Friday, February 06, 2015

Aug 2013: Fun with Bubbles

 photo 79-IMG_0002_zpsca241cc6.jpg 

So I popped into a photography’s me grimacing.. and we had to go out take some photos, here are some of them. Don't worry, heh, none of my photos worked.

 photo 16-IMG_8192_zps82637752.jpg photo 18-IMG_8198_zpsc283666b.jpg  photo 53-IMG_8409_zpsbaccd68b.jpg  photo 21-IMG_8207_zpse68dc03e.jpg


 photo 20-IMG_8204_zps44861ffb.jpg

cluck cluck cluck

and then the bubbles happened.

  photo 23-IMG_8214_zps7ef0f234.jpg

 photo 27-IMG_8238_zps27059b37.jpg

 photo 30-IMG_8255_zpsda61f23e.jpg

 photo 33-IMG_8268_zps229e297e.jpg

 photo 36-IMG_8280_zps9b0e1902.jpg

 photo 39-IMG_8290_zpsdad727b1.jpg

 photo 41-IMG_8330_zps21eea7f5.jpg

 photo 45-IMG_8356_zpsc9d1426e.jpg

 photo 50-IMG_8393_zps9d1ededc.jpg

 photo 51-IMG_8397_zpsd4de0e61.jpg

and then the bubbles happened, joy to love and behold…

 photo 54-IMG_8411_zpsde1eed5d.jpg  photo 55-IMG_8415_zps5019c536.jpg photo 56-IMG_8418_zps64e1df98.jpg photo 57-IMG_8424_zps240eff80.jpg photo 59-IMG_8457_zps18d0df28.jpg photo 58-IMG_8438_zps7d3cff23.jpg

And there was an anti Syria demo….

 photo 60-IMG_8460_zpsbdb87e47.jpg photo 62-IMG_8469_zpscb291bee.jpg photo 70-IMG_8493_zps737d8b7b.jpg  photo 63-IMG_8472_zpsc8b2b652.jpg photo 61-IMG_8463_zpsb2c94e7c.jpg 

some of the monuments….

 photo 64-IMG_8475_zps212a3b32.jpg photo 66-IMG_8481_zpse76cfa4f.jpg 

Dont attack Syria…yes, sir.

 photo 72-IMG_8507_zps5b7fcfd7.jpg 


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