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Feb 2013: Visiting a temple of books

Finally I reached the Library. Its a beautiful building, classical in nature, with loads of Corinthian Columns and noble statuary.

 photo 005-IMG_1695_zpsfe32059c.jpg

I always smile when I see this. Its like the pipe came up, and then saw the world and decided, this is not for me so went back down.

 photo 006-IMG_1698_zps9c73e594.jpg

well, then separate them..

 photo 007-IMG_1700_zpsdc942747.jpg

Recycling sanitation? :)

 photo 008-IMG_1704_zpsaf1657f1.jpg

And here’s the old building

 photo 009-IMG_1706_zps060f00e7.jpg 

Looks impressive

 photo 010-IMG_1709_zps5f5d6172.jpg

The pediments are classical Greece, when this building was constructed way back, the funders and sponsors were all people who were trained in the classical arts, they knew their Homer and Plutarch, they had read about Menelaus and were familiar with what Pericles did in Athens. Thucydides was their bedside reading. Which is why they are called as classical…they live on..unlike the boxy shite we are surrounded with.

 photo 011-IMG_1713_zpsa3462398.jpg


 photo 012-IMG_1715_zpsfab3dc2f.jpg 

Flagpoles on each corner

  photo 014-IMG_1722_zpscc79535f.jpg photo 013-IMG_1719_zps471015d8.jpg

lovely base of the flagpole

 photo 015-IMG_1724_zpsc0d770c2.jpg

The imperial eagle

 photo 016-IMG_1727_zps5ce0c35c.jpg

on top of the column

 photo 017-IMG_1731_zpsd72dd921.jpg

And the regal lion…mind you, never found in the USA but that’s fine

 photo 018-IMG_1734_zpsf727d4b4.jpg 

A lovely nymph..

 photo 019-IMG_1737_zpsec3f0c2f.jpg

And the imposing entrance

 photo 020-IMG_1740_zpse0e61d12.jpg photo 022-IMG_1746_zpsc28a2ee8.jpg photo 021-IMG_1743_zps2e83170b.jpg  photo 023-IMG_1749_zps630bc4d5.jpg

Just below the awesome pediment is a lintel with the names of the great philanthropists who gifted this amazing building and contents to the city of NY

 photo 025-IMG_1755_zpse227afd0.jpg

Striations on the noble head

 photo 026-IMG_1758_zps1a2229b5.jpg 

And the obligatory vase. Why the hell did the ancients like their vases so much?

 photo 027-IMG_1761_zps42e597b7.jpg  photo 028-IMG_1763_zps26540f2b.jpg

Walking up the steps

 photo 029-IMG_1766_zps1a771cf5.jpg 

Look left

 photo 030-IMG_1771_zps8fd2a14e.jpg 

And right and then you enter into this amazing atrium.

 photo 031-IMG_1773_zps09e6ab27.jpg  photo 032-IMG_1776_zps99183e86.jpg photo 033-IMG_1779_zps24810abf.jpg photo 034-IMG_1782_zps51ef42ad.jpg photo 035-IMG_1785_zps7117796d.jpg photo 036-IMG_1788_zps87fa6173.jpg  photo 037-IMG_1791_zps143dcb73.jpg photo 039-IMG_1797_zpsfd8021d4.jpg photo 038-IMG_1794_zpsee7b16b0.jpg

the names of the benefactors are engraved on the walls. Amazing.

 photo 040-IMG_1800_zps074cbad7.jpg  photo 041-IMG_1803_zps8d2c43ef.jpg photo 042-IMG_1806_zps806f5f6d.jpg photo 043-IMG_1809_zps486237d1.jpg photo 045-IMG_1815_zps83017f37.jpg photo 046-IMG_1818_zps97233875.jpg photo 047-IMG_1821_zps9e6d5b11.jpg

I come up to the first floor gallery

  photo 044-IMG_1812_zps0570f23e.jpg

Yes Sir

  photo 048-IMG_1824_zpsd144e0b4.jpg photo 049-IMG_1827_zps0d581567.jpg

through the looking glass.

 photo 050-IMG_1830_zpsbf845ed8.jpg 

I will come back here, and that’s a promise

 photo 051-IMG_1833_zpsbd918ea9.jpg  photo 052-IMG_1836_zps706defef.jpg photo 053-IMG_1839_zps530f5165.jpg

google’s antecedents

  photo 054-IMG_1842_zps72f1db18.jpg 

Locked out? I know the feeling mate

 photo 055-IMG_1845_zps294be9fd.jpg  photo 056-IMG_1848_zps43c1c324.jpg

lovely office



 photo 057-IMG_1851_zpsfa1d709a.jpg 

a drinking fountain

 photo 059-IMG_1856_zps90eb14c5.jpg 

Frolicsome Girl..

 photo 060-IMG_1860_zpsa3d4e9f9.jpg

Amazing sculptures.

 photo 061-IMG_1863_zps981e162a.jpg 

Heading down

 photo 062-IMG_1866_zps23fa79d6.jpg 

with lovely lamps

 photo 063-IMG_1869_zpsa918ef3e.jpg  photo 064-IMG_1872_zps246957ac.jpg photo 066-IMG_1878_zps5acb541f.jpg photo 068-IMG_1884_zps20f7df67.jpg photo 067-IMG_1881_zpsa4be7b9a.jpg photo 070-IMG_1890_zpsc861655e.jpg photo 069-IMG_1887_zps47c9a0d6.jpg photo 065-IMG_1875_zps12ccf9e6.jpg

A lovely vestibule

  photo 071-IMG_1892_zps384df319.jpg

I go inside the reading room

 photo 072-IMG_1897_zps47520464.jpg

profound words…

 photo 003-IMG_7742_zps934e9769.jpg  photo 075-IMG_1903_zps1f0befb0.jpg

And here’s a treasure of mankind, the Gutenberg Bible..The first printed book in the west.

 photo 076-IMG_1906_zps7f6e7dc8.jpg photo 077-IMG_1909_zpsb0334d8a.jpg

Doesn't this remind you of a temple? the same hushed atmosphere, the devotion of dedicated staff and the prayers / studies of students.

 photo 078-IMG_1912_zpsc18e6826.jpg

Asking… the font of knowledge

 photo 079-IMG_1915_zps84db9b6a.jpg  photo 080-IMG_1918_zps99ed1a1f.jpg photo 081-IMG_1923_zps296ea7cd.jpg photo 084-IMG_1933_zps1af20f8d.jpg photo 083-IMG_1930_zps224a22bd.jpg photo 082-IMG_1927_zps0c2f2401.jpg

Exquisite roof and structures…

 photo 090-IMG_1951_zps8066399f.jpg

 photo 091-IMG_1954_zps6ad51210.jpg

Looking down at the atrium

 photo 092-IMG_1957_zpscda79173.jpg  photo 093-IMG_1960_zps66b4aef5.jpg

Looking at some of the displays

  photo 094-IMG_1963_zps23709431.jpg photo 095-IMG_1966_zpsee6fd777.jpg  photo 096-IMG_1969_zpsb7109e70.jpg photo 097-IMG_1972_zpsb148fde6.jpg photo 098-IMG_1975_zpsd5a9257d.jpg

I come back to the atrium regretfully….i wish I couldve spent more time here…

 photo 100-IMG_1984_zpsf1cec91c.jpg 

And there’s my office, can you believe it? what a fascinating location, just a few steps away from the library :) photo 103-IMG_1996_zps03854ea9.jpg  photo 104-IMG_1998_zps7a925584.jpg

Lovely trees they have here…

 photo 105-IMG_2002_zps649b3b93.jpg 

Just how do they expect people to remember and read all this?

 photo 108-IMG_2011_zps5d6430c9.jpg  photo 112-IMG_2026_zpsfa1e3a65.jpg  photo 114-IMG_2032_zps87245059.jpg 

Just amazing…I keep on thinking of “Jerusalem on the hill”

 photo 109-IMG_2014_zps7d848b6b.jpg

Hmmm, I wonder…

 photo 110-IMG_2016_zps6b2a22e7.jpg

Beautiful building…

 photo 111-IMG_2023_zps5319c468.jpg

heh, now there’s a shop for me

 photo 113-IMG_2029_zps6a71feaa.jpg  photo 123-IMG_2059_zps449215b2.jpg


 photo 115-IMG_2038_zpsddb9c8e9.jpg photo 116-IMG_2041_zpsf57d2174.jpg  photo 117-IMG_2044_zps14cb2da3.jpg

 photo 121-IMG_2055_zps20081aa2.jpg  photo 120-IMG_2053_zps82ad2ff4.jpg

Walking back next to the library

  photo 118-IMG_2047_zpsbae1e2c2.jpg 

 photo 125-IMG_2065_zpsbaa96e2d.jpg

I reach the bank building again

 photo 124-IMG_2062_zps1a21219c.jpg

And then I turn back into the hotel…phew, end of another lovely trip to NY, I love this city :)

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