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Aug 2013: Viewing the Volcano from an old amphitheatre

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so we decided to spend a day visiting Taormina and then do one of my bucket list tasks, visit a Volcano. So jumped into a bus and drove off. That’s the rear view of the Cefalu Rock. Cant believe the previous day I climbed up there.

 photo 006-IMG_8490_zpslf5abekm.jpg 

I am constantly surprised at the hilly nature of this island. Here’s a giant pair of road bridges…thanks to the EU..And then we crossed so many little valleys.

 photo 009-IMG_8499_zpsmrckmzer.jpg  photo 019-IMG_8538_zpsz1zkxdrm.jpg photo 022-IMG_8548_zpsoca4g2p9.jpg photo 024-IMG_8554_zps0q1os2vz.jpg photo 025-IMG_8558_zpsygs8vttl.jpg  photo 027-IMG_8567_zps2zctnlec.jpg photo 035-IMG_8590_zps1rod225u.jpg  photo 068-IMG_8714_zpsabh6ispa.jpg photo 072-IMG_8729_zpsqwrqjzrz.jpg photo 078-IMG_8747_zpsbi4kozir.jpg photo 049-IMG_8636_zpszmiziwdh.jpg photo 075-IMG_8734_zps1mscjfjj.jpg 

very pretty little valleys indeed.

 photo 046-IMG_8624_zpsk2zbt66n.jpg

And then we were handed these little maps of Taormina. On the left hand side is where the bus is parked and then we walk to the end and then to the right is the amphitheatre.

 photo 086-IMG_8771_zpsi9xudoac.jpg

we get down and then I get to see her. Mount Etna. In all her glory. Its cloud covered, but the vast brooding presence is made clear even so far away.

 photo 092-IMG_8785_zpsyacndxlp.jpg

lovely view across the bay

 photo 093-IMG_8789_zpsjhkrp8bm.jpg

and then this hotel, i wonder what would be the views of the volcano?

 photo 094-IMG_8791_zpsqkvonxml.jpg

there was some kind of a celebration recently, eh? 

 photo 097-IMG_8801_zpsqn48lkbj.jpg  photo 098-IMG_8804_zpsuhpzczxd.jpg photo 099-IMG_8807_zpsbvoslfjz.jpg

this is a little town and has such a long history. It was originally settled by the Greeks…can you imagine? even though the original inhabitants, the Siculi did live around here. The walls have obviously been rebuilt.

 photo 100-IMG_8810_zps3fflsap1.jpg

but you can see the Moorish influence

 photo 101-IMG_8813_zpsivhvmtnp.jpg 

lovely little streets

 photo 102-IMG_8816_zpstz3eu4lu.jpg

a sea horse?

 photo 104-IMG_8822_zps3oub4ebi.jpg  photo 106-IMG_8828_zpsi2vcwh5h.jpg photo 107-IMG_8831_zpszpdpmyll.jpg photo 108-IMG_8834_zpscpxxj262.jpg photo 109-IMG_8836_zpsjlq4gfci.jpg

and then this lovely amazing fountain. Its a very old one. In 3 levels. The top is a man with a fish tail? or the hind quarters of a horse. Then 4 statues and then holding up a shell are these four men with kids.

 photo 105-IMG_8825_zpswneexyhg.jpg

and then this lovely little church.

 photo 112-IMG_8846_zpsh6votqpo.jpg photo 113-IMG_8849_zpsl9ntszvm.jpg photo 114-IMG_8852_zpsarvv2gok.jpg  photo 115-IMG_8854_zpsp8ivq08r.jpg photo 116-IMG_8857_zpsqu53ggdo.jpg  photo 117-IMG_8861_zpsg2vnigxo.jpg photo 118-IMG_8864_zpswziduv3g.jpg photo 119-IMG_8867_zps4nbqbtmi.jpg

the doors were quite nice. The church was built in 1636, well, at least that’s when the plaque is from. I am sure the antecedents of the church go back much earlier.

 photo 120-IMG_8870_zpsghslr9fx.jpg 

pretty good solid roof.

 photo 121-IMG_8873_zpsvijnlt3x.jpg  photo 122-IMG_8876_zpslxi5zdap.jpg photo 123-IMG_8879_zpsvou35yeu.jpg photo 124-IMG_8882_zpsah1xnxmb.jpg photo 137-IMG_8921_zpso2jodvhy.jpg  photo 138-IMG_8924_zpsipezaxwq.jpg photo 139-IMG_8927_zpseu4skouz.jpg photo 142-IMG_8936_zps8bworz2p.jpg 

quite a lot of little altars on the side with pietra dura work. Very very nice work.

 photo 125-IMG_8885_zpsvcimqxog.jpg 

the door out to the main road.

 photo 126-IMG_8888_zpsabofoltu.jpg  photo 128-IMG_8894_zpsyvktahx6.jpg photo 129-IMG_8897_zps3mcjfoil.jpg

one of the side chapels. Amazing marble work.

  photo 130-IMG_8899_zpsxcxhvyef.jpg  photo 131-IMG_8902_zpswvpuoxme.jpg

the main altar. quite severe. But the panel below the table was exquisite. Amazing work.

 photo 132-IMG_8906_zps6vb68ewx.jpg  photo 133-IMG_8909_zpsw0pvgov5.jpg photo 134-IMG_8912_zpsnedp7c2l.jpg photo 136-IMG_8917_zpsjcbubdib.jpg 

more chapels on the left and right. And then this lovely cute tree in two versions for candles.

 photo 135-IMG_8915_zpsoowr1yvt.jpg  photo 143-IMG_8939_zps2yiscpr0.jpg photo 144-IMG_8942_zps66lhxhqi.jpg

Hmmm, now this is the most interesting piece, you can see how they are trying to restore it…by doing digital restoration.  photo 149-IMG_8957_zpsdocpyvqg.jpg

And the family is sitting outside, there’s Baba again with his penchant for poking around in mouldy old buildings and churches.

 photo 150-IMG_8960_zpspf9hvoz8.jpg  photo 151-IMG_8963_zps4g8nq2pc.jpg

The police station

 photo 152-IMG_8965_zpsgw89ik1w.jpg photo 154-IMG_8972_zps1k3ddtbw.jpg photo 153-IMG_8969_zpsv6nhdbl0.jpg 

no photography. so i had to photograph it. Lemons and Limes and citrus fruit…its the national fruit, eh?

 photo 155-IMG_8975_zpsorwyymto.jpg 

Another tiny street full of stairs. 

 photo 156-IMG_8978_zpsjnkmrcw5.jpg 


 photo 160-IMG_8990_zpsrfiqhod6.jpg 

Another tiny street, I would be scared of walking up here…clumsy giant bear me. 

 photo 162-IMG_8995_zpsde6wkgjq.jpg 

its just one long long street

 photo 168-IMG_9014_zps7ggdmaw9.jpg  photo 169-IMG_9017_zpszo5y8jl4.jpg photo 170-IMG_9020_zps0vegx43q.jpg photo 206-IMG_9131_zps0dcs6asb.jpg

And a lovely little cafe. You can just imagine the glitterati of Europe and USA staying here, ranging from DH Lawrence, Tennessee Williams, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Halldor Laxness, etc. all stayed here. Stay away from Jiddu, he can send you into serious depression. And then you had Liz Taylor and Richard Burton here…

with views like this, why wouldn't your literary juices flow?

  photo 171-IMG_9023_zpsgqjrddzn.jpg  photo 172-IMG_9026_zpsa7alv0h5.jpg photo 174-IMG_9032_zps5rvu1frb.jpg photo 175-IMG_9035_zpsmiehkthy.jpg photo 176-IMG_9038_zpsa8xpub2k.jpg photo 177-IMG_9041_zpsgxfljdeg.jpg

a much newer church, dating back to the 1953 times.

 photo 180-IMG_9050_zpslrrl4hjx.jpg  photo 181-IMG_9052_zpsc6bhy1nn.jpg photo 182-IMG_9056_zpswby1ey2w.jpg photo 184-IMG_9065_zpsm6bnqejc.jpg photo 183-IMG_9059_zpskmmklzov.jpg photo 186-IMG_9071_zpsvcoyxo2w.jpg photo 187-IMG_9074_zpsta4rq9ba.jpg photo 190-IMG_9083_zpsutgldwkv.jpg photo 194-IMG_9095_zpsuuj9kqoh.jpg

lovely interiors..faintly baroque in style sometimes..but good. Nice.

 photo 195-IMG_9099_zpsqbzqcp6d.jpg

I come out…

 photo 196-IMG_9101_zpsotepqu3q.jpg

ah, this is a bit of a local lore. I quote:

The square was named after the 9th of April, 1860, when mass in the Taormina cathedral down the street was interrupted to announce that Garibaldi had landed at Marsala (on the far side of the island) to begin his conquest of Sicily that made it part of Italy
The ex-church of Sant-Agostino on Piazza IX Aprile, Taormina. (Photo by Pablo Canateam)(The name is actually a bit of a statement of nationalist pride, since the excited local rumor mill that fed the anouncement was actually a full month ahead of events. Garibaldi did not land in
Marsalauntil May 9, 1860, but the Taorminese are proud that they called it ahead of time.)

 photo 197-IMG_9104_zpsfisgpzwn.jpg 

British Pharmacy. one old story goes,

By this time Taormina had become "a polite synonym for Sodom" as Harold Acton described it. Later, however, after the Second World War Acton was visiting Taormina with Evelyn Waugh and, coming upon a board advertising “Ye Olde English Teas” he sighed and commented that Taormina 'was now quite as boring as Bournemouth'.

 photo 200-IMG_9113_zpsszm0sghu.jpg

wut? here? 

 photo 201-IMG_9116_zpsyewvymgm.jpg 

we keep on going down

 photo 202-IMG_9119_zpsg4ix44n1.jpg

somebody is happy.

 photo 203-IMG_9122_zpsujd8idrj.jpg  photo 204-IMG_9125_zpsoxlepn9s.jpg photo 207-IMG_9134_zpsw79o9m0z.jpg

thank you, I already have my doll :)

 photo 209-IMG_9140_zps54e0azfj.jpg

Another church

 photo 210-IMG_9143_zpszyopcwfd.jpg  photo 211-IMG_9146_zpsgwovqyrp.jpg photo 212-IMG_9149_zpsd47698kw.jpg photo 213-IMG_9152_zpsagvxebgb.jpg photo 214-IMG_9155_zpsxacto3kr.jpg photo 215-IMG_9158_zps577zhyjp.jpg photo 216-IMG_9160_zpsc71qukpv.jpg photo 217-IMG_9163_zps0rnjk9bl.jpg photo 220-IMG_9173_zpsqqy0yy2s.jpg photo 221-IMG_9176_zps5wajcxn7.jpg

its a much smaller church. not that well decorated either…but with some interesting characteristics. The painting behind the altar has been in the wars…the paintings on the wall are unframed.. photo 222-IMG_9179_zpspclftqdl.jpg 

The pillars are very nice.

 photo 223-IMG_9182_zps0krltsgq.jpg

Some excavations from old old days…

 photo 240-IMG_9232_zpsnigo51ha.jpg  photo 242-IMG_9239_zpsous3guvw.jpg photo 243-IMG_9241_zpswlsmoies.jpg

We come out and turn right to get to the Greek Theatre.  Massive construction. 

 photo 245-IMG_9248_zpsjambvfma.jpg 

we are entering from the back side..

 photo 246-IMG_9251_zpsuelkeg0m.jpg

built of brick…originally Greek, it was completely rebuilt by the Romans who converted the Theatre into a gladiatorial arena.

 photo 249-IMG_9259_zps20eltwak.jpg photo 250-IMG_9263_zpstb8aygt2.jpg  photo 253-IMG_9272_zpser6xsrwf.jpg

And then I come out to see this most amazing structure.

 photo 252-IMG_9269_zpstgdobmyx.jpg

has rows of seats around it now. 

 photo 263-IMG_9302_zpsk4ow1aja.jpg

I look back at the Volcano.


 photo 267-IMG_9314_zpstbkx3xjj.jpg

climbed up into the stands…but really? it didnt speak to me :(

 photo 285-IMG_9365_zpsqofr3z4u.jpg

the view over the sea is beautiful but its fragile..almost artificial.

 photo 295-IMG_9395_zpskat2nkrq.jpg

And then you can sit here and see the theatre and also the volcano

 photo 296-IMG_9398_zpsq8zity56.jpg


 photo 299-IMG_9407_zpsvkgbc1ph.jpg

it would be amazing in the evening with lights, no?

 photo 302-IMG_9415_zpsnc8wia9n.jpg  photo 304-IMG_9422_zpsy9kcvnju.jpg

on the top corridor


 photo 310-IMG_9440_zpsdran1puo.jpg

another view of the amphitheatre. 

 photo 321-IMG_9472_zps5uarmyjj.jpg

beggars…we head back

 photo 338-IMG_9524_zpspyzrbbep.jpg

a giant croc!!

 photo 339-IMG_9527_zpsa5xdytz6.jpg

it was hot and thirsty work…so I have my typical Sicilian meal, two ice-cream scoops in a brioche roll.

 photo 346-IMG_9548_zpsouvdimaa.jpg 

somebody is having fun.

 photo 349-IMG_9556_zpsjwplejte.jpg 

gosh, that’s even narrower..

 photo 351-IMG_9563_zpsbf6xap1g.jpg

back in the square.

 photo 355-IMG_9575_zps23w45lli.jpg 

lovely wrought iron lampposts

 photo 358-IMG_9584_zpskyy11ycf.jpg photo 359-IMG_9586_zpsksos3wy6.jpg 

Romeo and Juliet Stairs..

 photo 373-IMG_9632_zpsc8xkcx9c.jpg

its getting very warm…

 photo 377-IMG_9643_zpsbxetrsfd.jpg 

Kannu filling up the bottles. 

 photo 378-IMG_9647_zpsor1ep5nb.jpg

quite an interesting sea horse?

 photo 379-IMG_9650_zpsn5i71ygk.jpg 

reached the city gates.

 photo 396-IMG_9701_zps0g41xusu.jpg

Mount Etna is getting excited. 

 photo 405-IMG_9737_zpsiwttmlfn.jpg

 photo 407-IMG_9751_zpsgqzctvcb.jpg

Another last view of the lovely countryside around Taormina before we board the bus and then off to Mount Etna. Its an ok town, if you are one of those silly people who get excited about movie stars, then this is for you, otherwise this is a giant tourist trap. Not impressed. Didnt speak to me. Very artificial. Bah.

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