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Aug 2013: Climbing the Rock over Cefalu

 photo 001-IMG_7443_zpshsqfjav9.jpg

as usual, the fam is fast asleep and this day I decided to go climb that rock. Nobody else is mad enough to join Baba on his treks. There’s the rock where I need to be. Right on top. Did the same thing with Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

 photo 002-IMG_7446_zpssmudfhpw.jpg photo 003-IMG_7450_zps9hqoukk8.jpg

quiet beach

 photo 004-IMG_7452_zps8nmmxo8h.jpg

the Norman Cathedral is highlighted. My idea was to get to the top in time for sunrise, but best laid plans of mice and men..

 photo 007-IMG_7461_zpszpaqbe7y.jpg  photo 008-IMG_7468_zpsownrkadn.jpg

Walking through quiet empty streets.

 photo 012-IMG_7480_zpsz8khivhh.jpg

Passing a plate

 photo 014-IMG_7486_zpsgraaul8b.jpg

I start climbing

 photo 015-IMG_7489_zpsx4f5b9mt.jpg

pine cones

 photo 016-IMG_7492_zpshzvmoaqm.jpg

support or blasting holes

 photo 017-IMG_7495_zpsa5tffcwe.jpg

another view

 photo 018-IMG_7498_zpsmlqypjov.jpg

that’s a tall cliff

 photo 019-IMG_7501_zpssjbuve5c.jpg

I love these prickly pear fruit.

 photo 021-IMG_7507_zpsvi0agxja.jpg

the town of Cefalu starts to open up behind me

 photo 023-IMG_7513_zps9uiinyie.jpg

looking back at the stairs..

 photo 024-IMG_7516_zpsllvziiva.jpg  photo 025-IMG_7519_zpsrtjrbn0p.jpg photo 026-IMG_7522_zps1xcm5okt.jpg

a Fortress was built here. this is the outermost wall and here’s the bloody gate which stops me from going further inside. So much for my idea for being up the mountain by the time the sun rises. So I sit around like a frikking idiot.

 photo 027-IMG_7524_zpswowlpen8.jpg

looking at ants

 photo 028-IMG_7528_zpspfbsvlhk.jpg

over the view

 photo 029-IMG_7531_zpsn7bmo0ac.jpg 

at a ledge off on the right.

 photo 030-IMG_7534_zpsw94p4xsp.jpg


 photo 031-IMG_7537_zpseoalgxmt.jpg

strange holes in the rock

 photo 032-IMG_7540_zpssa6muwv6.jpg

and rock restraints …. to make sure the damn Rock doesn't fall down on the town.

 photo 036-IMG_7552_zpsk2udxvjo.jpg  photo 037-IMG_7554_zpsnxru7aih.jpg

we are then let into the fortress by this gentleman who takes down our details. Just in case we conk off and they have to call our next of kin, lol

 photo 043-IMG_7573_zpsjhjmyls6.jpg 

So I quote from a little sign:

The ancient Greeks referred to the ROck as Kephaloidion: Head Shaped Promontory. Mythology has it that the handsome shepherd Daphnis, a Mediterranean deity who embodied the vital spirit of nature and was devoted to bucolic singing and not to carnal love, was blinded by Echenais, a nymph in love with him, in a fit of jealousy and vengeful rage. Ultimately, Daphnis allowed himself to die and was then transformed into the Rock of Cefalu by the Goddess Aphrodite. Another charming legend says that Heracles, touched by the enchanting beauty of the place, decided to use his strength to help its inhabitants flatten the ground where the settlement of Kephadoidion, enclosed within an imposing system of fortifications the Rock was part of, would eventually spring up.

 photo 044-IMG_7576_zpsumljixth.jpg

Pirates in the form of Vandals and then Saracens would constantly attack the settlement below, so they upped sticks and moved on the Rock behind walls to protect themselves. These walls date back to the Byzantine Period 7-8th century AD. Still the Arabs besieged the town for many moons till it surrendered in 857 AD.

 photo 051-IMG_7594_zps5xt6p1qo.jpg

here are the remains of the guard room at the first wall. 

 photo 054-IMG_7603_zps4bpisbml.jpg

with a beady eyed pigeon looking at me balefully.

 photo 056-IMG_7609_zpszg4mssy2.jpg

moving up, painfully. 

 photo 058-IMG_7615_zpsruw0ct0x.jpg  photo 061-IMG_7624_zpsgiy41uug.jpg

and passing cliffs

 photo 063-IMG_7630_zpse9fwki0p.jpg  photo 065-IMG_7636_zpsjdmvapnu.jpg

I reach the second wall with a fortified gateway. I am now about 135 meters above sea level. This wall encircled the entire rock and closed by a giant wooden door, you can see the hinge on the right hand side wall.

 photo 064-IMG_7633_zpsx3la5tuw.jpg 

this was a contained the body of a short man but with no other grave goods.


 photo 067-IMG_7642_zpstnswhqav.jpg

I turn right.  

 photo 070-IMG_7651_zpsc2lp1zgv.jpg

after a look to the left

 photo 072-IMG_7657_zpszoyhavo5.jpg

and back

 photo 076-IMG_7669_zpsziufgdhv.jpg

still climbing

 photo 077-IMG_7672_zpsyifbgiqj.jpg

looking up to the rock

 photo 078-IMG_7674_zpsz7cuhaik.jpg

looking back

 photo 079-IMG_7676_zpsxbasz5by.jpg

a path goes off to the right

 photo 080-IMG_7678_zpsjkzvaplb.jpg

hello Mr.. lizard

 photo 082-IMG_7681_zpsxcrdigwb.jpg  photo 083-IMG_7683_zpskpfj7dwx.jpg

still climbing and looking across at this little stone structure…

 photo 084-IMG_7686_zpsak0pu88n.jpg

looking back

 photo 086-IMG_7692_zpsxgf2pz9a.jpg

I'm now higher than that little stone structure

 photo 087-IMG_7694_zpsrwsnfodn.jpg


 photo 089-IMG_7696_zps3vymhrin.jpg  photo 090-IMG_7698_zpsasqkjs9o.jpg photo 091-IMG_7701_zpsw2las8r2.jpg

and I reach the top and third wall. 

  photo 093-IMG_7707_zpsbaopkzkq.jpg 

a rock pool to catch water.

 photo 095-IMG_7710_zpsdorbfchm.jpg

the top of the keep. The castle seen above dates back to Roger II, 11-12th century AD.

 photo 096-IMG_7712_zps927bfadd.jpg  photo 098-IMG_7718_zpsvhxw0gji.jpg

not much left of the was destroyed in a fire in the late 13th century. 

 photo 099-IMG_7721_zpszagmt9we.jpg

here are the walls which go around the rock

 photo 102-IMG_7730_zpstdaajh55.jpg

Another view of Cefalu

 photo 105-IMG_7739_zpsitexbnoi.jpg

fossils..from deep below the sea, and now on top of a rock. Remember we are in volcanic territory

 photo 106-IMG_7742_zpsln4a7kha.jpg

looking back

 photo 107-IMG_7745_zpsalsboemc.jpg

looking right.

 photo 111-IMG_7757_zpsxrzmztng.jpg

looking right and down

 photo 112-IMG_7760_zpsq8ynvwly.jpg

hmmmm, i wonder what that little peninsula is all about? maybe i can pop in?

 photo 115-IMG_7769_zpsrphceek7.jpg  photo 117-IMG_7775_zpsztjw5en9.jpg photo 130-IMG_7814_zpslp8k1kax.jpg photo 131-IMG_7817_zpshhiopdrt.jpg photo 133-IMG_7823_zpsjknit2h2.jpg photo 118-IMG_7778_zps32jfvvbc.jpg

Some more views from the top, as I scrambled to the highest point of the rock.

 photo 135-IMG_7829_zpse7rbafdy.jpg  photo 143-IMG_7856_zpsmsgd86xs.jpg

and then this stretch of repaired wall.

 photo 137-IMG_7835_zpsw6xnlvw5.jpg 

I leant over the wall to see the cliff

 photo 153-IMG_7885_zpsvvkh8vwe.jpg

I walk around the wall till I come to this little hut. And strangely I had an immediate flashback. I was almost feeling like a Byzantine soldier, who would be based here in this little hut. His job is to be on the lookout for Saracen pirates or navies who come sailing over the horizon to attack. Lovely view, but it would be a cold and lonely job, with nobody to speak to. I leant my elbows on the sill and pressed my forehead on the rusted iron grating, what would you think about? his family back in some tiny village in Montenegro? or maybe he came from the highlands of Cappadocia? Or did he come from Spain? maybe he was pulled in from a hamlet in the river Po valley in upper Italy. Where he knows his wife and 4 kids are. Where his family are tilling the stony ground. And while he's standing here. Hitching up his heavy armour. No, he wouldn't wear armour up here, but he will try to wrap his blanket closer to himself and look down at the gladius leaning against the wall.

 photo 164-IMG_7908_zpsucznw0j9.jpg

Well, not much to see so i start on heading down.

 photo 166-IMG_7914_zpskw2cirau.jpg

hmmm, somebody went out of breath here.

 photo 169-IMG_7923_zpsfwo8zgfe.jpg

walking down the path

 photo 178-IMG_7944_zpslumn5pqn.jpg  photo 179-IMG_7947_zpsmsz1ggje.jpg

It was quite hot and i was sweating like nuts. truly perspiring like crazy..and I've got to get to that little stone structure

 photo 183-IMG_7959_zpsptrs5i1t.jpg

little leaves and dried leaves

 photo 185-IMG_7965_zpsq9beod6h.jpg photo 186-IMG_7968_zps0ifugl9o.jpg

for some reason, that little stone structure is so calling me…

 photo 194-IMG_7992_zpsicnfwdgf.jpg

I was up there… 

 photo 198-IMG_8004_zpssqndeiih.jpg

I reach the little stone structure, its a casemate, a place for storing stuff during the middle ages..maybe for ammo as well.

 photo 199-IMG_8007_zpsrq6t0ym9.jpg

to my right, the second wall appears

 photo 209-IMG_8037_zpslqcdlogt.jpg

with this ammo dump

 photo 212-IMG_8046_zpsubd36a2h.jpg

and planes in the sky

 photo 217-IMG_8061_zps4oo26km2.jpg  photo 218-IMG_8063_zpsn9zvwswr.jpg

more ants in the ground..

I leave the area and keep walking down, the heat was serious and I was now down to my last 200ml of water and I still had to see one more thing

 photo 226-IMG_8088_zpsl4c7vb4j.jpg

Just where I turned right on the second wall, if i move left, there is a little village. this is where the villagers used to live who also supported the castle on the top. 

 photo 229-IMG_8097_zpsqs7j0j1s.jpg

you can see the remains of the habitation

 photo 231-IMG_8103_zpszee8nehv.jpg

with a great view of the rear valley.

 photo 234-IMG_8111_zpsu6u62dch.jpg  photo 236-IMG_8118_zpss9sm9yr6.jpg


 photo 239-IMG_8127_zpsmfsjvsgg.jpg photo 241-IMG_8133_zps9sbjooxi.jpg 

a little Byzantine church dedicated to St. Venera

 photo 242-IMG_8137_zps4nhe1ih3.jpg 

and a cistern.

 photo 243-IMG_8141_zpshstaf2tn.jpg


 photo 244-IMG_8144_zps0ib9juyj.jpg photo 245-IMG_8148_zpsfgv0uo55.jpg  photo 246-IMG_8151_zps6zodosiy.jpg photo 247-IMG_8154_zpsghzmt9p9.jpg photo 248-IMG_8157_zps0exsfy1j.jpg photo 249-IMG_8160_zpsibdpbu47.jpg

And then we come to something that was extraordinary. This is the Temple of Diana. Dating back to the 5-6c BC. Giant blocks carved out and made into this building. A cistern is nearby and archaeologists think this related to worship of water. It then became a lookout point.

 photo 250-IMG_8162_zpsh8wk3ywz.jpg  photo 252-IMG_8169_zpsc4of4sbg.jpg

an alcove on the left and what looks like the remains of a circular tower on the right.

 photo 253-IMG_8172_zps3k2jfsxc.jpg

barrel vaulting.

 photo 254-IMG_8175_zpsrcuykhrq.jpg  photo 256-IMG_8181_zpstyrqrxnc.jpg photo 259-IMG_8190_zpsnuqx731l.jpg

amazing construction

 photo 265-IMG_8208_zpsi3sjoou6.jpg

but the doorway isn't worn away at all, this is curious. If this is dating back to 5th century BC, i would have expected to see much more weathering and wearing.

 photo 266-IMG_8211_zpsa26w6jyt.jpg 

see how amazingly well the stones have been arranged. how much physical labour would have been required.

 photo 269-IMG_8220_zps4jz7x9qm.jpg 

hmmm, the edges are too fine, i am not sure if this is ancient or this has been recently restored.

 photo 272-IMG_8229_zpsuljqwc3l.jpg  photo 273-IMG_8236_zps1iioawt0.jpg

the cistern.

 photo 275-IMG_8241_zpssdstmtee.jpg

the little church.

 photo 277-IMG_8247_zpsezx1yglt.jpg

these are the remains of the 3rd circular wall.

 photo 278-IMG_8250_zpsg12cfrw1.jpg

and a giant cross, which is illuminated at night and can be seen from miles around.  photo 297-IMG_8308_zpsgk2ilbpq.jpg 

 photo 280-IMG_8257_zpsiqmhtctn.jpg  photo 281-IMG_8260_zpsvmkm1dms.jpg photo 286-IMG_8275_zpsem9dh2el.jpg photo 282-IMG_8263_zpsuiwbon56.jpg  photo 283-IMG_8266_zpswvjceqnq.jpg photo 284-IMG_8269_zpse8j7wpqv.jpg photo 285-IMG_8272_zpsaqxore3i.jpg

views of the Norman era Cathedral photo 289-IMG_8284_zpsf4kf86qd.jpg

and the azure sea

 photo 292-IMG_8293_zps6wc7hwue.jpg

crystal clear waters. 

 photo 295-IMG_8302_zpser5qrp4n.jpg

such a lovely sight.

 photo 307-IMG_8338_zpsnnzg7yaf.jpg  photo 309-IMG_8344_zpssk1ghkcj.jpg

keep on walking down the battlements and come to the giant cross.

 photo 310-IMG_8347_zpspdujmcrj.jpg

somebody’s little dingy is moored in the bay.

 photo 315-IMG_8362_zpsfh4ls52q.jpg

there’s the castle.

  photo 329-IMG_8398_zpseslwtlqb.jpg 

i keep on walking down..there’s the main gate

 photo 331-IMG_8403_zpsphbbjsla.jpg 

I reach it

 photo 337-IMG_8422_zps9g8ykfqk.jpg 

walking down the steps.

 photo 342-IMG_8437_zpsypz4v35l.jpg 

a cute little water pump, sadly defunct now…i could have done with a drink

 photo 347-IMG_8449_zpsk2dqy7rd.jpg 

there’s the battlements where I walked.

 photo 348-IMG_8451_zpshfuq85tx.jpg

lovely sight.

 photo 351-IMG_8461_zpszu9zo9ha.jpg 

the windows with the balconies had these curtains, nice idea, eh? keeps the breeze flowing but also avoids the glare of the sun into the house

 photo 352-IMG_8464_zps2qccj86x.jpg

and I reach the hotel…the beach is now jammed.

 photo 356-IMG_5994_zpsyxdgjsmk.jpg  photo 357-IMG_5995-001_zpsbdfsd7ka.jpg

we jump into the pool where somebody has fun irrigating me. I tell you, no respect whatsoever.

 photo 361-IMG_5999_zpsgwkufi4j.jpg

spend couple of hours in the pool.

 photo 367-IMG_6005_zpsr955yg8e.jpg

and there’s the rock at sunset. It was a good walk. I liked it. but the heat was bad, i was struggling but what the hell, fun times.

Some more photos of the rock from later days

 photo 001-IMG_8472_zpsldzoves1.jpg

that’s the rock from the other side. Giant e.g.?

 photo 629-IMG_4476-001_zpsctzj9xez.jpg  photo 633-IMG_4480_zpsmffxa7du.jpg

and there’s the rock from the air…

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