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Aug 2013: The Fountain of Shame

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So we landed in the Piazza Pretoria..

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It has these awesomely brilliant old medieval buildings surrounding the fountain. On the right is what looks like the townhall.

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and here’s the fountain in question. It was made by Francesco Camilliani.

 photo 480-IMG_6421_zpsb2a15352.jpg

this was originally designed for a private villa but this was bought by the Senate of Palermo.

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broken up into hundreds of pieces, it was transported all the way from Florence in mainland Italy and moved to Palermo

 photo 483-IMG_6429_zpse4b9dd42.jpg 

you can just imagine the sheer logistical challenge of moving such a giant piece of sculpture

 photo 484-IMG_6433_zps420cab43.jpg

this was done in 1584.

 photo 485-IMG_6436_zpsb7606768.jpg photo 486-IMG_6438_zps160bc3f9.jpg photo 487-IMG_6442_zps77b3f7c8.jpg  photo 488-IMG_6444_zpsfaa72f89.jpg photo 493-IMG_6463_zpsed2575d6.jpg  photo 489-IMG_6451_zps6c55b637.jpg

amazing faces on the sculptures.

 photo 490-IMG_6454_zpsfde917ef.jpg  photo 491-IMG_6457_zpsfebfad33.jpg

Behind the fountain is the back end of the Chiesa di Santa Caterina which I have blogged before.

 photo 492-IMG_6460_zpsc9275397.jpg  photo 496-IMG_6472_zpsbf8d99ce.jpg photo 504-IMG_6496_zps1ac09a87.jpg photo 506-IMG_6502_zps418f7766.jpg  photo 505-IMG_6499_zps28738df2.jpg

That dome belongs to the San Giuseppe dei Teatini church, which unfortunately we were not able to see but the cupola has some amazing tile work.

 photo 494-IMG_6466_zps3b6c3fe6.jpg  photo 495-IMG_6469_zps35f8ce54.jpg

the fountain is about 20-30 meters across. And now for some nudes, which scandalised the good citizens of Palermo so much that it was named as the Fountain of Shame.

  photo 499-IMG_6481_zpsee2569a2.jpg

 photo 501-IMG_6487_zpsec06134c.jpg photo 502-IMG_6490_zpsec34d46a.jpg

amazing stuff. I particularly liked the little paunches that the nymphs had :) very cute.

 photo 507-IMG_6504_zps1a48ddc7.jpg photo 508-IMG_6507_zps321b8619.jpg

the steps had these helmeted lions on both sides. strange caps they wore


 photo 510-IMG_6514_zps575f0ca0.jpg 

we started moving to see the Cathedral

 photo 511-IMG_6516_zps83ef5ca8.jpg

I just love the balconies and the cast iron work photo 521-IMG_6546_zps2cf1d8d7.jpg

 photo 512-IMG_6519_zps4ae2d682.jpg  photo 513-IMG_6523_zps0c9ba9e6.jpg photo 514-IMG_6526_zps312dcf69.jpg photo 515-IMG_6528_zpsb68f3505.jpg

Some very curious artefacts on these balconies.

 photo 516-IMG_6531_zps8c71da69.jpg  photo 523-IMG_6552_zps1cc1ceaa.jpg 

I come across this little statue on a plinth.

 photo 517-IMG_6535_zpsf31e7861.jpg  photo 518-IMG_6539_zpsa9edf977.jpg photo 524-IMG_6556_zps254635f4.jpg 

Charles the Vth…

 photo 522-IMG_6550_zps13629871.jpg

that is the cutest sight ever.

 photo 525-IMG_6559_zps4e061502.jpg  photo 526-IMG_6562_zpsc93051d2.jpg photo 527-IMG_6565_zps083873ed.jpg

some of the buildings were under repair.

 photo 528-IMG_6567_zpsfbca068c.jpg

hmmm, good idea.

 photo 529-IMG_6570_zps46e145d0.jpg

lol, hot bed of communism eh?

 photo 532-IMG_6580_zpsa66ba688.jpg

now that would be an inquisition.

 photo 533-IMG_6583_zps1740ba45.jpg 

very nice.

 photo 534-IMG_6585_zpsec6bd841.jpg

I wish I could go check this out but my suspicion is that the kids would have revolted.

 photo 535-IMG_6588_zps230b65aa.jpg

Another little alleyway.

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