek, so peaceful, you cannot imagine such a peaceful just a wee bit away from the cacophony of Kowloon.

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