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Dec 2012: Walking around Mumbai’s old mouldy buildings

   photo 01-IMG_1220_zps59dc6832.jpg

i still had loads of time before dinner so decided to move into Mumbai a wee bit to take a bit more photographs

 photo 02-IMG_1224_zps3df410f7.jpg

hmmm, that balcony can do with a spot of cleaning.

 photo 04-IMG_1230_zpsf17959b2.jpg 

Looks like a very good looking building

 photo 05-IMG_1233_zps6e58f25b.jpg

that’s nice to hear that you bake your own bread..

 photo 06-IMG_1235_zpsdfe85b7e.jpg 

hey, a post box!, havent seen them for a long time

 photo 07-IMG_1239_zps634d8011.jpg

walking in front of the state police hq…

 photo 10-IMG_1249_zpse0f433ca.jpg

the building is quite opulent and gothic in nature. I find the British Iconography ironic, lol

 photo 08-IMG_1241_zps18681c90.jpg  photo 09-IMG_1244_zps753c16b3.jpg

 photo 54-IMG_1383_zpse03b88dd.jpg 

One of the most under rates prime ministers of India. Too bad he died so soon..and then the nightmare happened..last of the good guys.

 photo 11-IMG_1250_zps97c200b3.jpg

Modern art, eh? I am going to skip this one

 photo 12-IMG_1253_zps1c7c3a94.jpg

the busy roundabout

 photo 13-IMG_1256_zps446c286a.jpg 

a giant tree..growing out of the pavement

 photo 14-IMG_1261_zps135621a8.jpg

i love the weird mishmash of architecture you find this side of Mumbai.

 photo 15-IMG_1262_zps3446fa1d.jpg  photo 16-IMG_1265_zps45ca10e1.jpg

these two naval guns are bothering me, I wonder what they are doing here? how did they get here? Nothing on the net :(

 photo 17-IMG_1268_zpsf4ac949d.jpg  photo 27-IMG_1303_zpsd727eda2.jpg

the building is beautiful, like the Mughal tombs

 photo 18-IMG_1272_zps7dda4949.jpg 

The statue of the then Prince of Wales stands in the middle of the grounds, liberally shat upon by the birds.

 photo 19-IMG_1275_zpse14fa5fa.jpg

the portico can do with a bit of a clean.

 photo 20-IMG_1279_zpse61ca789.jpg

lovely domes..

 photo 22-IMG_1284_zpsdc8a90aa.jpg

another religious tree.

 photo 23-IMG_1286_zps33768876.jpg

There you go…a bird doing its business..

 photo 25-IMG_1295_zps6edc960a.jpg

And it was too late, couldn't go in to see the Egyptian gallery

 photo 29-IMG_1308_zps77d78dac.jpg photo 30-IMG_1311_zps46544b64.jpg

Lovely time I have to pop in…

 photo 31-IMG_1315_zps3fadacd7.jpg 

Very graceful indeed.

 photo 34-IMG_1323_zps77c6e380.jpg

 photo 45-IMG_1355_zpsc1ec7c83.jpg  photo 47-IMG_1362_zpsa9f01eaa.jpg


there’s the famous college

 photo 35-IMG_1325_zpsd3c7d143.jpg

and a closeup of this lovely Edwardian building. I think.

 photo 36-IMG_1328_zps51793400.jpg 

hey, I think I can do a better job.. :)

 photo 37-IMG_1332_zpsde41640e.jpg

get your name on a grain of rice…things people do to get their daily bread…

 photo 38-IMG_1334_zps7039fc78.jpg photo 39-IMG_1338_zpsfcd81b6f.jpg  photo 40-IMG_1341_zpse3f7bf55.jpg

Those old style philanthropists are amazing. The Sasoon family indeed has much to be thanked for across Asia. Imagine funding a library? Nowadays there is hardly any philanthropy in India and what is there is to build temples. Bah!

 photo 41-IMG_1344_zps57d69d06.jpg

I love it when people spell out English words phonetically in Hindi, ARE YOU FRIKKING STUPID?

 photo 42-IMG_1346_zps3be91942.jpg

now that’s a strange building.

 photo 43-IMG_1350_zps5b5f0cd3.jpg

And this one is falling apart..

 photo 44-IMG_1353_zps6b1e1e32.jpg

the window ledges are rotting away…

 photo 48-IMG_1365_zps9d057f65.jpg

Another old building…

   photo 60-IMG_1401_zpsfd7d3f13.jpg

 photo 49-IMG_1368_zpsf2538e07.jpg  photo 50-IMG_1372_zpsc910fc82.jpg photo 51-IMG_1374_zpsd82ace52.jpg photo 52-IMG_1377_zps30be965a.jpg

Another run down building…the real estate industry in Bombay is really weird ass..

 photo 53-IMG_1379_zpsc6fcca7c.jpg

Impressive, how people can just lie there and have a nice kip in the middle of huge traffic..

 photo 55-IMG_1386_zps54b3b8ba.jpg 

 photo 56-IMG_1389_zpsf49dcf30.jpg  photo 57-IMG_1391_zpsf430b766.jpg photo 61-IMG_1404_zps08f97742.jpg

Another broken down building, some kind of hostel?

  photo 58-IMG_1395_zps0fca635b.jpg photo 65-IMG_1416_zpsfb5e06da.jpg  photo 62-IMG_1406_zps6c1bcbb2.jpg  photo 63-IMG_1411_zpsc17ec751.jpg

 photo 64-IMG_1413_zpsf928bdaa.jpg  photo 66-IMG_1419_zps71fd8073.jpg

really falling apart…

 photo 67-IMG_1422_zpsf6d71075.jpg

lol, Le Gaya Saddam…heh.

 photo 68-IMG_1424_zpsd7ec8c46.jpg  photo 69-IMG_1428_zps22c6df91.jpg

I find it amazing how women can carry such heavy loads on their heads…

 photo 70-IMG_1432_zps499aaf89.jpg

debating the fare?

 photo 71-IMG_1434_zpsb3a0e951.jpg


 photo 78-IMG_6461_zps0e4be482.jpg

Sign in a Mumbai Pub…fair point.

 photo 77-IMG_6459_zpsbaae6e3a.jpg 

heh. I finish my dinner with the friends and then next day head off to my sister’s place..

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