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Aug 2013: A Glorious Baroque Church – Santa Caterina d’Alessandria

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We move into the next church now…

 photo 183-IMG_5530_zps88d7699c.jpg  

What an extraordinary door…

 photo 186-IMG_5538_zps597bd42f.jpg 

queued up to pay the ticket price…

 photo 188-IMG_5544_zps0b6cd7fb.jpg 

and then hey, its Bellini’s columns!

 photo 189-IMG_5549_zpsdc2a024d.jpg 

and then this Baroque extravaganza opens up

 photo 190-IMG_5550_zps9af6cc28.jpg 

a confessional…

 photo 192-IMG_5556_zps3e2f9750.jpg

Along the sides, there are quite a lot of nautical themed panels. Maybe some of the local worthies were ship holders?

 photo 194-IMG_5562_zps0b54dbb8.jpg 

on both sides of the church are these little alcoves..

 photo 195-IMG_5565_zps4825bbf1.jpg 

as you can see, the entire church is encrusted with carvings, frescos, enamel, bright stuff.

 photo 199-IMG_5577_zps3acad430.jpg 

the ceiling is gloriously painted

 photo 203-IMG_5589_zps388022bc.jpg

more of these little grates over these areas. what are these?

 photo 207-IMG_5602_zps80c3661d.jpg  photo 208-IMG_5605_zps75bda1b7.jpg

A little balcony on the corner, one on each side, on top of a confessional and font..maybe for the local high worthy? or maybe the choir?

 photo 209-IMG_5607_zps299ff514.jpg 

the dome was lovely, very nice and bright.

 photo 211-IMG_5614_zps266ea748.jpg

but most of the lights were off, it was quite gloomy inside.

 photo 212-IMG_5616_zps6c0decb6.jpg  photo 213-IMG_5619_zpsc6c286a1.jpg

Now for the altar…what do I say? what can I say? where do I look? its like a barnacle incrustation all over the place.

 photo 214-IMG_5623_zps18637dc6.jpg 

St Paul, what it looks like, getting all highlighted.

 photo 215-IMG_5625_zps856153b0.jpg  photo 216-IMG_5628_zps46368276.jpg photo 218-IMG_5637_zps0f617ca2.jpg photo 223-IMG_5652_zps7875df7f.jpg 

the two sides of the altar are, well, you can see, pietra dura work and statues…

 photo 220-IMG_5643_zps7b4c1285.jpg  photo 221-IMG_5646_zps45bd1261.jpg

two very large angels buttress the main altar.

 photo 222-IMG_5650_zpsf83dc4e7.jpg 

the cross is surrounded with these most amazing blue columns…

 photo 226-IMG_5662_zpsc1f1e886.jpg 

St. Peter?



 photo 228-IMG_5667_zpsb52f53b4.jpg 

and then this chapel on the right.  photo 230-IMG_5674_zps6ae97655.jpg photo 229-IMG_5670_zps58a84c46.jpg

its a shrine to St. Catherine…not the actual body is i

 photo 231-IMG_5677_zpsbc6fb36c.jpg 

the statue of St. Catherine…with a giant quill?

 photo 233-IMG_5683_zps4be42ea9.jpg  photo 235-IMG_5689_zpsc1863efa.jpg

this was a drive by confessional? people from outside can stop and do a bit of an unburdening?

 photo 234-IMG_5686_zps1cf69dfa.jpg 

woof woof.

 photo 237-IMG_5694_zpsc603508f.jpg 

the chandeliers are exquisite…

 photo 239-IMG_5699_zps74351151.jpg 

looking back at the ceiling…

 photo 247-IMG_5721_zps14a1548f.jpg 

a hat?

 photo 248-IMG_5725_zps331bffa8.jpg 

this was an exquisite panel…

 photo 249-IMG_5727_zps86acc068.jpg 

the alcoves are all dim and cant see the true glory…

 photo 254-IMG_5744_zps33b6dff2.jpg

some of the elements are being repaired.

this was truly amazing, it was like the sponsor of the church told the Baroque architect, show me how much you can cram into one church, and they got cracking with vim, vigour and gusto. cracking place, just costs couple of euro’s to get in. A price well worth paying for this.

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