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Dec 2012: Pottering around in Kowloon

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So I moved from Shanghai to HK..on Dragonair! nice

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Not much to see…it was pretty much overcast over the entire journey

 photo 20-IMG_6549_zps0361332a.jpg

landed in HK…in a succeeding photo essay, I will talk about how I got up those mountains.

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Pretty dramatic pictures…

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So I check into the hotel. I always stayed in central but this time, I decided to stay in Kowloon as I had work to do in our Kowloon offices, some training and just because, one shouldn't get too much into the Central aspect. Its quite strange how hermetically sealed Central is, I think Kowloon is more interesting :)

 photo 01-IMG_6555_zpse4d000b0.jpg 

Yep, I do as well.

 photo 25-IMG_6556_zps90d6be56.jpg 

Here’s Mr. Bull…up on the edge of the hotel room.

 photo 02-IMG_3183_zpsfff7c130.jpg  photo 26-IMG_3186_zps29074eaf.jpg

I wake up to see this sight.

 photo 27-IMG_3189_zpsd8e76c56.jpg

good heavens, that’s an impressive whatever it is on top, air conditioning unit?

 photo 28-IMG_6567_zps46ddfa42.jpg  photo 31-IMG_6560_zps53fb2107.jpg 

view from the training room. If you squint your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself back 100-150 years and watching clippers shipping tea or opium…

 photo 29-IMG_6568_zpsf00b510f.jpg

inside of a water fountain jar

 photo 30-IMG_6559_zpsf0c8a75b.jpg

back in the hotel.

 photo 32-IMG_6562_zps7afaf761.jpg photo 33-IMG_6563_zps4e661d45.jpg

this was on the wall of the restaurant…hmmm, very nice.

 photo 34-IMG_6564_zpsa8cc1671.jpg

Another view from the room, pretty nice eh?

 photo 37-IMG_3191_zps60aeef5e.jpg  photo 38-IMG_3195_zpsbba262cc.jpg

Back in the room in the evening..

 photo 03-IMG_3198_zps4fd735ac.jpg 

Looking down at the teeming streets of Kowloon.

 photo 39-IMG_3201_zpsdb2fc90b.jpg

i head down for a quick walk and a bite to eat

 photo 41-IMG_3207_zps7a0bed03.jpg

cute little bus

 photo 04-IMG_3210_zpsb77f78db.jpg


 photo 05-IMG_3213_zps4d707594.jpg

some nice shadows

 photo 06-IMG_3216_zps30046302.jpg

ah! my lovely HK begins.

 photo 07-IMG_3219_zpsef30296e.jpg  photo 42-IMG_3222_zps97e117e9.jpg

And a protest against China…now there’s transparency for you.

 photo 43-IMG_3230_zpsed254be4.jpg

waiting to cross the road…why did BD cross the road?

 photo 44-IMG_3234_zpsd179418a.jpg 

to get to the heart of Kowloon

 photo 45-IMG_3237_zps583ca2a4.jpg  photo 46-IMG_3240_zpsedfb332d.jpg

more protest posters, Falun Gong people. Some of these are fairly hairy.   photo 48-IMG_3246_zpsb758b1bd.jpg photo 49-IMG_3250_zps442de297.jpg

teeming with humanity

  photo 50-IMG_3252_zpsb00cb217.jpg

not content with the zillions of signs, there were hand held signs as well!

 photo 51-IMG_3264_zpsbb2640dd.jpg 

like this one! next time I will pop in there.

 photo 52-IMG_3267_zpsa3d8959a.jpg 

now this is quite interesting..quite cheap

 photo 53-IMG_3270_zpsaf0ab7f3.jpg

fushing hotel? vaguely distressing.

 photo 54-IMG_3277_zpscf5f38a3.jpg

shiny shoes

 photo 55-IMG_3282_zpsd6c2ab0a.jpg 

the balconies had these slats painted in a fluorescent colour, very nice.

 photo 09-IMG_3285_zps7d716696.jpg

i grabbed a bite here..very nice. Here’s a tip, go where the locals go. Now you have to recognise who are locals and who are tourists, lol

 photo 56-IMG_3288_zps71a39cf1.jpg

Hare Krishna chaps.

 photo 57-IMG_3291_zpsa3a6b0d3.jpg

dodgy…very dodgy… lol

 photo 59-IMG_3300_zpsc18cb4e7.jpg  photo 60-IMG_3303_zpsa611a9b3.jpg

Scallop edges

 photo 61-IMG_3306_zpsc475f80b.jpg


 photo 11-IMG_3308_zps9fc15d14.jpg

its just something about the neon lights that gets your juices running.

 photo 62-IMG_3312_zpsa8c5569d.jpg

near our offices

 photo 63-IMG_3315_zpsb01ba67c.jpg

this is so yummy…so I had a bit more :)

 photo 12-IMG_3318_zpsc851aad9.jpg  photo 64-IMG_3321_zps13f22efd.jpg

Christmas time :)

  photo 13-IMG_6569_zpsb23dca8b.jpg

I love this, a full room for Pau? :)

 photo 65-IMG_3324_zps4777efff.jpg photo 67-IMG_3330_zps1ed5aac8.jpg photo 66-IMG_3327_zps966d856b.jpg

I get back to the hotel and the streets are ablaze with lights..amazing.

 photo 68-IMG_6573_zps646340ba.jpg

stopped in for a bite to eat again.. lol, some kind of giant sea creature eggs are hanging over my head..

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