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August 2013: The Old St. Pancras Church and the Hardy Tree



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After seeing the St. Pancras Old Church, we turned into the churchyard

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lovely set of gates.

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with a nice easy to follow map

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some funny green mushrooms…

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there’s the church…lovely.

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 photo 137-IMG_4987_zpsc00356aa.jpg  photo 138-IMG_4989_zps978e44aa.jpg photo 139-IMG_4993_zpsce8e1b43.jpg photo 140-IMG_4995_zpsc68ba821.jpg photo 142-IMG_5001_zps63eca4b3.jpg photo 143-IMG_5005_zps906eeb2d.jpg photo 148-IMG_5020_zps1b54e996.jpg  photo 149-IMG_5023_zps2348ba87.jpg photo 150-IMG_5025_zps8ced4833.jpg photo 151-IMG_5029_zps3bcc9eae.jpg photo 152-IMG_5032_zps7693540e.jpg photo 153-IMG_5035_zps916bc8c5.jpg photo 155-IMG_5042_zps24049219.jpg photo 154-IMG_5037_zps3d394afd.jpg photo 156-IMG_5044_zpsdb5c298f.jpg photo 157-IMG_5047_zpsf026eeb5.jpg photo 158-IMG_5050_zps5ece87b9.jpg photo 159-IMG_5053_zps092fa420.jpg photo 160-IMG_5056_zpsa2356e4a.jpg photo 144-IMG_5007_zpsc6795def.jpg

And then there’s the Burdett-Coutts Memorial Sundial. Baroness Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906) was one of the great Victorian Philanthropists who tried to fix the issue of the slums and gave very generously. She modelled the dog in one of the corners after her own little collie dog. How nice.

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walk on

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a lovely little circular flower bed.

 photo 167-IMG_5076_zps404e8c67.jpg

I found this grave very sad and moving…no lettering, moss covered, dusty and dirty, nobody knows who is buried here

 photo 169-IMG_5082_zpsd0a2e3cc.jpg 

the trees talk to me…

 photo 170-IMG_5085_zps1992ad16.jpg

almost like a desk and chair?

 photo 171-IMG_5088_zps3ae233f9.jpg

looks like an envelope?

 photo 173-IMG_5096_zps770b5f4d.jpg  photo 175-IMG_5102_zps7cb51589.jpg

A cafe and this plaque on the right..

 photo 176-IMG_5104_zpsc489440e.jpg  photo 177-IMG_5106_zps1b9986dd.jpg

very peaceful in this sun dappled churchyard

 photo 178-IMG_5110_zps64629f43.jpg photo 179-IMG_5113_zps9118cb5f.jpg photo 180-IMG_5116_zps8737f1ec.jpg photo 181-IMG_5118_zps125d4cfe.jpg

Snail trail and iron rails.

 photo 182-IMG_5121_zps456e7e3f.jpg  photo 185-IMG_5131_zpsee56c2b3.jpg photo 186-IMG_5134_zpsfc7e1741.jpg  photo 184-IMG_5127_zps76e047a1.jpg photo 183-IMG_5124_zps03799781.jpg

Sometimes wandering around old graveyards, you come across the most fascinating monuments. This is a monument to Mary Wollstonecraft, mother to Mary Shelly (Frankenstein's author) who is now considered to be one of the Founding Feminist Philosophers. She is best known for her brilliant book, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792) in which she argues that women are not naturally inferior to men, but appear to be only because they lack education. Few centuries back, she was fighting for the rights of women. A thoroughly fascinating life sadly cut short too early. —

 photo 189-IMG_5143_zpsb78cbd7b.jpg  photo 191-IMG_5149_zps34f39d0f.jpg photo 197-IMG_5170_zps85201dcb.jpg photo 194-IMG_5161_zpse8c8ad04.jpg

And here’s the grave of John Soane, amazing man, one of the greatest architects of British Fame. the shape of the grave was used in the Iconic telephone books dotted around London.  His house is now a museum and its just lovely to visit.

 photo 207-IMG_5196_zpsca3a5f07.jpg photo 208-IMG_5199_zps7f4ec9f5.jpg 

A blue painted water fountain.

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 photo 213-IMG_5214_zpsc8559cdd.jpg 

Couple of serious crosses…

 photo 214-IMG_5218_zpsd081ac06.jpg photo 215-IMG_5220_zps628ebdc7.jpg

Another view of the church.

 photo 217-IMG_5227_zps54a9884b.jpg  photo 219-IMG_5233_zps66bc4e05.jpg photo 221-IMG_5239_zpsc6cabb6f.jpg photo 220-IMG_5235_zps36905d9e.jpg

 photo 222-IMG_5242_zps2ed21d61.jpg photo 223-IMG_5245_zpsa012e4fa.jpg photo 224-IMG_5248_zpsd739d070.jpg photo 231-IMG_5269_zpsf94ec7b6.jpg photo 225-IMG_5251_zps5263370c.jpg photo 226-IMG_5254_zps63e0ecb8.jpg photo 227-IMG_5257_zpsde3bea87.jpg photo 228-IMG_5260_zps7ae45451.jpg photo 229-IMG_5263_zps90fb776c.jpg photo 232-IMG_5272_zps5f284c57.jpg photo 239-IMG_5293_zpsa2a4ce74.jpg  photo 233-IMG_5275_zps64ac25ae.jpg photo 236-IMG_5284_zpsf1f4c7db.jpg photo 235-IMG_5281_zps4782ec0a.jpg photo 237-IMG_5287_zpsadce099a.jpg photo 238-IMG_5290_zps1f2415c0.jpg 

And here is the Hardy Tree. What? I hear you ask? well, Thomas Hardy, the famous author of Far from the Madding Crowd, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure etc. worked as an architect before he started banging on about rural Wessex in his novels. (trivia for you, the Beatles did their photo shoot for their song Hey Jude in front of this tree..geddit?). Anyway, as an architect, he was asked to move human remains and tombs from this churchyard as the Midland Railway line was being built across part of the churchyard. So he supervised the placing of the tombstones around this ash tree...and now the tree has covered some of the closer tombstones.
Also, Charles Dickens refers to this churchyard in his Tale of Two Cities..Lots of ancient history around here.

 photo 240-IMG_5295_zpsb4e1d742.jpg  photo 241-IMG_5299_zps6792f3a9.jpg photo 242-IMG_5302_zpse678a05e.jpg

it was really magical to see the yard…

 photo 243-IMG_5305_zps92702f04.jpg

somebody acting out something?

 photo 247-IMG_5317_zpsc4bcb95b.jpg

Move over to the other side of the church, which has few more graves.

 photo 249-IMG_5323_zpsf2585ffe.jpg

 photo 263-IMG_5365_zpsc8441ed4.jpg another couple of views of the church

 photo 251-IMG_5328_zpse82e921b.jpg  photo 252-IMG_5331_zpsdaec17d8.jpg photo 250-IMG_5326_zps3aa972a7.jpg photo 254-IMG_5338_zpsc4af8fee.jpg

 photo 253-IMG_5335_zps764f2738.jpg photo 255-IMG_5341_zps4b9c34aa.jpg photo 256-IMG_5344_zpsbf6f8fd7.jpg photo 257-IMG_5347_zpscdac513b.jpg

  photo 258-IMG_5349_zpsf39d141c.jpg

 photo 262-IMG_5362_zpsfd6b91b5.jpg

and then we make our way out of the church.

 photo 269-IMG_5383_zpsc5d66de1.jpg  photo 271-IMG_5389_zps12b3cd48.jpg photo 270-IMG_5386_zpsbfc13a61.jpg

A green wall…

 photo 272-IMG_5392_zps4f186a3a.jpg

Book ends?

 photo 273-IMG_5394_zps4a73743b.jpg

Some funky drawings…

 photo 275-IMG_5401_zpsc4fdcf68.jpg photo 276-IMG_5404_zpsb000a8ac.jpg

want to just go sailing by on the Regents Canal

 photo 277-IMG_5407_zps9c5e8321.jpg


 photo 278-IMG_5410_zps0c6ee923.jpg


 photo 279-IMG_5413_zps57b0e9f1.jpg


 photo 280-IMG_5416_zps5a1fdf2f.jpg

some lovely views on the regent’s canal.

 photo 285-IMG_5433_zpsa2adf152.jpg


 photo 286-IMG_5437_zps5172e7a9.jpg 


 photo 287-IMG_5440_zps5ef83f3b.jpg photo 288-IMG_5443_zps7b23b265.jpg

ice used to be stored here in the dim and distant past…

 photo 289-IMG_5446_zpsfadd6eae.jpg


 photo 290-IMG_5448_zps6a0b24c2.jpg 


 photo 291-IMG_5452_zps2451f99a.jpg


 photo 292-IMG_5454_zps1598f566.jpg  photo 294-IMG_5461_zps22276ec7.jpg photo 293-IMG_5458_zpsd0a1c812.jpg

A lovely mural

 photo 295-IMG_5464_zps80e1ce88.jpg

loading plaque on the floor

 photo 296-IMG_5466_zpsfc731279.jpg

A big issue seller…and I am done.

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