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Dec 2012: Wandering around in Downtown KL in the pouring monsoon

 photo 003-IMG_5223_zps1077a9de.jpg  photo 004-IMG_5227_zpsc85b7f67.jpg

So I checked into the hotel and immediately grabbed my camera and headed out. All prepared for a lovely time, except for one thing.

 photo 005-IMG_5230_zpse124e76d.jpg

An umbrella

 photo 006-IMG_5233_zps2bacbbbf.jpg  photo 007-IMG_5236_zpsb7588f83.jpg

It was chucking down.

 photo 008-IMG_5242_zps802333d9.jpg

But I was having fun :) just revelling in it. If I didnt have my camera with me, i would have run out and gotten wet

 photo 009-IMG_5245_zps1f3eb045.jpg

you said it bro

 photo 011-IMG_5250_zps6effe31c.jpg

Ah! durian. I love those.

 photo 013-IMG_5257_zpsd6c0ccb3.jpg

Downtown KL is an amazing place

 photo 014-IMG_5259_zpsbaaea183.jpg  photo 016-IMG_5266_zpsd8896359.jpg  photo 017-IMG_5269_zps76dbc515.jpg  photo 018-IMG_5272_zpsf5470c47.jpg photo 020-IMG_5277_zps41c07e2e.jpg photo 019-IMG_5275_zps31711f8a.jpg

this is backpackers district. you get brilliant stuff, cheap and cheerful

  photo 021-IMG_5281_zps44d25183.jpg 

And as you can see, people take things easy here. Now you see why I love this place?

 photo 022-IMG_5284_zps0fed806a.jpg

A colonial era building. In chinese characters…Men’s Benevolent Dramatic Association.

 photo 023-IMG_5287_zps632db6ea.jpg 

lol, see? backbackers paradise

 photo 024-IMG_5290_zpscd347079.jpg 

hair back? lol. not hairy back, eh?

 photo 025-IMG_5293_zps515efbb7.jpg

our man has turned over to the side

 photo 027-IMG_5302_zpsfad2b0cb.jpg

I couldnt take it any more

 photo 028-IMG_5305_zps13c6f58a.jpg

I bought one of these packs and dug into it right in the street. Oh! man, what a great feeling, I love it. Beautiful. Just utterly beautiful. This is the main reason why I love KL.

 photo 032-IMG_5317_zpseb63065f.jpg

I start pottering towards the temple area

 photo 033-IMG_5320_zpsee602507.jpg

Old buildings..

 photo 034-IMG_5324_zps5a9d2cfe.jpg 

A street shrine

 photo 039-IMG_5346_zps75b7012b.jpg

So I reach the Sze Ya Temple

 photo 037-IMG_5332_zps0c000bfe.jpg

It has some great ceramic statues on top, unfortunately closed, so I was only able to look at it from outside.

 photo 040-IMG_5350_zps08215b8d.jpg

And then it started to really chuck it down

 photo 042-IMG_5356_zpsa1b93da4.jpg

I withdrew to find a bit of shelter. I mean, do you need anything else? 

 photo 043-IMG_5358_zpsc7216db4.jpg

Very peaceful

 photo 044-IMG_5364_zps61a63bba.jpg

Nice bikes

 photo 045-IMG_5368_zps1768fec6.jpg

Still chucking it down…

 photo 047-IMG_5374_zps91dcbfa0.jpg 

Hmmm, massage girls, eh? I think i will skip

 photo 048-IMG_5377_zps2d83b77a.jpg  photo 049-IMG_5380_zpse334c51a.jpg

the pots were full…

 photo 050-IMG_5386_zpsee0560ac.jpg 

Beautiful architecture.

 photo 052-IMG_5391_zps7c5d1798.jpg

I am back in front of the temple when the rain ceases. 

 photo 053-IMG_5395_zpsf598c3d4.jpg

Two dragons, with a fish blowing water and a pearl? or jade bead? what is it?

 photo 054-IMG_5398_zps244e5f85.jpg

The dragon looks a bit limp

 photo 056-IMG_5405_zps4732df22.jpg

the upper panel has some beautiful motifs

 photo 057-IMG_5406_zpsd47fa291.jpg

Lovely lovely flowers..

 photo 058-IMG_5409_zps7d2eb73e.jpg

And I reach the Sri Mahamariamman Temple. After taking off my shoes, I enter the temple

 photo 061-IMG_5419_zpsc5d3726f.jpg

Its apparently in the shape of a human body, so I am entering below the gopuram which has the representation of the feet and I am seeing towards the head where the main deity is placed.

 photo 062-IMG_5422_zps42c10c1a.jpg

I move to the left and there is an extraordinary mural

 photo 063-IMG_5425_zps06ad2963.jpg

With a row of unique apsaras. in Bronze.

 photo 064-IMG_5428_zps850e748f.jpg

See? each of them are uniquely cast. WOW! photo 067-IMG_5437_zpsa2d2ef6e.jpg

What? about 50 of them? holy moly. Can you imagine the work? 

 photo 070-IMG_5447_zps9e1b9db7.jpg  photo 071-IMG_5448_zps83a28e44.jpg photo 072-IMG_5452_zps8b09e841.jpg photo 073-IMG_5455_zpsa43eecbd.jpg photo 074-IMG_5458_zps425cb8ee.jpg photo 075-IMG_5461_zps85fc1f32.jpg photo 076-IMG_5465_zps86efbd77.jpg photo 077-IMG_5466_zps4df4e91c.jpg photo 078-IMG_5470_zps4a8699d4.jpg

And then some views of the Gopuram. Why do people automatically go around temples on a clockwise direction?

 photo 082-IMG_5481_zps121f5d64.jpg

I move down the left photo 084-IMG_5491_zps909ab516.jpg photo 087-IMG_5500_zpsfdec936a.jpg  photo 085-IMG_5494_zpsb99ea5d6.jpg photo 086-IMG_5497_zps4b55508a.jpg

And there are small shrines lined up against the walls. With some tiled images of Gods. The one on the left is a decidedly North Indian cast. Hmm

 photo 089-IMG_5506_zpsc2fe29ba.jpg

That lion looks dodgy to me.  photo 092-IMG_5517_zpsa0f8163d.jpg

Here’s one of the dieties. Parvati if I m not wrong but the tusks are confusing me.

 photo 094-IMG_5524_zps61016e7c.jpg

these lions are good

 photo 095-IMG_5527_zpsd661fdf8.jpg 

Another personification of Parvati

 photo 096-IMG_5530_zpsc687b153.jpg

A multi headed goddess, with different coloured faces. Hmmm.

 photo 098-IMG_5536_zpsfe0c0601.jpg

Another mini Gopuram

 photo 099-IMG_5539_zps517b27c4.jpg  photo 100-IMG_5542_zps66cded35.jpg photo 101-IMG_5545_zpsa01d5455.jpg photo 102-IMG_5547_zps6f3ada5b.jpg

A worshipper at one of the shrines. With the gods and goddesses neatly labelled on top.

  photo 104-IMG_5554_zps7266acd4.jpg photo 112-IMG_5578_zpscb68afd0.jpg photo 113-IMG_5581_zps74fc821d.jpg photo 116-IMG_5590_zps53b23bd0.jpg photo 111-IMG_5575_zps8f8b42e0.jpg

More views of the amazing work on the Gopurams.

 photo 115-IMG_5587_zps33be3773.jpg

A diorama of Shiv, Parvati, Narad Muni and the 2 kids. 

  photo 118-IMG_5596_zps7f70d717.jpg

This was an interesting arrangement of idols which I haven't seen before. 3x3 idols. Very curious. I couldn't make out what it was supposed to represent either.

 photo 119-IMG_5599_zpse61c1d96.jpg 

Another view of the gopuram

 photo 120-IMG_5602_zpsce20578c.jpg

The main shop

 photo 121-IMG_5605_zps3f907bcd.jpg 

With this amazing structure in the middle

 photo 122-IMG_5608_zpsa7387ede.jpg 

The main diety

 photo 123-IMG_5611_zps752dbcfa.jpg

A neat little hole for you to crack open the coconuts.

 photo 125-IMG_5618_zps8e9eaf4f.jpg 

 photo 126-IMG_5621_zps6591581f.jpg photo 127-IMG_5623_zps8339193a.jpg photo 128-IMG_5626_zps16c7258c.jpg

Looking at the Gopuram from the front. Amazing work. There are about 300 odd statues on this and they were all made by one man. Gobsmacking. 

 photo 130-IMG_5632_zps13c40412.jpg 

Hey, my firm is up there. 

 photo 131-IMG_5635_zps0d4dc6ab.jpg

It is indeed a backpackers mecca.

 photo 133-IMG_5639_zpsf8771b85.jpg

A police station

 photo 134-IMG_5641_zps85b1ebc5.jpg

Nice bikes

 photo 135-IMG_5644_zps326d71a7.jpg

And a nice little cat

 photo 136-IMG_5646_zpscc2a93a0.jpg

This was a fascinating colonial time building.

 photo 137-IMG_5650_zpsaf551a0a.jpg

Beautiful roofs

 photo 139-IMG_5657_zps220cd80a.jpg photo 142-IMG_5666_zps9e537198.jpg

With lovely colonial architecture.

 photo 138-IMG_5653_zps28f52682.jpg

Not sure what this says :(

 photo 143-IMG_5668_zps0e166ed6.jpg


 photo 144-IMG_5671_zpsf611fa6b.jpg 

The juxtaposition of modernist buildings with age old colonial architecture is fascinating.

 photo 146-IMG_5679_zpse10e19c7.jpg 

The weather was hugely humid, very warm and redolent of wonderful aromas. And then you see this entwined pair of trees.

 photo 147-IMG_5682_zps72887a61.jpg

Then I came across this old building which was showing its age

 photo 148-IMG_5685_zps19ceb7b7.jpg

And a sign of a building going to pot is when plants are growing on the building. This really screws up the construction..

 photo 152-IMG_5697_zps607c1a6c.jpg

I turn the corner to find the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple. Its a clan temple.

 photo 153-IMG_5704_zps3b3ac54a.jpg

With the most extraordinary ceramic friezes. It was quite dark by now so I am not getting the full force…

 photo 154-IMG_5706_zps98cb39c0.jpg  photo 156-IMG_5713_zpsb0096e5e.jpg photo 160-IMG_5731_zpscec4b440.jpg photo 161-IMG_5734_zps1fcb564a.jpg photo 157-IMG_5716_zps3769120c.jpg photo 164-IMG_5743_zps66c6a80a.jpg photo 165-IMG_5746_zps18c5593e.jpg photo 168-IMG_5758_zps6bb71908.jpg photo 169-IMG_5764_zps8e7ad81a.jpg photo 170-IMG_5770_zps65aaefb4.jpg photo 167-IMG_5752_zpsa1990a7c.jpg photo 171-IMG_5772_zps6568b5bd.jpg

they are extraordinary work, seriously beautiful. well worth it.

I did not know that a chinese man, Yap Ah Loy was responsible for the foundation of Kuala Lumpur! now that’s going to stick in the craw of the nationalists, heh. they get their independence due to a chinese, their economic poweress is due to a chinese, capital city founded by a chinese…man, the locals just cant grab a break. 


 photo 181-IMG_5815_zps01451ea8.jpg

lovely ceramic work.

 photo 185-IMG_5827_zpsd8e87448.jpg

There is wood gilding on top of the pillars.  photo 190-IMG_5848_zpsd8e79089.jpg 

Lovely lovely pillars..

 photo 195-IMG_5863_zps428b7225.jpg

I head back


 photo 200-IMG_5875_zps066bd63c.jpg

Hmmm, I want one

 photo 201-IMG_5878_zps16b4c518.jpg

The Petaling Street, crowded, but not noisy, very nice.

 photo 202-IMG_5888_zpsf083ae0c.jpg 

I guess nobody wants to use these old phones any more, eh?

 photo 206-IMG_5890_zps7db08870.jpg

And then I see the national mosque from the station but regretfully didnt get a chance to visit it this time. Next time, I am definitely popping in.

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