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Aug 2013: A lovely basilica with an even more beautiful little monastery

Then we potter along to San Domenico..  photo 269-IMG_5787_zps71fc1842.jpg

Passing Via Roma, the mix is amazing, old sculpture, medieval location, cast iron lamp, modern wiring…

 photo 270-IMG_5790_zps6ee52cce.jpg

And seeing sari clad women..

 photo 271-IMG_5793_zps98dfaae2.jpg

with lovely  buildings..the cast iron balconies are absolutely brilliant.

 photo 273-IMG_5799_zpsfddecc20.jpg

and vittorio Emmanuel…

   photo 276-IMG_5808_zps7d096440.jpg

We turn into Piazza San Domenico…its a nice little place, with this monument in front of it, and then the background  

  photo 279-IMG_5817_zps800f39e0.jpg  photo 280-IMG_5820_zps596fd39b.jpg

the church opens up gloriously, its a light airy building, and the patterns on the roof make it look like its got trees somehow…

 photo 281-IMG_5823_zps23db5209.jpg  photo 282-IMG_5829_zpsfd7068d3.jpg  photo 283-IMG_5833_zps630bd4ed.jpg    photo 286-IMG_5841_zpsddfcf75b.jpg  photo 287-IMG_5845_zpsb442686f.jpg  photo 288-IMG_5848_zpsd3cffed5.jpg  photo 289-IMG_5851_zps871617a5.jpg  photo 290-IMG_5854_zps672bc2aa.jpg  photo 291-IMG_5857_zps90f0bb50.jpg  photo 292-IMG_5860_zps1c5890e4.jpg

the two sides are lined with alcoves with various chapels and what looks like family tombs/shrines.

   photo 295-IMG_5868_zps2ab20338.jpg  photo 326-IMG_5962_zpsee568b8c.jpg

the exquisitely carved pulpit..

 photo 296-IMG_5872_zpsa21c8aba.jpg  photo 297-IMG_5875_zps314072ea.jpg  photo 298-IMG_5878_zps19188fe2.jpg  photo 299-IMG_5880_zps6e960c6b.jpg  photo 300-IMG_5884_zps65b4e8f5.jpg  photo 301-IMG_5887_zpse5b12584.jpg  photo 302-IMG_5890_zps76cf3005.jpg  photo 303-IMG_5892_zps4cc6f656.jpg  photo 304-IMG_5895_zpse9b8f46d.jpg  photo 305-IMG_5898_zps1de25864.jpg  photo 306-IMG_5901_zpsf47488da.jpg

the main altar

 photo 310-IMG_5914_zps46e34016.jpg

hmmm, this looks like a iron clamped box inside a marble enclosure. what gives?

 photo 311-IMG_5916_zps18cffbb2.jpg

another view of hte main altar

 photo 312-IMG_5919_zpsf16cd10a.jpg 

looking back down the church

 photo 314-IMG_5926_zps0eb7cfd3.jpg

the ornate baroque organ

 photo 315-IMG_5929_zps226b59cb.jpg  photo 316-IMG_5931_zpsc97553ee.jpg  photo 317-IMG_5934_zps7895304f.jpg  photo 318-IMG_5937_zps517f2958.jpg  photo 319-IMG_5941_zps9a20a1aa.jpg  photo 320-IMG_5943_zpsa723d3dc.jpg  photo 321-IMG_5946_zps6af70016.jpg  photo 322-IMG_5950_zpsffe76151.jpg  photo 323-IMG_5953_zps1c2f23a3.jpg  photo 324-IMG_5956_zpsf34bec51.jpg  


more alcoves on the right hand side


 photo 327-IMG_5964_zps79df4933.jpg 

somebody writing up his views?

  photo 329-IMG_5971_zpsfa28658a.jpg  photo 330-IMG_5974_zpsd513a903.jpg  photo 331-IMG_5977_zpsba4ede5d.jpg   photo 333-IMG_5983_zpsa0faff52.jpg  photo 334-IMG_5985_zps2d88c274.jpg  photo 335-IMG_5988_zps61121b9c.jpg  photo 336-IMG_5991_zps437a8928.jpg  photo 337-IMG_5995_zpsf984c15c.jpg  photo 338-IMG_5998_zps440a168e.jpg  photo 339-IMG_6001_zps8f7ba29f.jpg  photo 340-IMG_6004_zps56a779a0.jpg  photo 341-IMG_6006_zpsc4bb7165.jpg  photo 342-IMG_6010_zps1abecb4f.jpg  photo 344-IMG_6016_zps94842eb9.jpg photo 343-IMG_6013_zpsef39c6a3.jpg

very effective, drop coins, press button, and the light goes on…no faffing around with candles.

 photo 345-IMG_6019_zps79fd92b3.jpg

a bit of a serious bloody piece of sculpture

 photo 346-IMG_6022_zps74f79e1c.jpg   photo 348-IMG_6028_zps5bf91b3a.jpg  photo 349-IMG_6030_zps61fe1e43.jpg

i really liked this sculpture of Mr. Perez’s tomb, the lady looks absolutely brilliant. Then we move into the little courtyard which was truly beautiful.

 photo 350-IMG_6034_zps993b76cc.jpg  photo 351-IMG_6037_zps751471c0.jpg  photo 352-IMG_6039_zps9198e298.jpg  photo 353-IMG_6043_zpsf1695994.jpg   photo 355-IMG_6049_zps7b3d56a1.jpg  photo 356-IMG_6051_zps861c597c.jpg   photo 358-IMG_6058_zps78f5a76b.jpg

what on earth are cannons doing here inside a monastery?

   photo 362-IMG_6070_zps8585bf52.jpg     photo 366-IMG_6082_zpsa62bb517.jpg  photo 367-IMG_6085_zps370fd99e.jpg     photo 371-IMG_6097_zps9d40333d.jpg     photo 375-IMG_6108_zps57838df7.jpg  photo 376-IMG_6112_zps8d4382b3.jpg   photo 382-IMG_6130_zps3a156658.jpg   photo 385-IMG_6138_zpsd62538c6.jpg

And we head back into the piazza for a nice ice cream and bit of lunch

  photo 392-IMG_6159_zps24eba07b.jpg  photo 393-IMG_6162_zps5345b199.jpg  photo 394-IMG_6166_zpsc8cced27.jpg  photo 395-IMG_6169_zps06b19eb8.jpg  photo 396-IMG_6172_zps2faadc2d.jpg  photo 397-IMG_6175_zps0a46e1b2.jpg  photo 398-IMG_6178_zpsd7da69cf.jpg  photo 399-IMG_6180_zpsf26b1def.jpg

and the lovely bell towers.

 photo 400-IMG_6184_zps208132c8.jpg  photo 401-IMG_6187_zpsa1344d05.jpg  photo 402-IMG_6190_zpsd4616da6.jpg  photo 403-IMG_6192_zps04cafef1.jpg

the facade is truly gorgeous. I saw similar church facades in Mexico City as well..very nice

 photo 404-IMG_6195_zpsb733a284.jpg

some cardinal?

right, we are done here, we move onwards and upwards.

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