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April 2013: Rites of Passage – teaching about single malts

I think a man has to teach his progeny about many things. Here’s one list.  And here’s another. But they all forget one of the most important things, how to recognise and drink single malt scotch.

 photo 002-IMG_0173_zps71916b16.jpg

so it was with pleasure that I noticed this…one of the reasons for coming to Scotland was to make sure that the eldest cost centre understands and appreciates it.

 photo 003-IMG_0177_zpsa0a1177d.jpg

and so this place is hosted in a school!

 photo 004-IMG_0179_zps31649ec4.jpg

just at the beginning of the Royal Mile.

    photo 007-IMG_0188_zps36277637.jpg

ice photographs..

 photo 008-IMG_0191_zps5ec64df0.jpg

there is a ride! a RIDE!

 photo 009-IMG_0194_zps4fcd31fb.jpg 

we clamber on. 

 photo 011-IMG_0199_zps518fdab7.jpg 

cant take photos properly…but there’s this moustachioed ghost..and the water..

 photo 012-IMG_0203_zpsd4f84035.jpg 

and then the distillation

 photo 014-IMG_0209_zpsfe27b79b.jpg

and then the bubbles

 photo 016-IMG_0215_zps5e822d59.jpg

and then the casks

 photo 017-IMG_0218_zpsae49f3d4.jpg  photo 019-IMG_0224_zps9d2c5e91.jpg photo 020-IMG_0230_zps9d95dbe5.jpg photo 021-IMG_0233_zps2e1dc4fa.jpg photo 018-IMG_0221_zps55082030.jpg

all kinds of info about casks…

 photo 022-IMG_0236_zps0222c049.jpg 

stuff you need to make proper casks

 photo 023-IMG_0239_zps6f6a7019.jpg

nice one. 

 photo 026-IMG_0248_zps5d4b58e6.jpg 

that’s a large amount of scotch

 photo 027-IMG_0254_zps60a67f0d.jpg

and then a summary…

 photo 028-IMG_0257_zpsef49fe14.jpg 

we settle down for a wee dram

 photo 029-IMG_0259_zpsc23c07f7.jpg

with the proper equipment.

 photo 032-IMG_0269_zps05f98533.jpg

and this sniffing piece, you remove each quarter and sniff the aroma of the types of scotch.  

 photo 035-IMG_0278_zps01cf49d5.jpg  photo 036-IMG_0281_zpseef07a17.jpg

while you get lectured…and then you move into the holy of holies…a place where there are thousands of bottles.

 photo 043-IMG_0308_zpsd2548576.jpg 

  photo 042-IMG_0305_zps4ae691f0.jpg photo 041-IMG_0302_zpsf2a530db.jpg photo 044-IMG_0311_zpscd881fc4.jpg photo 045-IMG_0314_zps7b5346f8.jpg photo 046-IMG_0317_zps77150eee.jpg photo 048-IMG_0323_zps02e074db.jpg

Kannu testing out his wee dram…look at the concentration!.

 photo 047-IMG_0320_zps5d7e1e7b.jpg

testing it out a bit more. 

 photo 049-IMG_0326_zpsbbcbb661.jpg


 photo 050-IMG_0329_zps41cea422.jpg photo 051-IMG_0332_zps24137881.jpg  photo 052-IMG_0335_zps7abaf306.jpg photo 053-IMG_0338_zps800fb3d9.jpg photo 054-IMG_0341_zpse50f5bb9.jpg photo 055-IMG_0344_zpsd776d2ef.jpg photo 056-IMG_0347_zps3a9b6510.jpg photo 057-IMG_0350_zps0ea7ceb7.jpg photo 059-IMG_0356_zpsff95537a.jpg photo 060-IMG_0359_zps185fb8ef.jpg photo 061-IMG_0362_zpsad7d109b.jpg photo 062-IMG_0365_zpsb3e66df5.jpg photo 063-IMG_0368_zpsc966ec20.jpg photo 058-IMG_0353_zpsdf0b52a4.jpg photo 065-IMG_0374_zpsc4244ca5.jpg

 photo 064-IMG_0371_zps2501c5b3.jpg  photo 066-IMG_0377_zps117d1925.jpg photo 068-IMG_0383_zpse990b75e.jpg photo 067-IMG_0380_zpse6b86c77.jpg photo 069-IMG_0386_zps62b28e4f.jpg photo 070-IMG_0401_zpsfdf1f6bb.jpg

and then we pop out where there’s another bar…with more sodding bottles, sighs.   photo 072-IMG_0410_zps6454c76a.jpg photo 071-IMG_0407_zpsc7a593fd.jpg

More history in the making.


 photo 073-IMG_0413_zpsc8c5c963.jpg  photo 074-IMG_0416_zpsa81be9a2.jpg photo 075-IMG_0419_zpsd8f2bd3c.jpg photo 076-IMG_0422_zps24d1af55.jpg photo 077-IMG_0425_zpscca8fd53.jpg photo 079-IMG_0431_zps8e625121.jpg photo 080-IMG_0434_zps7f685f12.jpg photo 081-IMG_0437_zps93e5404a.jpg photo 082-IMG_0440_zpse5f8abda.jpg photo 085-IMG_0449_zpsfebb2f90.jpg photo 084-IMG_0446_zps9edd57d0.jpg photo 086-IMG_0452_zpsab0cd3b6.jpg photo 087-IMG_0455_zps3489cc28.jpg  photo 083-IMG_0443_zps6cf04b06.jpg photo 078-IMG_0427_zpsdf6316f1.jpg photo 088-IMG_0457_zps74207af0.jpg photo 089-IMG_0462_zps123c1bfd.jpg photo 090-IMG_0464_zps8bc07f97.jpg photo 091-IMG_0466_zpsf75d70bc.jpg  photo 092-IMG_0470_zps0ce6cac7.jpg photo 093-IMG_0473_zpsf3488932.jpg photo 094-IMG_0476_zps3726ae80.jpg photo 095-IMG_0479_zps6787d893.jpg photo 096-IMG_0482_zpsbd133e69.jpg photo 098-IMG_0488_zpsac8d4e41.jpg photo 097-IMG_0485_zps6c185352.jpg photo 099-IMG_0493_zpsdcda654a.jpg photo 100-IMG_0497_zpsd7907856.jpg photo 101-IMG_0500_zps55ba3adf.jpg

I don't think you are bored yet, are you?

 photo 102-IMG_0503_zps152a1e94.jpg photo 103-IMG_0506_zps947eb498.jpg  photo 104-IMG_0509_zps0e43932d.jpg

Peeking out of the window

 photo 105-IMG_0511_zpsc3b286e9.jpg photo 107-IMG_0517_zps8409e547.jpg photo 106-IMG_0515_zps87d0194a.jpg

Gosh, there’s poetry for you.

 photo 108-IMG_0521_zps56aebdc6.jpg  photo 109-IMG_0524_zpseb3bd597.jpg photo 110-IMG_0527_zpsee0c3ab5.jpg

  photo 113-IMG_0536_zpsa776f02e.jpg

Here is the full display case, amazing, eh?

  photo 111-IMG_0530_zps8a4e2cf3.jpg

And just in case you didn't like that, there is a full bar on the other side…

 photo 114-IMG_0539_zps4551c4b4.jpg  photo 115-IMG_0542_zps6f6220f3.jpg photo 116-IMG_0545_zps27c37432.jpg photo 117-IMG_0548_zps5f8688b8.jpg

 photo 118-IMG_0551_zpse5f625bd.jpg

one can, of course, purchase some more in the gift shop if one so desires…I just took the photographs and will wait till I finish off my home stock..






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