Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oct 2013: Walking in rain drenched woods

So I decided to take off for a walk at the local woods, its a beautiful area and I end up going there at least once or twice a month.

 photo 01-IMG_9285_zpstbplhgpn.jpg photo 04-IMG_9296_zpsr9t03mdg.jpg photo 02-IMG_9289_zpsohgiop7f.jpg

  photo 07-IMG_0098-001_zps9xkasyhv.jpg

Parked the car and took the obligatory photos over London. This is the hill which is the highest point in London, so you get great views. This is a view over the northwest London, and you can see the planes land in Heathrow.

 photo 08-IMG_9304_zps3bdjsknr.jpg

crossing the road from the parking lot to the woods

 photo 09-IMG_9310_zpsdtvkuxhx.jpg 

and I enter into the woods, nothing much to explain in the photos…should be self explanatory :)

 photo 10-IMG_9313_zpsvpt4pagi.jpg  photo 12-IMG_9316_zpsk0leo6l4.jpg

jeepers creepers…

 photo 13-IMG_9319_zps2z2dgtwg.jpg photo 14-IMG_9322_zpsdbxuwkb4.jpg  photo 16-IMG_9328_zps4bs1yibf.jpg photo 17-IMG_9332_zpskl2osijo.jpg photo 18-IMG_9333_zpsgl3gozyf.jpg photo 19-IMG_9336_zpsurzhvwb1.jpg photo 15-IMG_9325_zpstzhb0mki.jpg photo 20-IMG_9343_zpsbrprfu27.jpg photo 21-IMG_9346_zpsnvw3t7ul.jpg photo 22-IMG_9349_zps6c8talzi.jpg  photo 23-IMG_9352_zpsajerobkx.jpg  photo 24-IMG_9355_zpsaqmosczk.jpg  photo 25-IMG_9358_zpsstrslekr.jpg

  photo 26-IMG_9361_zpsizro3pvx.jpg photo 27-IMG_0099_zpssi042sum.jpg

can you believe this view? a stream running down the path…

 photo 28-IMG_9370_zpsrjgzakny.jpg  photo 29-IMG_0101_zps9qotuijz.jpg

a tree which has been blown over.

 photo 30-IMG_9376_zpsrfjztnam.jpg  photo 31-IMG_9378_zpskdxyfpm4.jpg

a little bench…but its all sodden so not fun to sit on.

 photo 32-IMG_9381_zps5camcdb4.jpg  photo 33-IMG_9394_zpsca8r6cbd.jpg  photo 34-IMG_9397_zpsdluzsm2l.jpg

keep walking through

 photo 35-IMG_9400_zps0y7zjjxq.jpg  photo 36-IMG_9403_zpsvkxjezw3.jpg photo 37-IMG_9406_zpsylelza5a.jpg photo 39-IMG_9412_zps5oqcmczy.jpg photo 38-IMG_9409_zpsws8vnosv.jpg

reaching and crossing another tiny stream.

 photo 40-IMG_9415_zpspnqhokiq.jpg

another stream…

 photo 41-IMG_9421_zps9kgjgxw4.jpg photo 43-IMG_9430_zpsdonsqpie.jpg photo 44-IMG_9433_zps9gt0mi7x.jpg photo 42-IMG_9427_zpsqtxoaayb.jpg photo 46-IMG_9439_zpsfbg9axnv.jpg 

keep on walking through the paths.

 photo 49-IMG_9450_zps6f3lhfjn.jpg 


 photo 50-IMG_9451_zps3fie6ryw.jpg

a tiny little brook..

 photo 51-IMG_9452_zpszzjthxew.jpg

its starting to get quite dark…

 photo 52-IMG_9453_zpsumw04l3l.jpg photo 53-IMG_9457_zps7guktnx5.jpg

so i start heading back

 photo 54-IMG_9460_zpsfsbmtqna.jpg

skipping the bench…all wet…

 photo 57-IMG_9469_zps8rvwmjhk.jpg photo 58-IMG_9475_zpsxvj22c0y.jpg photo 59-IMG_9478_zps268j9tt2.jpg

reach the parking lot…dramatic skies…..lovely little walk..

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