Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oct 2013: Statues in London

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Hey there Robbie…

 photo 02-IMG_9985_zpsazcgku0x.jpg  photo 03-IMG_9987_zpsnzlbwwvv.jpg photo 05-IMG_9991_zpsgg0kpfu0.jpg photo 06-IMG_9993_zpstk5yibid.jpg photo 04-IMG_9990_zpslwlbrr5i.jpg

You didn't know that there was a statue to the Camel Corps in London, did you? Lovely Camelia

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And a little plaque, remembering the people who died when those blasted Islamists killed them all..may the fleas of 1000 camels infest their sick souls.

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a bit of cleanup?

 photo 09-IMG_9999_zpskfwwnxs6.jpg

Now there’s a great man…

 photo 10-IMG_0002_zpstcdnl7k8.jpg photo 11-IMG_0003_zpspmkbygbj.jpg 

This is one of the most beautiful statues I have ever seen, the angel really looks like she is weeping and collapsed in her grief.

 photo 12-IMG_0004_zpsdlaitcni.jpg 

Say what?

 photo 13-IMG_0006_zps3jno5ikd.jpg  photo 14-IMG_0007_zpstgxxkuys.jpg

Lovely little statues of kids on this building.

 photo 16-IMG_0013_zps2uj1xgrk.jpg  photo 17-IMG_0011_zpsqarnyes5.jpg

Very nice…

 photo 20-IMG_0027_zps09fc8w71.jpg  photo 23-IMG_0030_zpsz74kjbwf.jpg

Old man Bertrand Russell….he looks so clean cut and handsome…I always had an idea of him being large and craggy…

 photo 24-IMG_0068-001_zpstxqgcuoh.jpg

And then we have our man Sherlock Holmes

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