Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh! those Mughals

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So it was a lovely crisp Feb morning when I went to see the Mughal Exhibition at the British Library. Here’s me on the bus as the poxy tube wasnt running

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Eh? why refuse store?

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Junior Sherlock Holmes?

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now that’s what I love about Cornwall, i am going to join it.

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An old style book printing unit

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So manage to get inside

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the problem is that photography isnt permitted so I had to click using my little iphone and well…

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a map showing the provinces of the Mughal Kingdom

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Now there you go…imperishable documentation

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 photo 13-IMG_7475_zpsbe74ac4a.jpg  photo 14-IMG_7477_zpsc988951a.jpg

a treaty..

 photo 16-IMG_7481_zpsb6a8d38f.jpg 

A painting of the Battle of Panipat

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what an extraordinary document

 photo 18-IMG_7485_zps8bbd1a1a.jpg 

Now there you go, a royal letter


 photo 20-IMG_7490_zps44ecbe77.jpg 

A mughal cavalry man

 photo 21-IMG_7491_zps62ec6016.jpg  photo 22-IMG_7493_zps50b89175.jpg photo 23-IMG_7495_zpsb0eadc67.jpg photo 24-IMG_7497_zpsa247d3ee.jpg

 photo 25-IMG_7499_zps0fbbaf1b.jpg photo 26-IMG_7501_zpsaed92174.jpg photo 28-IMG_7505_zpse752fcdd.jpg photo 30-IMG_7509_zpsaa0b5e43.jpg

And then dammit, i was caught by the guard, so had to stop taking photos. Dammit! I hate it.

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outside in the gift shop

 photo 34-IMG_7531_zps8d1baf41.jpg  photo 35-IMG_7533_zps4f2089b6.jpg

now that’s my dream woman :)

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lol lol lol, now that’s what I love..

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