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Aug 2013 Food and Drink

 photo 01-IMG_9324_zps7d2b6fb0.jpg

the chocolatier in action :)

 photo 02-IMG_9325_zpsa30ccc97.jpg 

chocolate on my shirt

 photo 03-IMG_9329_zpsabdc6ba5.jpg 

vada sambhar at our local south indian shop

 photo 04-IMG_9362_zpsef33a7d6.jpg 

made some spare ribs

 photo 05-IMG_9364_zpsc56c6c80.jpg 

a prawn salad

 photo 06-IMG_9369_zps57b50829.jpg

eldest cost centre wanted to have eggs benedict

 photo 07-IMG_9371_zps7452ef6c.jpg 

spicy fish

 photo 08-IMG_9381_zpsdde4f2b5.jpg

chocolate buttons, mmmmm

 photo 09-IMG_9395_zps1a9153b2.jpg 

Mole, at Bernardo’s house, this was the most delicious ever, made with chocolate

 photo 10-IMG_9419_zps33419f8a.jpg 

my breakfast, lol

 photo 11-IMG_9421_zpsf56d6ea5.jpg 

salmon fish cake

 photo 12-IMG_9438_zpsccb4f8ab.jpg 

hmmmm, what on earth is this

 photo 13-IMG_9439_zps9bb71893.jpg 

pad thai

 photo 14-IMG_9449_zps82b5d614.jpg

more ribs

 photo 15-IMG_9459_zps650761d8.jpg 

Diya is not impressed at this pizza place in Sicily and it has chips on it?

 photo 16-IMG_9471_zps44aa369e.jpg

my dish, a seafood confection…

 photo 17-IMG_9464_zps5afe85c9.jpg  photo 18-IMG_9466_zps1780eb7c.jpg photo 19-IMG_9467_zps8b8044ce.jpg photo 20-IMG_9472_zps051274d6.jpg

the local fishmonger in Sicily

 photo 21-IMG_9489_zpsf1d3c69b.jpg 

now you see why I want to move to Sicily? Breakfast there is ice-cream in a brioche roll.

 photo 22-IMG_9523_zps2b22b532.jpg 

and more dessert…

 photo 23-IMG_9524_zps91478e36.jpg 

more dessert

 photo 24-IMG_9597_zpsb2fcb9b0.jpg

strange pizza…with aubergine

 photo 29-IMG_9651_zps45c7ecff.jpg 

this is brilliant, fish with whisky!

 photo 25-IMG_9653_zps14efc6e5.jpg 

Wikipedia doesnt tell me why this is called as Kaffir. But here is an article which provides a fascinating background to this spice.

 photo 26-IMG_9656_zpse13fe35e.jpg

fish with bacon

 photo 27-IMG_9657_zps2e7834ea.jpg 

spicy fish

 photo 28-IMG_9669_zps34234a3e.jpg 

i get this tea in British Museum. The tea bag is so bloody giant, more like a sodding blanket. pulling it just keeps on coming and coming and coming, like Draupadi’s sari.

 photo 30-IMG_9682_zpsce99fa30.jpg

and then this tea. I forget where I had this but this had some very strange weird shit in there and it tasted dusty and weirdass. And it was hugely expensive.

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