Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feb 2013: Masks and Dragons

So it was Chinese New Year in 2013 and I fortunately remembered to bring my little camera in with me to work

 photo 44-IMG_7643_zpsda2ae011.jpg  photo 45-IMG_7644_zps85fbdd0d.jpg photo 46-IMG_7646_zps098c63df.jpg photo 47-IMG_7649_zps4e76e5ee.jpg photo 02-IMG_5672_zpsd89f9800.jpg photo 03-IMG_5673_zps82ba22ca.jpg photo 01-IMG_5670_zpsf22125a2.jpg photo 05-IMG_5676_zps9301a57c.jpg photo 06-IMG_5677_zps96a4fe73.jpg photo 07-IMG_5678_zpsbbba8737.jpg photo 08-IMG_5679_zps409e1733.jpg photo 10-IMG_5681_zps62623d23.jpg photo 11-IMG_5682_zpse7fe9d1f.jpg photo 09-IMG_5680_zps4bb2f870.jpg

Coincidentally, it was a low cloud day in London and I got the chance to take some very fascinating pictures of London :)

 photo 48-IMG_7651_zpsfc8acd72.jpg  photo 49-IMG_7654_zps71135dd7.jpg

The Mezz was full of these lovely wonderful colourful displays..

 photo 15-IMG_5687_zps6f8d8a24.jpg

  photo 50-IMG_7655_zpse91cfaa0.jpg  photo 14-IMG_5685_zps5c5d036e.jpg photo 16-IMG_5688_zps461ec689.jpg photo 12-IMG_5683_zps06adfa2f.jpg

 photo 17-IMG_5690_zps562e5a9f.jpg photo 18-IMG_5691_zpsa4d6bc3b.jpg  photo 19-IMG_5692_zps3a9c3e9a.jpg photo 22-IMG_5697_zpsed336a9b.jpg photo 23-IMG_5698_zpsaa00393d.jpg photo 21-IMG_5695_zps2a320092.jpg photo 24-IMG_5701_zps5766de72.jpg photo 26-IMG_5704_zps974958ed.jpg

 photo 28-IMG_5708_zps436bdcd3.jpg photo 29-IMG_5712_zps0b9748ee.jpg

Then a fan dance



 photo 30-IMG_5714_zps8adf3835.jpg 

And then the boss had to welcome the new year in

 photo 32-IMG_5716_zpsa55aa22f.jpg

the dragon..

 photo 35-IMG_5719_zpse99427a6.jpg

you had to paint the nose or somewhere..

 photo 41-IMG_5734_zps097c9284.jpg photo 42-IMG_5737_zpsa4d5420d.jpg photo 43-IMG_5739_zpsf3ee4005.jpg

And then this amazing mask dance…

I have no idea how they do it, absolutely amazing. Well, I do know, but still its extraordinary…

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