Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Feb 2013: Ah! Memories! Tora Tora Tora no more

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I forgot to post this plaque from the previous bog. Hero’s!

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Whilst walking the shore,  I come across the Intrepid. What a brave ship and what an amazing history.

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A ship which was born in the tough days of World War 2 is still alive and breathing.

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Its now a museum

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A Phantom…Vietnam Era days

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An E3? Anti submarine

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The flight deck is crowded with the great and good of American Aviation

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I could only think that dammit, I need to go in there

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Getting closer…

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The Close Air Support Systems…not that it can do much, if you have to rely on these then you are pretty much done for

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the ears and eyes of the ship

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The air traffic control tower

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Just imagine the amazing naval engineering of this massive lady

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You can see the SR 71, the blackbird

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there’s the blackbird again

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One day, lady, you and I have a date

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Watching the traffic

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And this is the business end of the ship which drives the beautiful girl :)

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