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Dec 2012: Where Ma dresses up as Kali in Hayvadan

While I was in India last December, Ma did a bit of a play as Kali in Hayvadan. It was a Girish Karnad play played at the B V Karant retrospective in Malad. I have also had the honour of working with him when I was a little nipper in India. Actually both of them. BV Karant was a terror, lol. Anyway.

 photo 001-IMG_1816_zps77f4a58c.jpg

Mumbai has a fascinating night life

 photo 002-IMG_1819_zps54bea8e4.jpg

check out the hearts, they look really punctured, lol, a degree of verisimilitude that it perhaps not required.

 photo 003-IMG_1825_zpsd9a80576.jpg

new smartphone, lol

 photo 004-IMG_1829_zpscdf09d48.jpg

street and proper markets

 photo 005-IMG_1839_zps1ef8a096.jpg

another little street market

 photo 006-IMG_1846_zps89ff17da.jpg

there’s the old scoundrel and the Shiv Sena’s monumental office.

 photo 007-IMG_1849_zpsc8550f11.jpg

gosh, those mannequins are a bit of all right.

 photo 009-IMG_1861_zpsb8ecd224.jpg photo 008-IMG_1859_zps8d37453b.jpg

this was an extraordinary building, with the Buddhist facade…I wonder what’s the background to this building?

 photo 010-IMG_1874_zps590fe8b6.jpg

And the sign.

 photo 011-IMG_1877_zps5696f51c.jpg 

the irascible man himself. He always reminded me of Captain Haddock from Tintin.

 photo 012-IMG_1880_zps9fddcb58.jpg  photo 014-IMG_1886_zps7b38427b.jpg 

a lovely statue in black marble of Ganesh was in the foyer

 photo 013-IMG_1883_zps73800a9c.jpg 

but this was even better, made in some kind of a shellac material, beautiful…but I didnt have much time as the show had just about going to start. I perched myself at the back and was cursing the fact that I didnt get my tripod. Bad mistake.

I am not going to tell you the story. Here is the book review. And below are some of the photographs of the play.

 photo 024-IMG_1930_zps754b7b20.jpg


 photo 025-IMG_1940_zps6afe7771.jpg


 photo 026-IMG_1943_zps33ab934b.jpg 

 photo 039-IMG_2000_zpsd2732719.jpg 

 photo 050-IMG_2049_zpsd197d066.jpg 

 photo 052-IMG_2054_zps41d81a5b.jpg 

 photo 058-IMG_2072_zps6396ee91.jpg

 photo 070-IMG_2127_zpsa882d1d5.jpg

 photo 149-IMG_6486_zpsca906c27.jpg

 photo 075-IMG_2137_zps20fd627c.jpg  photo 080-IMG_2147_zps2555bc37.jpg

 photo 082-IMG_2154_zpseecb4e01.jpg 

and then the intermission…heh, you can drink water but not wash your face..

 photo 085-IMG_2165_zps6ec0f641.jpg

 photo 087-IMG_2174_zpseab7833b.jpg

 photo 088-IMG_2181_zps9146eb5f.jpg

 photo 096-IMG_2211_zps876a5e3a.jpg

 photo 098-IMG_2223_zps92b22e37.jpg 

 photo 106-IMG_2247_zps211d4b47.jpg  photo 107-IMG_2252_zps6483c8c3.jpg photo 108-IMG_2259_zps4d1520d8.jpg

 photo 111-IMG_2268_zpsdff398c3.jpg

 photo 112-IMG_2270_zpse65236e4.jpg 


 photo 118-IMG_2295_zpsc92af82a.jpg 

 photo 124-IMG_2313_zpsceee158f.jpg

 photo 132-IMG_2343_zps1ee8aaf2.jpg


 photo 133-IMG_2346_zps35fff558.jpg 

 photo 135-IMG_2358_zps71157805.jpg


 photo 136-IMG_2361_zps26c08287.jpg


 photo 137-IMG_2370_zps4d91d7bd.jpg


 photo 138-IMG_2376_zps00082c94.jpg


 photo 139-IMG_2388_zps210691f9.jpg  photo 143-IMG_2399_zpse5465f1c.jpg photo 144-IMG_2402_zpsb0da0042.jpg

 photo 145-IMG_2406_zps38b06a88.jpg

the end…

and here are some of the videos

Here are many more photographs on a slideshow if you are interested.

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