Monday, March 03, 2014

Feb 2013: Walking the shore

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After the high line walk, i decided to go to the shore

 photo 02-IMG_1416_zps03ac8f11.jpg 

Wow, this is so interesting…ancient ghosts of companies

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 photo 04-IMG_1421_zpsb446bd54.jpg

a delivery dock

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 photo 06-IMG_1428_zpsb949b5a4.jpg

wow, i didnt realise that the post office had its own police force.

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 photo 08-IMG_1434_zps563e08fb.jpg 

Some more history…small world, eh?

 photo 09-IMG_1437_zps7d6d7134.jpg

floating dogs

 photo 10-IMG_1440_zps86ddefdb.jpg 

old old lamps

 photo 11-IMG_1442_zps18d9c723.jpg

I just love the wide big spaces in NY and USA…its usually so cramped here in London

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 photo 13-IMG_1449_zpsa328b41f.jpg

erm, what’s the point?

 photo 14-IMG_1452_zpscea3e947.jpg

these dinky little carts are so funny

 photo 15-IMG_1454_zpsbf5df749.jpg  photo 16-IMG_1458_zpsbbc16232.jpg

Cripes, reminds me of the Lubyanka Building, lol

 photo 17-IMG_1464_zpsb875b1e5.jpg

Dont get what this is, bark?

 photo 18-IMG_1467_zps39414c5f.jpg

from $1????

 photo 19-IMG_1470_zpsebb247f7.jpg  photo 20-IMG_1473_zps0e434ab4.jpg photo 22-IMG_1479_zps31a6f2a2.jpg photo 21-IMG_1476_zpse46baf94.jpg photo 23-IMG_1482_zps228afff8.jpg

I reach the shore, detritus lining it..

 photo 24-IMG_1485_zps38dfd523.jpg

The last moments of this little pile of snow

 photo 25-IMG_1488_zps929b58d5.jpg 

 photo 26-IMG_1491_zps37f61091.jpg

Super Dog!

 photo 27-IMG_1495_zps9ac57ad8.jpg


 photo 28-IMG_1497_zpsb7e665ba.jpg  photo 29-IMG_1500_zpsb8fc6600.jpg

What a lovely idea :)

 photo 30-IMG_1503_zps01999ea1.jpg

Shall I? no thank you

 photo 31-IMG_1506_zpse71ddd36.jpg photo 32-IMG_1509_zps5b8311a5.jpg

What happened to her?  photo 33-IMG_1512_zps6d96c638.jpg

No thank you, too cold..

 photo 34-IMG_1515_zpsf2c30b77.jpg

the water is looking distinctly unwelcoming, I wouldnt want to drop into it

 photo 35-IMG_1518_zpsca77540b.jpg

lol, nice

 photo 36-IMG_1521_zps25102072.jpg


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