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Aug 2013: I will make him an offer he cannot refuse

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So the penultimate day, we decided to go check out Corleone, a bus trip…strange shape, its almost like God took a giant golf swing through that rock.

 photo 032-IMG_2977_zpszvplokv8.jpg  photo 043-IMG_2986_zpsqqjsuz3z.jpg

the place is full of viaducts

 photo 049-IMG_3007_zps1mflpygc.jpg

the bus windows were not really very clean…

 photo 053-IMG_3021_zpsojth8ert.jpg  photo 054-IMG_3025-2_zpsgriked28.jpg photo 056-IMG_3031_zpsuoeyclev.jpg photo 058-IMG_3037_zpsjcrgultj.jpg photo 059-IMG_3042-2_zpsex8hi6ai.jpg photo 065-IMG_3062-2_zpstb7cekiz.jpg photo 055-IMG_3027_zps5fp3s5fd.jpg

On the way to Corleone, we stopped by this Royal Hunting Lodge which is situated inside a nature reserve. A bit austere looking, but fairly well refurbished now…

 photo 091-IMG_3142_zps20hgisff.jpg

a lovely statue of Mary on the right…quite beautiful when highlighted against the stark mountain.

  photo 076-IMG_3094_zpsqicfibau.jpg  photo 077-IMG_3097-2_zpsdncfsccs.jpg

A world war 1 memorial…with an old helmet on top

 photo 089-IMG_3136_zpsg1nphfon.jpg

care for a drink? lol.

 photo 093-IMG_3148_zpsg0dy6sxm.jpg

a little animal clinic is off the side.

 photo 097-IMG_3168_zpsgrbe8sgy.jpg photo 098-IMG_3173_zpsbm7gp4bc.jpg photo 099-IMG_3180-2_zps4h1akycr.jpg photo 102-IMG_3189_zpss7ruijoh.jpg photo 104-IMG_3202_zpslheksxcc.jpg photo 113-IMG_3236-2_zps083qxdsg.jpg photo 108-IMG_3217_zpskrvaycis.jpg photo 111-IMG_3225_zpsccq8bguq.jpg

fairly basic hospital…at least the tortoises are having fun.

 photo 120-IMG_3258_zpsdmowcak5.jpg  photo 126-IMG_3288_zps031xj1as.jpg photo 131-IMG_3306_zpsnvze3ufw.jpg photo 127-IMG_3291_zpsroqawrr5.jpg

we went back into the bus and drove off. the landscape had turned…more stark..less green…more rocky…more forbidding? or was it just the thought that we were approaching Corleone?

 photo 135-IMG_3317-2_zpsssrcvjth.jpg  photo 136-IMG_3322_zpsxvw27a8x.jpg photo 141-IMG_3336_zpse2uu6mdy.jpg

we reached Corleone and immediately stepped into the town gardens where this extraordinary sculpture is front and center. 

 photo 162-IMG_3398-2_zpsibdshns8.jpg  photo 163-IMG_3403-2_zpsq55aki8w.jpg photo 164-IMG_3406_zpskx6p8pxw.jpg photo 165-IMG_3408_zpsf8nbjp76.jpg photo 166-IMG_3414_zpsbwrulgmd.jpg photo 147-IMG_3354_zps59vsyt2y.jpg

along one of the garden paths, you can see these plaques, beautifully cast in what looks like a bronze piece.

 photo 151-IMG_3366_zpsqcftebh3.jpg  photo 153-IMG_3372_zps9hh4i4gm.jpg

Another lovely fountain sculpture

 photo 157-IMG_3383_zpss6n7f2gq.jpg 

This is a statue of Bernardino Verro, who was the mayor of Corleone in 1914. He was killed by the Mafia. There’s our guide, he was very good indeed.  photo 167-IMG_3417_zpsth7vpf2u.jpg

And the police station.

 photo 173-IMG_3434_zpsbqsdkhzf.jpg 

we pass down the main street

 photo 176-IMG_3444_zpswaxcvugi.jpg

and a lovely lovely box of plum tomatoes, just look at the colour…mmmm

 photo 182-IMG_3462_zpsolke1nuq.jpg  photo 350-IMG_3984_zpsbjz0jh8w.jpg

We pass by these famous steps where a very large massacre was done by the Mafia

 photo 191-IMG_3488-2_zpsacg3awqi.jpg  photo 192-IMG_3492_zpshgvki2fd.jpg photo 193-IMG_3495_zpsdakwx1rf.jpg photo 342-IMG_3957_zpsqekvktxl.jpg

And we pass by this store, which is unoccupied, but was previously owned by a baker family, again which was murderously killed by the Mafia. Nobody then on wants to rent this store.

 photo 200-IMG_3516_zpsive6hpdr.jpg 

A plaque commemorating the celebration by Giuseppe Garibaldi who won over a Bourbon army near Corleone.

We come into the church on the left

 photo 203-IMG_3524-2_zpsf8axzcao.jpg  photo 213-IMG_3555_zpszsvbms7n.jpg 

the door on both sides are beautiful, truly remarkable work.

 photo 212-IMG_3552_zps2swv7rlp.jpg 

fairly severe bell tower. we move inside to see again a fairly austere church.

 photo 221-IMG_3582_zpskhj1ds5l.jpg  photo 223-IMG_3588_zpsxdpmnldd.jpg photo 224-IMG_3590-2_zpsyumlswme.jpg photo 225-IMG_3593-2_zps9z4libt1.jpg

some excellent plaques on the all and some rather startlingly violent statues

 photo 228-IMG_3603_zpsy6k6gyim.jpg  photo 229-IMG_3605_zpsps5ocnbl.jpg

as i mentioned fairly austere…the pulpit didnt have stairs..what happened?  photo 230-IMG_3609_zps4elkhkdj.jpg  photo 232-IMG_3615_zpsk874gnyv.jpg

Nice ceiling although the paintings were too small

 photo 231-IMG_3611_zps74wbhmoz.jpg 

severe windows.

 photo 233-IMG_3618_zpsmm0shhob.jpg 

nice detailing through on the roof.

 photo 234-IMG_3621_zpsl1qji5eb.jpg

Another of those shrines…

 photo 245-IMG_3653_zpsq8ouh1sd.jpg  photo 246-IMG_3657_zpsfcplyy7l.jpg photo 250-IMG_3668_zpsppyoi5gw.jpg

more paintings and plaques, Christ Pantokrator on one…we saw this in Cefalu as well..

 photo 260-IMG_3699_zpskyxanskc.jpg  photo 268-IMG_3727_zps3hox7edi.jpg photo 269-IMG_3729_zps5dswzjbj.jpg

The patron of teeth / dentists. Please come take residence at my place…

 photo 271-IMG_3734-2_zpsdh1iod1k.jpg

 photo 272-IMG_3738_zpsxsx4hum4.jpg photo 274-IMG_3743-2_zpsuooildnu.jpg photo 275-IMG_3747_zpsyw17kvm1.jpg photo 273-IMG_3741_zpsu6gdiisg.jpg

Another shrine but surprisingly, this actually has transparent sections cut out of the mannequin of the saint so that you can actually see the bones. hmmmm

 photo 279-IMG_3758-2_zps9y31gr9y.jpg  photo 280-IMG_3762_zpscvypp5tq.jpg

thank God it was quite sunny, although in a cloudy day, I would guess it would be very gloomy with the small windows high up.

 photo 289-IMG_3789_zpsccjaavf6.jpg

we move to the Museum Ethnographica of Corleone. 

 photo 295-IMG_3807_zpsmusnlnp2.jpg

and then we move into the museum and this was a terrible terrible set of photographs. This museum is a photographic museum dedicated to the fight of magistrates like Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who died fighting the Mafia. Here are some of the photos of the photos. Truly heart-wrenching and shows the bravery of these people, who fought against the Mafia knowing fully well that they will be killed, sooner or later.

 photo 298-IMG_3816_zpsu5u18qr0.jpg photo 299-IMG_3819_zpsu0mar0w3.jpg  photo 300-IMG_3822_zps8owvxdy6.jpg photo 301-IMG_3825_zpsqfnfudxv.jpg photo 305-IMG_3836-2_zpskhhpjbyn.jpg photo 302-IMG_3828_zpsrfvu5m4m.jpg photo 303-IMG_3831_zps9vx65vnb.jpg photo 306-IMG_3840_zpsuwxesdjc.jpg photo 304-IMG_3835_zpsyelfolop.jpg

  photo 307-IMG_3843_zpsqmh78qeq.jpg 

the death of one of the Mafia victims.

 photo 308-IMG_3849_zps9cgwzrpr.jpg

a car bomb and another funeral.

 photo 309-IMG_3852_zpshjbexvk8.jpg  photo 314-IMG_3864_zpsml0ugdqg.jpg photo 319-IMG_3882-2_zpsj3bkljbb.jpg photo 315-IMG_3866-2_zpsfp2uo25v.jpg

peering out from one of the windows. I am overlooking a landscape which has Mafia members in there just at this moment. It is very highly recommended that you take a guide and he can guide you through the exhibits. Its truly breathtaking. Really brings it alive.

we went back outside after the show…bit subdued, so i decided to cheer up the family with some icecream. Doesnt fail, does it?

 photo 325-IMG_3903_zpsjmkrkdgt.jpg  photo 326-IMG_3906_zpsjbw6xxku.jpg photo 329-IMG_3915_zps345bx0dk.jpg photo 328-IMG_3911-2_zpsccflhjaf.jpg photo 330-IMG_3918_zps2mz3psoz.jpg photo 337-IMG_3939_zpsx0vwz9ip.jpg

So popped into the Central Bar where there are loads of photos of the Godfather. Ummmmmm

 photo 333-IMG_3928_zpsyrb4boiq.jpg  photo 334-IMG_3929-2_zpsodr5zl0d.jpg

interesting chimney pots.

 photo 343-IMG_3964_zpshinymy6j.jpg  photo 346-IMG_3971-2_zpsvdsw6tre.jpg

streets of Corleone.

 photo 361-IMG_4014_zpsrpfpcoca.jpg photo 377-IMG_4047_zpsk9jwqydo.jpg

Couple of final views of Corleone

 photo 458-IMG_6152_zpsjhqiuseo.jpg 

and then we head back to Cefalu…what a trip…very moving and very profound..the exhibition really impacted me..to think of those policemen and magistrates.

and since it was the last night, we went for a walk along the beach and clicked some of the photos shown below of the sunset.

 photo 468-IMG_4173-2_zps3ojw5rvo.jpg  photo 470-IMG_4179-2_zps1c5xa6eq.jpg photo 472-IMG_4185-2_zpsdhenjs6u.jpg

 photo 475-IMG_4210_zpstl0owrd0.jpg

 photo 480-IMG_4228_zpsz3czqj0b.jpg  photo 482-IMG_4234_zpsu9dwg2va.jpg photo 484-IMG_4237_zpsjuf3pdfj.jpg

 photo 503-IMG_4291-2_zpsohoayjkl.jpg

 photo 508-IMG_4306_zpswycpsjg6.jpg


 photo 509-IMG_4312_zpsylnwm3jc.jpg 

 photo 516-IMG_4333_zpscpv36438.jpg

 photo 522-IMG_4350-2_zps9o6s985b.jpg

 photo 529-IMG_4372_zpskxithsco.jpg

that’s it…we went to sleep and then next day off to the airport and took off.

 photo 591-IMG_4438_zpsy1tagbev.jpg

Mount Etna with her crown of clouds

 photo 603-IMG_4450_zpsktnqerfy.jpg

strange looking man…

 photo 611-IMG_4458-001_zpsmfupwxtv.jpg

row of windmills

 photo 615-IMG_4462_zpsch7eo81a.jpg  photo 621-IMG_4468_zpsli05iyzj.jpg

cloudy puffballs

 photo 629-IMG_4476-001_zpsctzj9xez.jpg

there’s Cefalu rock

 photo 669-IMG_4534-001_zpslw50kgyu.jpg

ah! the green green grass of England

 photo 675-IMG_4540_zpsoyblspbv.jpg

And the parking lot of Gatwick :) and a lovely holiday in Sicily comes to an end…

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