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Aug 2013: A fascinating Arabic Style Norman Church in Palermo

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the day dawned brilliantly and we decided to go check out Palermo…and here’s the desk at the hotel..lovely secretarial desk with pc’s…bit incongruous.

 photo 003-IMG_4990_zps2d77589f.jpg  photo 004-IMG_4993_zpscac31b23.jpg photo 005-IMG_4995_zps183dc271.jpg photo 009-IMG_5008_zps881628c1.jpg  photo 011-IMG_5013_zps602a7a13.jpg photo 007-IMG_5001_zpscef4803f.jpg photo 008-IMG_5005_zps4ad41355.jpg photo 010-IMG_5011_zps51608aa6.jpg photo 012-IMG_5017_zps8951c0fa.jpg photo 013-IMG_5020_zps13bdce5c.jpg photo 006-IMG_4998_zps46be5452.jpg

decided to take the train..some of the views from the station…

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we didnt find any places to sit, it was very crowded, but the trip was only about 40minutes so not too bad.

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there’s a lovely square in front of the train station. 

 photo 024-IMG_5052_zpsd0f36be3.jpg

with a beautiful building for the train station…

 photo 027-IMG_5061_zps4fe17b5d.jpg  photo 030-IMG_5070_zps92fd1e84.jpg photo 029-IMG_5068_zps5ce018ec.jpg photo 028-IMG_5065_zps83ef3fcb.jpg photo 041-IMG_5100_zpsee5d3b2f.jpg

We walked down the Via Maqueda to the church was dusty architecture. I so wished you could take a hose to it.

 photo 031-IMG_5074_zpsabbbc42e.jpg 

lovely place

 photo 032-IMG_5078_zpsad4826e1.jpg

loads of traffic through.

 photo 033-IMG_5080_zpscf3d4e73.jpg  photo 034-IMG_5083_zps46d89464.jpg

massive clunky stuff

 photo 035-IMG_5086_zps37715a5f.jpg  photo 037-IMG_5090_zps703485a3.jpg photo 039-IMG_5094_zps7319ee41.jpg photo 038-IMG_5092_zps5a7b90c5.jpg photo 040-IMG_5099_zps9467a913.jpg

oh hello…not very happy here are we?

 photo 042-IMG_5104_zpsf9d95537.jpg  photo 058-IMG_5155_zpsce546cc3.jpg 

strangely enough, loads of bengali’s here…

 photo 043-IMG_5108_zps88befa52.jpg  photo 044-IMG_5110_zpsb0326656.jpg photo 049-IMG_5125_zps1509c453.jpg photo 050-IMG_5128_zpsf36d07f9.jpg

some skulls lined up there…

 photo 057-IMG_5151_zpsddbd808e.jpg

bit of graffiti protesting against austerity

 photo 061-IMG_5165_zpsb8fdeabb.jpg

lots of horse drawn carriages…

 photo 062-IMG_5166_zps088f153a.jpg

and we reach the Chiesa di San Cataldo

 photo 063-IMG_5170_zps59c3224b.jpg 

its a fascinating church of Arabian and Normal architectural mixes.

 photo 064-IMG_5173_zpse08ec9cb.jpg  photo 172-IMG_5497_zpsceb25cb7.jpg

with domes on top. The church was built around 1100 AD.

 photo 067-IMG_5181_zps5f4c1bb1.jpg 

its still under restoration.

 photo 070-IMG_5190_zps71640ee8.jpg

lovely lovely stone filigree windows. 

 photo 071-IMG_5193_zps9f3a1a39.jpg  photo 101-IMG_5283_zps973acc8e.jpg

this side door was closed, so we went around the back

 photo 072-IMG_5196_zps2911b42f.jpg

nice waste basket

 photo 074-IMG_5204_zps9c74d6ef.jpg

a lovely plaque

 photo 075-IMG_5205_zpsf9ce5bca.jpg  photo 076-IMG_5209_zps0f493b24.jpg

the view of the 3 domes is wonderful from inside. truly brilliant.

 photo 077-IMG_5212_zpsa8cd3f06.jpg

the Norman influence can be seen in the columns..

 photo 078-IMG_5214_zpsb07b899a.jpg

the little alcoves are so cute.

 photo 079-IMG_5218_zps488b3c77.jpg

more plaques

 photo 080-IMG_5221_zps94038ca9.jpg 

the cross

 photo 081-IMG_5224_zps07db4ce2.jpg  photo 084-IMG_5233_zpse3c0c8c1.jpg photo 083-IMG_5230_zps593239d2.jpg

the most fantastic mosaic on the floor, and this chap was fixing them… 

 photo 085-IMG_5236_zps17051d0b.jpg photo 086-IMG_5238_zpsee67f7ef.jpg

  photo 087-IMG_5241_zps7c8c815a.jpg photo 088-IMG_5244_zpsed1f4859.jpg

I just cannot get over the beautiful domed roof.

 photo 091-IMG_5254_zps45ca9260.jpg

the pews

 photo 092-IMG_5256_zpsbbad9390.jpg

the columns look Corinthian at first blush but the carvings are very intricate, almost arabesque in nature. 


   photo 180-IMG_5520_zps5b84364b.jpg  photo 185-IMG_5536_zps13770ca1.jpg

…this is such an amazing church, loved it. the stern forbidding Norman walls with the beautiful flowing Arabic curves and domes…exquisite…

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