Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dec 2012: Bike Reflections

I went out for a bike ride and here are some of the photographs I took.

 photo 01-IMG_5621_zpsc43c5fb2.jpg

this is a lovely little church…Handel connected

 photo 03-IMG_5624_zps991870f4.jpg 

passing a little stream

 photo 04-IMG_5625_zpsc53526f9.jpg

the weather was strange, it had rained heavily the night before

 photo 05-IMG_5626_zps9f1da8fd.jpg 

the trees are stark

 photo 06-IMG_5627_zpse282faba.jpg

the stream is full and ripe

 photo 11-IMG_5632_zps92345702.jpg

move into the ground

 photo 08-IMG_5629_zps55c6a93e.jpg


 photo 09-IMG_5630_zpsbfe0c983.jpg

and reflections of an abandoned trolley..

 photo 10-IMG_5631_zps56f23886.jpg

the ground was totally soaked!

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