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Aug 2013: Peering into the Volcano

 photo 001-IMG_9755_zpscihh5kib.jpg

We jump back into the bus and head off to see Mount Etna

 photo 002-IMG_9758_zpsogyzfcg8.jpg

passing some lovely sights…this is an abandoned building

 photo 006-IMG_9773_zpsq4dwtisu.jpg photo 009-IMG_9782_zps2bel2zix.jpg

And a roof top abandoned fort.

 photo 014-IMG_9800_zpsmwmpennd.jpg  photo 021-IMG_9823_zpsb6yyyfit.jpg 

we are heading up there

 photo 018-IMG_9815_zpsoaey6cno.jpg


 photo 024-IMG_9836_zps98ixotu8.jpg

Can you see the black pyroclastic lava river cutting a sharp black knife across the landscape? The lava came that close to the settlement.

 photo 026-IMG_9848_zpsjmaxswrd.jpg

Can you imagine, living here and watching this tidal wave of lava and steaming hot rock coming over the horizon at you?

 photo 034-IMG_9911_zpsuqoxm2pd.jpg

the clouds start covering the skies

 photo 036-IMG_9919_zpsjwosuzmq.jpg

the winding road up to the volcano

 photo 038-IMG_9925_zpspinp7hpq.jpg

somebody actually lives here?

 photo 042-IMG_9943_zpsa6sry3rm.jpg

here are some intrepid explorers going lava cave spelunking.

 photo 051-IMG_9989_zps0slvt1fa.jpg

this is evidence of much recent lava flows, not much greenery around

 photo 053-IMG_9999_zpsyfealgr7.jpg

we finally reach the base camp, so to say

 photo 056-IMG_0007_zpsv7yutypw.jpg

the roof tops are covered by volcanic rock…, crazy, eh?

 photo 061-IMG_0016_zpsyq36tdji.jpg

We jump into the cable car

 photo 066-IMG_0029_zps8rntdyta.jpg 

somebody is happy

 photo 074-IMG_0058_zpsgi7xunnv.jpg photo 076-IMG_0062_zps9ttwiu21.jpg

two calderas on the right as we rise through the air

 photo 077-IMG_0065_zpsht2nbek5.jpg

some people actually walk up the bloody slope! I wouldnt mind doing it, if we had the time

 photo 078-IMG_0067_zps4q6fj5kc.jpg 

still heading up

 photo 092-IMG_0109_zpspfoupq9q.jpg

and then we have these buses to take us onwards and upwards. You can decide to just stop here and not go further.

 photo 095-IMG_0118_zpsjv1pnwgh.jpg

and it started raining

 photo 100-IMG_0138_zpsttpqpesp.jpg photo 102-IMG_0163_zpsd7qzcfpm.jpg

you have to drive between these poles, as there’s no point in putting up a road, it will simply get buried under the next eruption.

 photo 105-IMG_0173_zpsupjk4vax.jpg

we reach the top.

 photo 106-IMG_0176_zpsxxc0rgap.jpg

and there she is, the top of the volcano

 photo 108-IMG_0181_zpsxam2rrtj.jpg

its covered with snow

 photo 111-IMG_0190_zpsp5wvfy10.jpg

that’s another caldera

 photo 119-IMG_0216_zpsykjub1pl.jpg

volcanic bombs

 photo 121-IMG_0220_zpskncdsjle.jpg

the guide takes us to a nearby caldera where a fumarole is fuming

 photo 123-IMG_0226_zpsa0reejaq.jpg


 photo 124-IMG_0230_zps8la1gtcf.jpg

it was curiously awe-inspiring. to be surrounded by these piles of volcanic rock and the puffs of white steam coming out.

 photo 125-IMG_0233_zps5o8df2np.jpg

somebody else is smoking

 photo 129-IMG_0244_zpssloiqjgn.jpg

the ice has been around here for long

 photo 137-IMG_0268_zpssb0lnjqi.jpg

presence of iron

 photo 141-IMG_0286_zpsfurljbdd.jpg

the skies are cloudy but the clear blue breaks through sometimes.

 photo 155-IMG_0307_zpsysumyx5g.jpg

its an extraordinary landscape

 photo 170-IMG_0346_zpson1mak3c.jpg

more fumaroles on the mountain slopes

 photo 174-IMG_0355_zpsath5kvai.jpg

we go back to the buses

 photo 175-IMG_0359_zpsunb0kkbl.jpg  photo 176-IMG_0361_zpsyv7o3nyd.jpg

catching more fumaroles.

 photo 181-IMG_0377_zpszetgxkdo.jpg 

another rock which is splitting

 photo 185-IMG_0388_zpsjp1ppv7w.jpg 

my two cost centres

 photo 187-IMG_0395_zps2hv0lkrr.jpg

another view of the plain.

 photo 195-IMG_0419_zpstp39c7ik.jpg

it wasnt as if it was one or two vents, it was crowded with vents, the entire landscape was smoking

 photo 204-IMG_0445_zpsop4hsc66.jpg

an old laboratory station here, which was ruined in some explosion some time back.

 photo 208-IMG_0457_zpskyr0chcw.jpg 

another view of the slopes

 photo 211-IMG_0467_zpsa7anzx5f.jpg

Diya climbing one of the slopes.

 photo 233-IMG_0536_zpsxfcwjr40.jpg

tyre tracks

 photo 240-IMG_0560_zpsngavlbnc.jpg  photo 349-IMG_9602_zpsssj6bob2.jpg 

here’s my handsome fella and me trying a selfie :)

 photo 243-IMG_0565_zpsxb0ypxdj.jpg

yep, we love you too.

 photo 272-IMG_0665_zps32f4uk0f.jpg  photo 274-IMG_0671_zpswtwuwfgv.jpg photo 276-IMG_0677_zpsxn5dghnl.jpg photo 278-IMG_0683_zps2ewsfvpc.jpg photo 275-IMG_0674_zpshvuyo50z.jpg

And then you see all the countryside spread out over in front of you, all this can be overtaken by a lava or pyroclastic flow if Etna decides to get upset. Now you can understand how Pompeii and Herculaneum happened. Very dangerous.

 photo 282-IMG_0695_zpsqqzpos4j.jpg

last view of the smoking slopes.

 photo 284-IMG_0708_zpsoxii7fhh.jpg

getting back down the road

 photo 287-IMG_0719_zps61tvjkqh.jpg

tiny buses

 photo 310-IMG_0809_zpsqvxlmlur.jpg

an old flow

 photo 313-IMG_0818_zpsvgr0xcqu.jpg

looking at the two cones

 photo 323-IMG_0841_zpsf60rc07j.jpg

but life comes back…even after a volcano.

 photo 333-IMG_0875_zpsnlwazfnx.jpg

down the ropeway

 photo 348-IMG_0932_zpsdg13rh7z.jpg 

there’s a schematic of the volcano.

 photo 351-IMG_0934_zpss4rdugxr.jpg

we get back into the bus and drive down…seeing the lava flows down the mountain.

 photo 362-IMG_0983_zps9yva5dhj.jpg photo 364-IMG_0989_zpsg3ty3ahi.jpg  photo 366-IMG_0994_zpsnog9ep4q.jpg photo 370-IMG_1010_zps5g5mkupy.jpg photo 371-IMG_1013_zpsh7rx7j1y.jpg photo 372-IMG_1018_zpsdo39kmdx.jpg photo 375-IMG_1035_zpsg37bycvj.jpg

we pass houses and buildings which have been overpowered by Lava flows.

 photo 394-IMG_1108_zpssiwtotc9.jpg photo 396-IMG_1115_zpsbhboioio.jpg

last view of her

 photo 397-IMG_1118_zpsstqcuh9c.jpg

as we move down across Sicily to get back to Cefalu

 photo 401-IMG_1129_zpsgoyesj8j.jpg 

Another gorgeous view of the mountains

 photo 404-IMG_1148_zpsdawu2gv0.jpg

with the lovely clouds

 photo 407-IMG_1157_zpsghw17zkp.jpg photo 408-IMG_1163_zpszctfpynv.jpg

and the sun is setting…

some of the video’s of the time up in the mountain. One day I am going to actually trek into a volcano and see lava, but one of the bucket list items has been ticked off. Nice meeting you Hades / Vulcan.

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