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Aug 2013: Icecreams and Sunsets – Sicily Day 2

 photo 297-IMG_4317_zps36a9e47d.jpg

after the visits to the churches, we started heading down

 photo 298-IMG_4320_zpsa2cf52f0.jpg

and came across this sweets shop

 photo 299-IMG_4323_zps90280bd3.jpg

marzipan sweets by the dozen…somebody is very interested. 

 photo 300-IMG_4326_zps0ed5dbb1.jpg  photo 348-IMG_4485_zps84f4e282.jpg

Here’s the official logo of Sicily, and this three cornered thingie is visible in the local souvenirs.

 photo 303-IMG_4335_zpscc629b58.jpg  photo 304-IMG_4338_zps70a37ba3.jpg

 photo 305-IMG_4341_zps32b7dc70.jpg photo 307-IMG_4350_zps164cf41e.jpg photo 306-IMG_4347_zps01229c05.jpg

now you see why I love Sicily. None of this namby pamby crappy cups or even cones. Get a whacking big biroche roll, slice it open, and shove in as much icecream you can get, and there’s your breakfast…

 photo 334-IMG_4431_zps7e872ad0.jpg 

and somebody enjoying in a very reflective mood.

 photo 310-IMG_4359_zps4863effa.jpg

the cross on the rock. that cross is lighted up and can be seen from miles around.

 photo 328-IMG_4412_zpse33de89c.jpg photo 331-IMG_4422_zps75d1c015.jpg

lovely arches

 photo 344-IMG_4464_zps2de1def2.jpg

knock knock

 photo 345-IMG_4476_zpsef4a7823.jpg

mobile communications.

 photo 346-IMG_4478_zps2e673114.jpg

ummm, ok.

 photo 349-IMG_4487_zps000c6b0c.jpg 

using the Godfather to flog food?

 photo 350-IMG_4494_zps6aed7fb7.jpg 

a roadside shrine

 photo 353-IMG_4503_zps26f6e462.jpg 

knock knock

 photo 356-IMG_4512_zps3de945fe.jpg 

my t-shirt

 photo 361-IMG_4527_zps1e448caf.jpg photo 391-IMG_4621_zps0fcf95a2.jpg

and then we reached the ocean



 photo 411-IMG_4687_zpsb9e088b7.jpg photo 413-IMG_4693_zps43766d1e.jpg  photo 419-IMG_4711_zpsa2e78ca7.jpg photo 420-IMG_4714_zps2d6c53bf.jpg photo 425-IMG_4729_zpsbe30339c.jpg photo 429-IMG_4741_zps2b9ace33.jpg photo 462-IMG_4824_zps6791d6e3.jpg photo 479-IMG_4864_zps3e1ca385.jpg photo 480-IMG_4867_zpse457c51d.jpg

 photo 487-IMG_4892_zpsecc80854.jpg photo 491-IMG_4906_zps1d43020f.jpg photo 504-IMG_4948_zpscc6b4874.jpg photo 509-IMG_4963_zps70ef4d28.jpg photo 496-IMG_4921_zps9afcd82f.jpg photo 513-IMG_4975_zps0d507f5d.jpg photo 516-IMG_4984_zps1cf662a9.jpg

 photo 422-IMG_4720_zps6af9d128.jpg 

and there was a wedding photo graph session happening..  photo 495-IMG_4917_zpsdaa9c5ee.jpg

a star shaped pool

 photo 505-IMG_4950_zpsf6211b01.jpg 

and the moon came out

 photo 526-IMG_9501_zps2e2de2f8.jpg

you cant go into the town wearing bikinis and trunks..

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