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Aug 2013: A magical evening in Cefalu

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so we went to Sicily for the week and drove from the airport to Cefalu, which is on the north side of the island

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loads of tunnels

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and as you can see, the gorgeous signs of summer :)

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reached the hotel in the evening and then I reached for my camera because the sun was setting.

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behind us was a range of hills.

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headed out to grab something to eat…coconut fountain :)

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Cefalu is an old old town, full of these narrow streets and tall buildings.

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A roman era lavatory and washing place.

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then the sun set and some of the coastline is highlighted and spotlighted, the moon was out as well

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 photo 156-IMG_3305_zpsbb1ce90d.jpg photo 157-IMG_3311_zps79ea68c2.jpg

Sicily is the origin of the famous Cassata icecream…i pigged out, what a lovely place..

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these young students were dressed up in period costumes and acting out old paintings…exquisite.

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