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April 2013: Visiting Scotland

So I had a bushel load of points so decided to cash them in and pop up to Scotland.

 photo 001-IMG_0017_zps71c9e1e4.jpg  photo 005-IMG_0029_zps083e4df3.jpg photo 002-IMG_0020_zps1d46ca7e.jpg

So I stop at the obligatory border crossing, to see the flags flying, lovely fields and then a little house on the prairie :P

 photo 012-IMG_0049_zps9ee8cef5.jpg

That’s good to know.

 photo 006-IMG_0032_zpsedb27de9.jpg 

View from the apartment. We head out for a walk

 photo 007-IMG_0034_zps51a708ca.jpg 

quite a curious little plaque on the wall

 photo 014-IMG_0059_zps9f376ae3.jpg 

A lovely row of steps

 photo 016-IMG_0065_zpsdaac2fcc.jpg

And there’s the castle

 photo 017-IMG_0068_zpsf7368e52.jpg 

And spires

 photo 018-IMG_0071_zps0a882549.jpg

And chimneys

 photo 021-IMG_0080_zps110ccfbe.jpg 

Lol, nice name

 photo 022-IMG_0082_zpsabecf3b3.jpg

traditional Edinburgh..

 photo 023-IMG_0086_zps348c666e.jpg 

We move up a side road which is curving and looks quite interesting.

 photo 024-IMG_0089_zpsdb26ec95.jpg  photo 025-IMG_0092_zps0ba27319.jpg

a boarded up door with a table and chairs in front. How wonderful, how many people have ducked their heads and passed through these portals before it was boarded up?

  photo 026-IMG_0095_zps579e510d.jpg  photo 027-IMG_0098_zpsf934104d.jpg

A lovely lovely pair of railings, ironmongery and a lovely door with beautiful hinges

 photo 029-IMG_0104_zps95150370.jpg 

I've found the answer…

 photo 030-IMG_0107_zps648e8006.jpg 

Hmmm, i wouldn't mind having a tour

 photo 031-IMG_0109_zpse5a8c844.jpg

the pig is looking very happy with a knife stuck in its head..

 photo 035-IMG_0122_zpsaec69707.jpg

We go up a flight

 photo 037-IMG_0127_zps24596495.jpg 

Nice little terrace, but the stone and tall buildings does make for a sombre mood

 photo 039-IMG_0133_zps818f4669.jpg

We are up at the upper bow

 photo 041-IMG_0141_zpsd844a116.jpg  photo 044-IMG_0148_zps24e98d82.jpg   photo 058-IMG_0800_zpsd438653f.jpg  photo 045-IMG_0151_zps619e662b.jpg

this is no longer a church, I am afraid

 photo 042-IMG_0143_zpsc8be9eec.jpg photo 043-IMG_0146_zps0ad27b3b.jpg 

this is a lovely lovely door, beautiful..

 photo 047-IMG_0159_zps5e7669f2.jpg

Another view of the castle

 photo 048-IMG_0164_zpsabbb3ed7.jpg

So Patrick Geddes stepped down here? Fascinating fellow. An interesting connection to India..

 photo 052-IMG_8151_zps67664467.jpg 

Very Fetching, don't you think?

 photo 053-IMG_8152_zps1f360ff6.jpg 

Oh yes please but the kids started such a cacophony that I dropped the idea, sighs, bunch of philistines I am having in my house.

 photo 061-IMG_0809_zps2d141a98.jpg  photo 063-IMG_0815_zps2464da0a.jpg photo 062-IMG_0812_zpsb6c11e31.jpg

The Royal Mile is full of these little courts which open up into courtyards with tall houses. I tell you, touch the stones and hear them speak

 photo 064-IMG_0818_zps343884c6.jpg

Coming to the end of the Royal Mile

 photo 065-IMG_0821_zps4ad82fa1.jpg 

Looking down Lawnmarket

 photo 068-IMG_8155_zps0a7973a1.jpg 

And one of my hero’s….Adam Smith, what a man.

 photo 070-IMG_0836_zpsfbd1a321.jpg  photo 206-IMG_1241_zps6b45d840.jpg

a cute set of stairs…lovely lovely, and it has been repaired so many times, i counted 3 sets of repairs, so if stone steps got worn away!!! man o man..


 photo 071-IMG_0839_zps456a1dcf.jpg 

that’s nice

 photo 080-IMG_0866_zps80c7e3c3.jpg  photo 087-IMG_0887_zps013ec070.jpg  photo 084-IMG_0878_zpse40625b9.jpg photo 086-IMG_0884_zpsd833faa5.jpg photo 088-IMG_0890_zps6ea7b76c.jpg photo 089-IMG_0893_zps032bc348.jpg photo 072-IMG_0842_zps01a3047d.jpg photo 090-IMG_0896_zpsc9c75069.jpg photo 091-IMG_0898_zpsceee9f7c.jpg photo 092-IMG_0902_zpsa6070ece.jpg

And a writers museum, oh joy….unfortunately closed at the moment.

 photo 079-IMG_0863_zpsbad50b70.jpg

old Robbie Burns is all over town…

 photo 081-IMG_0869_zps21484856.jpg  photo 082-IMG_0872_zpse3860b92.jpg photo 083-IMG_0875_zps5826ffe5.jpg photo 085-IMG_0881_zpsd461f622.jpg

quotes on the floor… photo 093-IMG_0905_zps28728c07.jpg


 photo 094-IMG_0908_zps8a2ac216.jpg 

What an extraordinary door.

 photo 096-IMG_0914_zps1329f237.jpg photo 097-IMG_0917_zps7f14e8cf.jpg  photo 098-IMG_0919_zps91aaab51.jpg photo 099-IMG_0920_zps2e4b5a2b.jpg

The architecture is brilliant, just imposing..Greco roman style and a mis match hodge podge style which really works. 

 photo 101-IMG_0926_zpse7f050d4.jpg

this would've been so imposing back in its day, heck, its imposing right now!

  photo 104-IMG_0935_zpse62bcf44.jpg

And here’s another great man. Enlightenment in the UK emerged from Scotland, something that the rest of the UK will miss terribly if Scotland goes its own way

  photo 106-IMG_0941_zps5054f7a6.jpg  photo 107-IMG_0944_zpsce79a84d.jpg

An ancient wellhead…fascinating story…

 photo 108-IMG_0947_zps7d1f0a64.jpg

the cathedral

 photo 110-IMG_0953_zpsbdde2acb.jpg  photo 111-IMG_0956_zps9fc1aded.jpg photo 112-IMG_0959_zps43947a16.jpg


 photo 113-IMG_0961_zpsec39efda.jpg  photo 114-IMG_0965_zps4a74b1e2.jpg photo 115-IMG_0968_zps57921d4b.jpg  photo 116-IMG_0971_zpsaa19ced8.jpg photo 117-IMG_0974_zpsc6e9284d.jpg  photo 118-IMG_0978_zps4d489a70.jpg photo 119-IMG_0980_zps11f1d882.jpg  photo 120-IMG_0983_zps61364ee1.jpg  photo 123-IMG_0992_zps0903eb67.jpg photo 121-IMG_0986_zpsc3638495.jpg photo 124-IMG_0995_zpsea08a451.jpg

One of the most amazing bronze statues I have seen, the workmanship is exquisite, seriously brilliant


 photo 188-IMG_1187_zps1152e5d5.jpg 

 photo 189-IMG_1190_zps39a8a481.jpg  photo 190-IMG_1193_zps2cdb3dae.jpg photo 191-IMG_1196_zpsf7d984dd.jpg photo 192-IMG_1199_zps385ab4b9.jpg photo 193-IMG_1202_zpsbe864be3.jpg photo 194-IMG_1205_zpsb523fe8f.jpg photo 125-IMG_0998_zps5f7b0d9c.jpg  photo 127-IMG_1004_zps66d1b046.jpg photo 129-IMG_1010_zpsdb212660.jpg photo 130-IMG_1013_zpsc7f13a40.jpg photo 132-IMG_1019_zpscbcdeba3.jpg photo 126-IMG_1001_zpsef339115.jpg

The cathedral is beautiful

  photo 134-IMG_1025_zps8385cc36.jpg photo 135-IMG_1028_zps66b6eb57.jpg photo 136-IMG_1031_zps95936abb.jpg photo 137-IMG_1034_zps90dda45d.jpg photo 138-IMG_1037_zpsd4bb0fed.jpg photo 139-IMG_1039_zpsd0ff3852.jpg

I find these empty plinths very interesting…fascinating…what did the architect dream about? what did the builder want? how about the archbishop? why is this little set of 2 niches empty? 

 photo 141-IMG_1046_zps7438432f.jpg  photo 140-IMG_1043_zps0b63bbf8.jpg

 photo 142-IMG_1048_zpsaa5eacb6.jpg  photo 143-IMG_1052_zpsdd5268fd.jpg

beautiful cathedral…but that’s for another day

 photo 145-IMG_1059_zpsb5249693.jpg 

 photo 146-IMG_1061_zpsc97b199a.jpg

a lovely fountain…defunct of course but should have been an imposing sight when it was active..

 photo 149-IMG_1070_zps56a21668.jpg

the history around this area is extraordinary

 photo 144-IMG_1055_zps3f2c659c.jpg

 photo 150-IMG_1073_zps2aa530d1.jpg


 photo 152-IMG_1079_zps7326947d.jpg

 photo 153-IMG_1082_zpsfacb04b0.jpg 

 photo 154-IMG_1085_zps0ed4d7d9.jpg

 photo 155-IMG_1088_zps1c1f76c9.jpg

a lovely old court here

 photo 156-IMG_1091_zps3f901bea.jpg  photo 157-IMG_1093_zps7e90efae.jpg

Here’s the old man again, Adam Smith…

 photo 159-IMG_1100_zps94e7b4fb.jpg

A warbler…pretty dreadful singing but I was in a happy mood..

 photo 160-IMG_1103_zps6cdf279a.jpg

Having a drink, bloody pestilential creatures

 photo 170-IMG_1133_zps923df7f4.jpg  photo 171-IMG_1136_zps54fb85f9.jpg

An anachronism in these days…

 photo 172-IMG_1139_zpsef511115.jpg  photo 173-IMG_1142_zps6a55067e.jpg

Another wellhead

 photo 175-IMG_1148_zpsd1857b67.jpg

its getting a bit cold and nippy.

 photo 176-IMG_1151_zps5553db3a.jpg

ah! fishy!

 photo 181-IMG_1166_zps33f3297a.jpg 

never heard of this chap…James Braidwood. So he is the chap who created the modern fire service. Brave good man. Seriously Brave, go read up on him.

 photo 182-IMG_1169_zps0f7e6e0a.jpg photo 183-IMG_1172_zpsaa6f0c77.jpg  photo 184-IMG_1174_zps220de993.jpg

Now here are the traditional sphinx’s unlike that silly one in Gaza. female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle's wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail. Nice tata’s

 photo 185-IMG_1178_zpsdfae803e.jpg 

Now this is what I don't understand, why does a drainage pipe need anti theft signage?

 photo 186-IMG_1181_zpsb0a22430.jpg  photo 187-IMG_1183_zps084dd74e.jpg

Beautiful Lead windows… 

 photo 201-IMG_1226_zpsdf4afc54.jpg

 photo 202-IMG_1229_zps5f5aec97.jpg


 photo 205-IMG_1238_zpscb1f6daa.jpg

British and Scottish call booths?


 photo 251-IMG_1376_zps18c11bd5.jpg 

 photo 252-IMG_1379_zps49f860cb.jpg  photo 253-IMG_1382_zps7753d5c1.jpg photo 254-IMG_1385_zps244f8983.jpg photo 255-IMG_1388_zpsf1c9d02d.jpg photo 256-IMG_1391_zps1867ea87.jpg photo 257-IMG_1394_zps2efaeea3.jpg photo 258-IMG_1397_zps0cc21878.jpg photo 259-IMG_1400_zps993df7c6.jpg photo 260-IMG_1403_zps75f63a27.jpg photo 261-IMG_1406_zpsc58a9d79.jpg photo 262-IMG_1409_zpsa897076f.jpg photo 207-IMG_1244_zps5b116935.jpg

 photo 208-IMG_1247_zpsb09f6760.jpg  photo 244-IMG_1355_zps774bc740.jpg  photo 245-IMG_1358_zps0b9a4316.jpg

Oh! very nice :) 1699, wow, amazing…although the building is a monstrosity.

 photo 209-IMG_1250_zps961f885b.jpg

 photo 210-IMG_1253_zps96b65571.jpg

The Scottish Flag…

 photo 215-IMG_1268_zps92da284c.jpg

going around in circles are we?

 photo 217-IMG_1273_zps58b819c4.jpg 

yes it is

 photo 225-IMG_1295_zps383d282e.jpg


 photo 228-IMG_1304_zps8ae0874b.jpg

Wotcha doing?

 photo 233-IMG_1319_zpsdffc7d2c.jpg

Long day, heading down…

 photo 234-IMG_1325_zpsf653a328.jpg

Nice graffiti

 photo 240-IMG_1342_zps947302d1.jpg  photo 242-IMG_1347_zpsab2eabc9.jpg

Imprisoned books

 photo 246-IMG_1361_zps9035eb46.jpg  photo 247-IMG_1364_zps609e78cb.jpg

The India Office Buildings..

 photo 263-IMG_1412_zps114c0a6b.jpg  photo 264-IMG_1415_zpsd942feef.jpg

Peering down from one of the bridges

  photo 267-IMG_1424_zps97b057be.jpg photo 268-IMG_1427_zps96e48b39.jpg

nice trinkets on top…

 photo 269-IMG_1429_zps1492765f.jpg 

heh, i am always amused by this…they will sooner or later run out of somebody else’s money to pay for their stupid grandiose schemes…morons.

 photo 276-IMG_1453_zps1b0a5307.jpg 

Frankenstein Bar? Why name it after a doctor?

 photo 277-IMG_1457_zps98631a76.jpg 

I stood there looking at this little window, this would've taken days and weeks to make..and its ended up looking so beautiful.

 photo 282-IMG_1475_zpseb91c35c.jpg  photo 283-IMG_1478_zps2db004c8.jpg photo 285-IMG_1484_zps0bf88e32.jpg photo 284-IMG_1481_zps48d308ef.jpg photo 286-IMG_1487_zps63a01a16.jpg photo 287-IMG_1489_zps93cd15e5.jpg

What a heart-warming tale….of Greyfriars Bobby.

 photo 288-IMG_1492_zpsf7f88b54.jpg 

 photo 292-IMG_1504_zpsc8d3742e.jpg

A long defunct store…

 photo 289-IMG_1496_zps009916e6.jpg

 photo 290-IMG_1499_zpse96b2e2a.jpg 


 photo 291-IMG_1502_zpsa4bad9ac.jpg 

 photo 294-IMG_1511_zps1b67204e.jpg

there’s the old bridge which I saw and took photos of. 

 photo 295-IMG_1514_zps77d4ade7.jpg 

heh, nice one.

 photo 300-IMG_1528_zps31204c08.jpg

sad….but I see faces..

 photo 301-IMG_1531_zps55177546.jpg

 photo 302-IMG_1535_zps03b2685a.jpg 

A library?

 photo 308-IMG_1553_zps8b5f3fa0.jpg

this mannequin has seen better days…

 photo 312-IMG_1564_zps738b1d77.jpg

the castle at late night

 photo 315-IMG_1574_zpsc5ee0be3.jpg 

hmmm, 100 years back…

 photo 320-IMG_1588_zps73d1243d.jpg 

hmmmm, then?

 photo 321-IMG_1592_zpsaf9eb784.jpg 


 photo 324-IMG_1601_zps6da1642d.jpg

this was just around our flat…a tittybar..nice

 photo 326-IMG_1607_zps4c2be08f.jpg

we reach our road…tired..the kids were flagging…home James and don't spare the horses…

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