Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Mumbai Visit

2 weeks BACK, was in Mumbai for a day. Our offices are in MG Road, just a stone's throw from all the bloody happenings in Mumbai. For example, the road begins just down the road from the Gateway of India and the Taj Mahal Hotel.


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It was quite a warm and muggy day, I had finished a very long session and walked out looking around. Started to sweat quite freely and just managed to take one photo before diving into the car.  You can see the various buildings around the Wellington fountain. If only I had turned the other way, I could have taken a photo of the Gateway, but just few days later, this road was full of terrified Indians.

I stayed at the Taj Lands End (a sister to the Taj which was attacked by terrorists). The location of this hotel is just up north in the next bay (Bear with me, there is a reason for all this geographical information). Can you see another bay topped by a label called as Bandra West? that's where the hotel is, right on the north tip of the bay.

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They are building a bridge to link those two tips of the bay. And here are some views from my hotel room.

One can see the twin towers of the suspension bridge on the right and the causeway/road linking the two tips of the bay.

Panning left, one can see rest of the bay. This is the south facing view.

Another view of the causeway and the towers in the dim twilight.

While working away on the dinky little laptop, my eye was caught by the calendar. Hmmm, nice birds. Some of the photographs were quite distracting, lol. Lovely lasses with beautiful long hair in very seductive poses!

Had to push the damn calendar away, I suddenly had visions of those ladies jumping out of the calendar and, well, lets just say it was distracting.

And here's the International School of Business in Hyderabad student profile book. Quite an interesting school that. I didn't take any photo's there, but hope to hire some chaps from there. The building is also very impressive.






But a man cannot spend his life inside the hotel room now, can he? Moving on outside.


And no Mumbai trip is complete without the obligatory auto rickshaw ride. Here's me with my sis.

Yep, banks need scaffolding and rebuilding, Sir.

The hoarding on the left shows a film poster for the film Yuuvraaj. This film had my sister involved in the direction. She was the associate director.


Here is the talented Shilpi Dasgupta with Ma. She is holding the CD of the songs in her hand at the bottom and pointing to the CD on the photo above.

The little courtyard behind my sister's flat. Lovely winter bright green colours of the trees. And peer closely at the bottom right hand side photograph. It has a bee doing bee'y things with the flower.

And a manky cat.

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