Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oct 2013: Autumn Leaves….Autumn aala re..

 photo 10-IMG_9885_zpsfbfuxvtp.jpg 

there’s something hugely fun about playing with leaves

 photo 12-IMG_9890_zps8lqau6yy.jpg

they just look amazing

 photo 01-IMG_9704_zpsepxgxkdr.jpg  photo 02-IMG_9707_zpsyd9qfkxh.jpg

and how they start changing colours

 photo 03-IMG_9709_zpsidanss5z.jpg

glorious reds and browns and golden tones

 photo 04-IMG_9713_zpsvcbp6jrj.jpg  photo 05-IMG_9716_zpsdkcrmydr.jpg

the sun shining through the leaves

 photo 06-IMG_9719_zpsdny7iswg.jpg

whether it is evening

 photo 07-IMG_9722_zpsiohgbk7e.jpg

or sunrise

 photo 09-IMG_0134_zps0pzb8uol.jpg

you've got to walk on these leaves…check out the hobbit feet..

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