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Sept 2013: Visiting Hadleigh Castle in the Essex Marshes

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a lovely little bridge…i finished my lecture at Colchester and then while coming back, decided to take a detour to see Hadleigh Castle. 

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Parked the car and then walked down this little lane

 photo 05-IMG_8620_zpsbrjksauo.jpg photo 07-IMG_8626_zpsydgleinn.jpg photo 06-IMG_8623_zps2oc5dele.jpg

passing lovely rolling Essex landscapes on the left and right

 photo 09-IMG_8632_zpsyejkxp4m.jpg

and I reach the entrance gate…no cost to enter the castle.

 photo 11-IMG_8638_zpsxu2q9l1x.jpg

a little mound with couple of footpaths. 

 photo 13-IMG_8644_zpsg5byddvz.jpg  photo 14-IMG_8647_zpsddtwcfjy.jpg photo 15-IMG_8650_zpsdg4tzxiy.jpg

and the Thames flood plain opens up

 photo 16-IMG_8653_zpsvyzoydki.jpg photo 17-IMG_8656_zpslohawytr.jpg

And the remains of the castle show up.

 photo 18-IMG_8659_zpsumrmbix4.jpg

not much left but the grass is well kept. 

 photo 21-IMG_8674_zpsrcqd6ymd.jpg

some houses in the distance above a field.

 photo 22-IMG_8677_zpsrjemncsw.jpg  photo 23-IMG_8680_zpsebmifeur.jpg

tiny signs show what these little ruins are for..the Barbican is here. You cannot recognise it at all.

this is how it looked like way back…


 photo 24-IMG_8683_zpsbsjyatwb.jpg

looking back the way i came

 photo 26-IMG_8689_zpssrtyj6vt.jpg

the tower is calling me out. 

 photo 28-IMG_8695_zpspbrnayyz.jpg

can you see the refinery in the distance? 

 photo 30-IMG_8701_zpsjnihq2a3.jpg photo 31-IMG_8704_zpsfwazkun0.jpg

oh! hello…there’s a train line as well. 

 photo 32-IMG_8707_zpsz6hzpzlq.jpg

And you can see my office in the distance, as well as the Shard…

 photo 33-IMG_8710_zpsnngrcp2r.jpg

the barbican

 photo 35-IMG_8716_zpsq6f8y0s1.jpg photo 36-IMG_8719_zpssczxbzgw.jpg  photo 37-IMG_8722_zpsinarz8om.jpg

the tower is an octagonal tower, 3 stories high

 photo 39-IMG_8728_zps5adwfdti.jpg

another tower, well, just the remnants of it are on the other side, you can see the walls, couple of arrow slits and that’s it.

 photo 40-IMG_8731_zpskd7urbid.jpg 

back to this main tower.

 photo 41-IMG_8734_zpswhbslwjk.jpg 

huge cracks running up and down…not long before this also collapses in a heap, eh?

 photo 42-IMG_8737_zpsunwjnlah.jpg

you can make out the octagonal shape.

 photo 44-IMG_8743_zpszjbkjxrh.jpg photo 45-IMG_8746_zps7qeqpsjd.jpg

I move down the slope

 photo 46-IMG_8749_zpsjf6fpwpz.jpg  photo 47-IMG_8751_zpsng9r4ino.jpg

Some ruined walls leaning drunkenly over.

 photo 48-IMG_8755_zpsbjdvxc2i.jpg photo 49-IMG_8758_zpsiek7bizv.jpg

Another train heading into London..

 photo 54-IMG_8776_zpsgs39avza.jpg 

this castle is a popular backdrop for paintings down the ages. See here?

N04810_10[1] preview_hadleighcastle.jpg[1] John_Constable_-_Hadleigh_Castle_-_Google_Art_Project[1]

Even Constable got into the act…you can see the plains flooded.

 photo 55-IMG_8782_zpsabaagk3t.jpg

the top of the castle tower…

 photo 56-IMG_8784_zps5fot4rnq.jpg 

and the tower from the other side.

 photo 57-IMG_8788_zpsahwhacka.jpg  photo 58-IMG_8796_zpsqrujlyeo.jpg photo 60-IMG_8802_zpshlgrvtvt.jpg photo 59-IMG_8800_zpscewtg8yz.jpg

against the sun….

 photo 62-IMG_8809_zps7v5akpr7.jpg

walking back up the embankment.

 photo 64-IMG_8818_zpsbvbkzmst.jpg

zooming into the refinery and port…pretty industrial…which makes it looks pretty shocking compared to the pretty plains surrounding it. 

 photo 65-IMG_8821_zpsimgsxnpn.jpg  photo 66-IMG_8824_zpsghi4mj2e.jpg

and another train…

 photo 67-IMG_8827_zpsnq5cg2cr.jpg photo 68-IMG_8833_zpsr6prk9hs.jpg photo 69-IMG_8836_zpsp7pfikqo.jpg photo 70-IMG_8842_zpsfjokpaj9.jpg photo 71-IMG_8845_zpsaa5ffbof.jpg photo 74-IMG_8854_zpsy28xokki.jpg photo 72-IMG_8848_zpsulflaqoa.jpg

some more views of the lovely countryside as I got for a walk. Its truly amazingly beautiful, lovely walk around for couple of miles.

 photo 75-IMG_8857_zpsxbdjv3fm.jpg

very polite notice that they will be doing improvements…

 photo 76-IMG_8860_zpsbl8dcqvc.jpg

Samaritans??? here????

 photo 78-IMG_8872_zpsukgp61vm.jpg

back on the trail…

 photo 79-IMG_8875_zpsj5kctwe4.jpg

and reaching the castle now.

 photo 80-IMG_8878_zpsrxgovitz.jpg


 photo 81-IMG_8881_zpskoclspxq.jpg

its really beautiful

 photo 82-IMG_8884_zpsxqpvwt1u.jpg

A castle fit for a King…this castle commanded the river entrance and entry into London, so pretty important

 photo 83-IMG_8887_zpspc37b4bb.jpg  photo 84-IMG_8890_zpsvjeaqhf5.jpg photo 85-IMG_8893_zps9rtkoifu.jpg photo 87-IMG_8899_zps1eumixyy.jpg

doubtful look…tiny walls and stubby remains…not really much to say

 photo 86-IMG_8896_zpsunlgcwfs.jpg

another view of the lovely rolling countryside.



 photo 88-IMG_8902_zps3qtq74it.jpg

they used to melt lead here….

 photo 89-IMG_8905_zpsh20uxr5d.jpg

the sunset highlights the ruins..

 photo 94-IMG_8935_zpsi6dpf69d.jpg

I reach the kitchen.., can I have a steak please?

 photo 98-IMG_8947_zpsnccut0qd.jpg

i was hoping to have a cuppa tea but it was closed :(



and here are two panoramic views of the castle and the flood plains, not much to see now, but strangely good..very nice.

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