Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nov 2013: Doing the Diwali thing

 photo 82-IMG_0356_zpsmabi8tfk.jpg  photo 83-IMG_0357_zpsisrbw2sx.jpg

I told you, we have gangsta time here

 photo 01-IMG_0958_zpsuoq2b3j8.jpg

Doesnt my Dada look good?

 photo 06-IMG_0976_zpsmmet1jpy.jpg

Giving a big hug

 photo 84-IMG_0358_zps8qntcxik.jpg

The candle left burning overnight…

And then the fireworks

 photo 13-IMG_1011_zpsjq4rasyx.jpg

 photo 19-IMG_1017_zpshv7br0j1.jpg 

 photo 20-IMG_1018_zps4aiqsnno.jpg 

 photo 21-IMG_1019_zpsoon0t0md.jpg 

 photo 29-IMG_1031_zpsdi4bdsnf.jpg 

 photo 38-IMG_1047_zps4wqsg8hd.jpg 

 photo 53-IMG_1070_zpszrp3etmc.jpg 

 photo 62-IMG_1086_zpsffrfvt8w.jpg

Can you see Kannu?

 photo 63-IMG_1123_zpsbvfhvdow.jpg

 photo 71-IMG_1230_zpsfantn3mh.jpg

 photo 76-IMG_1261_zpsdi3rahgj.jpg

 photo 77-IMG_1265_zpsj2o7tfow.jpg

 photo 78-IMG_1278_zpsb0bjviuu.jpg

 photo 81-IMG_1296_zpshbpjrvxk.jpg

Much fun to be had :)

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