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Aug 2013: Watching a volcano blow at night

 photo 004-IMG_1178_zpssjcyowgo.jpg

so the penultimate trip was to go see Stromboli, it was a lovely morning when we reached the port



So we were at Cefalu, which is at the bottom left hand side corner. And we went up to Vulcano island, passing between Lipari and Salina, and then having a break at Panarea and then circling Stomboli and back.

 photo 009-IMG_1193_zps9ytc0ner.jpg

and climbed on this lovely boat

 photo 017-IMG_1217_zpszz7htqem.jpg

with ropes

 photo 018-IMG_1220_zpsqe7gy9ne.jpg

and bumpers, the waters are crystal clear

 photo 035-IMG_1268_zpsdchstzzj.jpg

and we are off

 photo 040-IMG_1283_zps8exaotqj.jpg  photo 042-IMG_1289_zps0vrv3a5d.jpg

and the wake behind us stretching for long meters

 photo 044-IMG_1295_zpsrgl9a3h7.jpg

Bye Sicily

 photo 081-IMG_6060-001_zps4xcrmpt1.jpg

Under the command of Captain Diya

 photo 090-IMG_1338_zpsgzyrwbni.jpg

The entire area is dotted by islands, its the Aolian Islands chain.

 photo 092-IMG_1344_zpskfvizjaz.jpg  photo 113-IMG_1413_zpsb8rt6pdf.jpg

That’s a giant landslip

 photo 118-IMG_1428_zpsnpw53nww.jpg

you can see the power of the earth movements…

 photo 131-IMG_1470_zps2agqom7o.jpg  photo 137-IMG_1488_zpsyadmvvx3.jpg

And now we are passing Vulcano. This is the name the Romans gave to this island, thinking that this was the chimney of the Vulcan God’s forge. And it grew as he cleared his forge of cinders and ash. You can see the fumaroles belching steam and smoke from the slopes. The last eruption was in 1890 but is still considered to be active. Can you imagine? the northward moving African plate is meeting the Eurasian Plate deep below our feet and that crunch is happening along these lines…the sheer implacable power is showing up.

 photo 138-IMG_1491_zpstozssoan.jpg  photo 165-IMG_1569_zpsbfvxeohw.jpg

wooo hooo

 photo 144-IMG_1506_zpsk7p7og2m.jpg

now there is a nice view.

 photo 155-IMG_1539_zpskmmw9vzb.jpg

some outcrops..

 photo 185-IMG_1638_zpsqfisz1in.jpg

A lovely church and sea walls and fortress on the Island of Lipari.

 photo 186-IMG_1641_zps5mmapupq.jpg

Heading towards Panarea

 photo 191-IMG_1653_zps8og6oh3d.jpg

the water was just brilliant blue.

 photo 239-IMG_1795_zpsdlbjxr9x.jpg

wow, there’s a lovely yacht.

 photo 240-IMG_1798_zps11h5mswg.jpg

now that will be a nice ski slope

 photo 241-IMG_1801_zpsjleit82k.jpg

so would this be.

 photo 245-IMG_1813_zpsrwc4dn0t.jpg 

the crewman is getting ready to dock

 photo 247-IMG_1819_zpsrfoca6f3.jpg

there’s the Panarea Jetty.

 photo 250-IMG_1827_zpskehtzmf3.jpg 

sitting on the dock all day..

 photo 252-IMG_1834_zpsde9ruu8q.jpg

totally brilliant water

 photo 257-IMG_1849_zpswz9vszfi.jpg

the rubbish boat

 photo 260-IMG_1858_zpsqhfqdkfb.jpg

and another explosion on top of Stromboli

 photo 261-IMG_1861_zps4qffgbab.jpg  photo 262-IMG_1864_zps4blfdgs7.jpg photo 329-IMG_2080_zpssd0a8xly.jpg  photo 315-IMG_2035_zpstndsucmq.jpg photo 316-IMG_2040_zpsou8uespp.jpg photo 320-IMG_2053_zpsiyr0m8iy.jpg  photo 324-IMG_2065_zpsjhv7hngn.jpg photo 267-IMG_1879_zpsvkk6jetp.jpg

the flora over here is lovely..beautiful fruit ranting from olives and flowers galore.

 photo 317-IMG_2044_zpsswenrsbs.jpg  photo 318-IMG_2047_zpsedupkcf1.jpg photo 323-IMG_2062_zpsyqokrh4m.jpg photo 325-IMG_2068_zpsku4c1rzx.jpg photo 327-IMG_2074_zpswgi6se49.jpg photo 326-IMG_2071_zps2obkduok.jpg photo 271-IMG_1897_zps46se2aup.jpg  photo 274-IMG_1905_zps3svb0ksc.jpg  photo 275-IMG_1909_zps3k8pr8fp.jpg photo 276-IMG_1911_zpsuzwo2gzn.jpg photo 283-IMG_1933_zpspdm5glxe.jpg

the houses are all whitewashed with lovely little tile address plaques. Very cute.

 photo 277-IMG_1915_zpscpiutasb.jpg  photo 280-IMG_1924_zpshhhmt8pu.jpg  photo 281-IMG_1927_zpssjvrt42m.jpg photo 282-IMG_1929_zpsa7ijmudm.jpg

and this lovely statue just emerged out of nowhere..beautiful work.

And then we come to the church.

 photo 286-IMG_1944_zpsrad9yru5.jpg  photo 288-IMG_1950_zpstaq4mqve.jpg photo 290-IMG_1956_zpsyevhiauw.jpg

the mosaic in the front is absolutely exquisite.

 photo 291-IMG_1959_zpstw4udc1w.jpg 

fairly austere church.

 photo 292-IMG_1962_zpsis7o2pvn.jpg photo 293-IMG_1965_zpsyp6jls1f.jpg  photo 294-IMG_1969_zps4q9mad5k.jpg photo 295-IMG_1973_zps4lmscnot.jpg photo 296-IMG_1975_zpsdgnnjzum.jpg photo 297-IMG_1978_zpslqpf3g7k.jpg photo 298-IMG_1981_zpsupsw2dzd.jpg  photo 299-IMG_1984_zpsfjzhgeya.jpg photo 300-IMG_1987_zpswfeqdfsq.jpg photo 301-IMG_1990_zpsexowyirh.jpg

  photo 302-IMG_1993_zpsdfun8bi6.jpg photo 303-IMG_1996_zpsl1ph5ei0.jpg photo 304-IMG_1999_zps1xevhzca.jpg photo 305-IMG_2002_zpsw5fcmvv3.jpg photo 306-IMG_2005_zpsixp0o9kp.jpg  photo 307-IMG_2007_zps0tnhsgex.jpg  photo 308-IMG_2011_zpscygrujmh.jpg  photo 309-IMG_2014_zpskifjwfmi.jpg

Its a simple church. Not surprising as its been constructed on an island and not much expertise or raw materials in here. So everything had to be carted over…given those constraints, its a lovely place.

 photo 310-IMG_2017_zpsodpw3uao.jpg  photo 311-IMG_2020_zpsxyyeig30.jpg

Arrrgggg…my eyes…

 photo 314-IMG_2032_zpsushfzjrp.jpg 

A tiny map on the side…the Isle of Panarea.

 photo 333-IMG_2093_zpsrvdnncyp.jpg

popped into a little shop…the kids are already tired…

 photo 338-IMG_2107_zpsw7mghlb1.jpg

another explosion on top of Stromboli belching smoke

 photo 341-IMG_9610-001_zpsez5ietmu.jpg

having pizza for lunch

 photo 352-IMG_2137_zpsvw6jbwpm.jpg

and here’s our ride again.

 photo 358-IMG_2155_zpscsb6rf77.jpg

passing the rock

 photo 359-IMG_2158_zpsnrdzlrzn.jpg

everybody is looking forward to Stromboli

 photo 360-IMG_2163_zps1fxfddvd.jpg

while I am looking back at Panarea

 photo 366-IMG_2182_zpshjbbww63.jpg photo 370-IMG_2194_zpsso3jbhc1.jpg photo 374-IMG_2209_zps8ijhtmbe.jpg photo 368-IMG_2188_zpsseknyy77.jpg photo 378-IMG_2225_zpsaqxnalxl.jpg

passing more layered and striated rocks

 photo 386-IMG_2248_zpsf5gqhkft.jpg

and now aiming at Stromboli

 photo 395-IMG_2284_zpswaaayqs4.jpg

you can see how the sides of the mountain have been pockmarked by landslides

 photo 398-IMG_2293_zpsfzciugfl.jpg

there she goes again.

 photo 428-IMG_2392_zpsbmpxn20i.jpg

a plug

 photo 430-IMG_2398_zpshxs4qljd.jpg

pulling into Stromboli harbour

 photo 431-IMG_2401_zpsre65wwiu.jpg

a catamaran

 photo 434-IMG_2410_zpskohfak79.jpg

here’s the map

 photo 435-IMG_2413_zps88a9n5j2.jpg  photo 437-IMG_2419_zpse0wvmelb.jpg

be careful of tsunami…

 photo 438-IMG_2422_zpsuqiepx6u.jpg

I couldn't trek up to the summit, not with the family here :(

 photo 444-IMG_2440_zpsm2dmhtqj.jpg  photo 445-IMG_2443_zpsf79mrapg.jpg photo 446-IMG_2446_zpsipqvtqzq.jpg photo 447-IMG_2448_zpsnaaor3l0.jpg photo 448-IMG_2452_zpszg3mmrep.jpg photo 449-IMG_2455_zpsdhp4iwed.jpg photo 450-IMG_2458_zpskag95uqe.jpg photo 451-IMG_2461_zpsconexyrx.jpg

we pop into another church.   Some of the marble inlay pietra dura work is very nice…

 photo 452-IMG_2464_zpsnxeetdsy.jpg

wow, that’s a bit gruesome in front of the altar..

 photo 454-IMG_2469_zps6rmvzblf.jpg  photo 455-IMG_2473_zpsqpra3yu3.jpg photo 456-IMG_2476_zpslkdr6wtq.jpg photo 458-IMG_2482_zpsuxauucw5.jpg photo 457-IMG_2479_zpsqz69igjp.jpg photo 460-IMG_2488_zpsh383hnky.jpg  photo 461-IMG_2491_zpsuerlf7uw.jpg

beautiful stained glass work

 photo 462-IMG_2494_zpswfb0ntv9.jpg

sighs. some of the trekkers getting ready to hike up to the summit..dammit.

 photo 463-IMG_2497_zpsrsxpswtd.jpg

there she blows again

 photo 468-IMG_2512_zpsngxr0uy8.jpg  photo 469-IMG_2514_zpsffdmjhzs.jpg

more flora…

 photo 474-IMG_2524_zpskq6mcqki.jpg photo 477-IMG_2532_zpsjd2upuwq.jpg

to be careful of the tsunami and of sharks?

 photo 484-IMG_2554_zpspxfjnln7.jpg

we go back to the boat

 photo 501-IMG_2599_zps3vgs9l04.jpg

and now you can see her smoking

 photo 508-IMG_2619_zps2fva73pj.jpg

final view of the little village

 photo 511-IMG_2629_zpswelcw6z0.jpg  photo 516-IMG_2644_zpszh2z7mml.jpg photo 518-IMG_2650_zpssm5c968g.jpg

getting all sunsety

 photo 512-IMG_2631_zpspoc5ykz7.jpg

another puff of smoke.

 photo 525-IMG_2670_zpsy2mdujow.jpg photo 527-IMG_2677_zps8xckwpsr.jpg photo 530-IMG_2685_zpsi5azjmvz.jpg  photo 536-IMG_2700_zpsn6gbi2fs.jpg photo 538-IMG_2706_zpsjcudqvsy.jpg photo 540-IMG_2713_zpspjaspgfo.jpg photo 531-IMG_2689_zpsfznvoi6s.jpg

a lighthouse on a little plug. Notice the little sea-horse shaped outcrop? funny, eh?

 photo 542-IMG_2719_zps3qtwnite.jpg

we turn around and go back to the north side of the island.

 photo 550-IMG_2750-2_zps4tzabdrp.jpg

the moon is out

 photo 551-IMG_2751_zps2enw6mbh.jpg

and you can see loads of boats moored around here. all waiting to catch sight of the eruptions.

 photo 554-IMG_2765_zps4gpcndd0.jpg

waiting patiently, this side of the island is covered with the lava pyroclastic flows.

 photo 555-IMG_2770-2_zpssz57iwxf.jpg  photo 564-IMG_2851-2_zpsqkx8k5mz.jpg photo 568-IMG_2920_zps1djiv1r4.jpg photo 567-IMG_2908_zpsy3xiusb2.jpg

She was blowing every 5-8 minutes intermittently. But it was so problematic to take any good photos. I was about 4 miles away, on a rolling and pitching boat, with a standard walk about 20-250mm lens on my DSLR. Well, here you go, that’s what I caught. Spectacular sights. I am so definitely going to go up there again,

couldn't take a video either properly…the wind was blowing quite hard

 photo 565-IMG_2883-2_zpsjbxz6lgk.jpg

And now we start back to Cefalu…with the moon lighting up the route…lovely…but I leave Stromboli with regret..

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