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Feb 2014: Shyamji ki Chattri - one of the most extraordinary hidden temple treasures of Central India

on the way back, I noticed a sign pointing to a temple off the main road so managed to get Baba to turn the caravan to go see the temple despite Baba having kitten because his best laid plans were all being put awry.

 photo IMG_6421_zpsgxjxfgsh.jpg

This was a tiny village and its such a fascinating combination of the sublime, banal and ridiculous. Here's the local government office

 photo IMG_6432_zpsb98pcxze.jpg photo IMG_6424_zpsiwqdfdqq.jpg
 photo IMG_6436_zpsztzzsnhd.jpg

and you see this strange blocky temple facade with the most amazing balcony

 photo IMG_6426_zpsn2bcdtka.jpg
and you are in Shyamji. Another word for Krishna.

 photo IMG_6439_zpsmoar1m0q.jpg

we pile out and move into the temple

 photo IMG_6451_zpsfabzsk3j.jpg

A rusting sign gives the background to the temple, this dates back to the 16th century.

 photo IMG_6454_zpsdiox41x7.jpg

 photo IMG_6457_zpspj7t5eiq.jpg

couple of parrots having fun.

 photo IMG_6473_zpsn3tvmn0o.jpg

And then I enter into the central courtyard and see this amazing structure. There are two rows of panels of carved sandstone figures. These panels themselves are amazing, every panel is different and exquisitely carved. The full set of photographs are on the link given at the bottom but just admire these few panels that i have shown here.

 photo IMG_6475_zpstq9wphek.jpg

 photo IMG_6478_zpsx9nwdsha.jpg

 photo IMG_6481_zpsv1ziuony.jpg

 photo IMG_6484_zpsvu9hzbgh.jpg

 photo IMG_6487_zpsvtly8rfx.jpg
 photo IMG_6508_zpsvry0bule.jpg

 photo IMG_6513_zpsvhuvyzew.jpg

 photo IMG_6520_zpsc5wahrzj.jpg photo IMG_6535_zpsmbnwulhi.jpg photo IMG_6550_zpsczbpv75b.jpg

See what I mean? most amazing carvings, and this sandstone is ferociously difficult to carve as it flakes off easily.

    photo IMG_6595_zpsygf65rdq.jpg        photo IMG_6633_zps5ygmbtpv.jpg   photo IMG_6654_zpson7tlk8i.jpg  photo IMG_6661_zpsccdpfkl0.jpg

 photo IMG_6664_zps1tti3lbl.jpg

after walking around the base, I decide to go up, there's my dad and sister speaking to one of the villagers.

 photo IMG_6673_zpsqztzyz5d.jpg

a brace of elephants frame the staircase, they have lost the mahout and the main passenger I am afraid.

 photo IMG_6679_zps6lfdeczg.jpg

the main deity

 photo IMG_6696_zps79f06bxj.jpg

I walk around the upper level, the main sanctum Santorum is encased bizarrely in a aluminum and glass box.

  photo IMG_6727_zpsxgeb4s6w.jpg
 photo IMG_6730_zpstmvqzcpt.jpg
 photo IMG_6733_zpsgs593eo7.jpg
i look back at the back of the entrance archway, beautiful wall murals.

  photo IMG_6753_zpsgv5j6d4b.jpg    

see what I mean? weird cube.

 photo IMG_6778_zpsdinhdhr6.jpg

and some really strange looking lions, looks too well fed to me

 photo IMG_6787_zpsqj4jqh6b.jpg photo IMG_6781_zpsyral0ea2.jpg  photo IMG_6783_zpsdiwtzkbj.jpg

i walk away from the temple and see these very shoddy structures. They frame this view of the end of the temple courtyard.

 photo IMG_6794_zps3kqyzqce.jpg  photo IMG_6797_zps03uexrk6.jpg  photo IMG_6800_zpsuh8c1wd3.jpg

I turn back to notice something very interesting, as you can see, there is a structure to hold the flag pole, but its actually a figure who is holding the flag pole...for centuries..

 photo IMG_6805_zpsnomda5fy.jpg 

a most amazingly intricate panel

 photo IMG_6816_zpsvrtnfvkg.jpg

a terra-cotta panel on top of one of the doors.

 photo IMG_6820_zps70noj53f.jpg

walking through the bottom arch which is lit by this incongruous energy efficient bulb.

 photo IMG_6827_zpsgnwlaneb.jpg

moving into the Shiv temple area

 photo IMG_6835_zpsj6ckpir2.jpg

Ganesh on the side

 photo IMG_6839_zpsabcjoiv8.jpg       photo IMG_6856_zpsuqofmhif.jpg  photo IMG_6868_zpswygpyqpl.jpg      photo IMG_6883_zps1uaf9bma.jpg  photo IMG_6885_zpsk6avccnw.jpg

and then the Shiv mandir on the far side and then I turn back

 photo IMG_6888-001_zps109puq9s.jpg
 photo IMG_6899_zpsum9gjk86.jpg

     photo IMG_6918_zpsmvamyycs.jpg  photo IMG_6921_zps4yamaggx.jpg   photo IMG_6930_zpsbh1owojh.jpg

the quality of stonework on the doorway is simply mindboggling. Can you imagine how difficult and challenging it would be to do something like this?

        photo IMG_6956_zpsupnewydp.jpg  photo IMG_6960_zpsaquvgd1y.jpg

See what I mean by sublime and ridiculous? the walls are crap and then you have these balcony structures which are amazingly detailed.

 photo IMG_6982_zps115pz0m7.jpg
 photo IMG_6965_zps98jmkr36.jpg

the temple

 photo IMG_6969_zpso9qbqhk4.jpg

I love my portly Ganesh :) I then go climb up the walls

    photo IMG_6986_zpsb3rop16g.jpg  photo IMG_6990_zpssha6unqu.jpg  photo IMG_6993_zpsmrmouhm5.jpg  photo IMG_6996_zpsi6fmxn5i.jpg  photo IMG_6998_zpsxhi8wwoe.jpg   photo IMG_7010_zpsqrxizw7b.jpg
 photo IMG_7047_zpslgrwbxd4.jpg

the views over this lovely landscape are so beautiful and peaceful.

 photo IMG_7018_zpst1llwzar.jpg

 photo IMG_7019_zps8wlcxpin.jpg

Baba is stressing as we arent going back to the bus, and then my darling sister points him out to me who is up on the roof...and he would be grumbling about his wayward son.
     photo IMG_7049_zpsu1vnbqsu.jpg  photo IMG_7052_zpsqx6js9we.jpg

heading down

       photo IMG_7076_zpss2noauxh.jpg

wearing the shoes now

     photo IMG_7112_zpsziscb8v1.jpg  photo IMG_7119_zpskzhsvgw9.jpg

A last look at the balconies

 photo IMG_7131_zpsmfgitr5p.jpg

 photo IMG_7134_zpslkwp9wso.jpg

ANd then see the village buildings and the incongrous slide...

India is like that, you see amazing sights amongst the banal and common, i wish I could have spent more time there, understanding the story behind each panel or try to find out who made this wonderful structure, the architect, the master builder, the mason, the sculptor...

what an amazing find.

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